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You high? View More

Grimthorn: How would it feel to be god? To have unlimited power? Dominion over all you survey? It’s a question that plagues a lot of people or maybe just me.

People like to salivate at the potential power, and freedom but seem to ignore the price. With ultimate freedom, ultimate boredom still follows.

Now I raise these points due to the recent development of Giovanni’s character, as anyone who has read this far will know he aims for pure perfection, and what is more perfect than god?

But how does one amuse a god? By the randomness of mortals. People are amusing to watch they make mistakes, they succeed, and they are bound by the sometimes ironic strings of fate. I now wonder if Giovanni is actually pursuing his goal of perfection with full commitment, or if he is subconsciously twisting perfection to find pleasure from his now free, but drab, dull, grey world.

Roman Academy · C14
4 days ago
I think what made it weird was how he didn't seem confused on why it was so difficult compared to other battles. View More
Project Doomsday Paradise · C44
6 days ago
Literally the fanfic isn't even at double digits. View More

HaremGodZ: Literally nothing has happened so far in this fanfic.

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C5
1 week ago
You forgot Prisney Whatever her last name was the fairy View More

Immortal_Simo: Thank you once again for your kind words, but I do not plan on stopping this story, I wish to see it through even if updates are slow 1 or 2 maybe even 3 chapters a week is what I can do for now as I university is a bit hard to keep up but i’ll do my best to at least post a chapter every 3 to 4 days that my schedule for now

Reborn as a GOD · C27
1 week ago
what about the fairy???? View More
Reborn as a GOD · C27
1 week ago
how quickly do you think he's going to swell back up place your bets folks! View More
A World Worth Protecting · C580
1 week ago
I don't find this novel boring but I do find waiting for the chapter tedious... View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C181
1 week ago
I wasn't asking a question? View More

Taha_Ahmed: I don’t know. We’re talking about a fictional world here. Is there perhaps like a chakra coil or something that passes through the umbilical cord of humans in the shinobi world?

Naruto : An Uchiha’s Tale · C2
1 week ago
Who calls someone during something like this... Yes let's screw them over by having there phone go off. View More
Project Doomsday Paradise · C3
1 week ago
Did all the HP fanfic start their next year at the same time?!?!? View More
Rise of House Cason · C80
1 week ago
ton? I just looked at the '7' which 5 of are less then 20 and the longest is 42. That's not counting if there are any notices in those chapters. View More

FBI_B1TCH: This author has tons of fanfics so that's probably why he's slow in updating

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C25
1 week ago
bruh... the story has barely even gotten started and you want to pause it to make patr.eon chapters? View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C25
1 week ago
Oh someone random person we don't know. I was close. View More
Immaculate Spirit · C193
1 week ago
hmm... the first lady. View More
Immaculate Spirit · C192
2 weeks ago
Love how everyone seems to know an assassin View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C22
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C4
I don't feel like writing a long review especially for a novel with so few chapters but I felt I should because I enjoyed the little chapters that it had. So far the quality of the novel is very good, don't be fooled by the amount of chapters as they are actually rather long. He hasn't truly set sail so it might be early but I'm really looking forward to what's in store. Unlike typical OP Fan fiction the MC is born before Roger's execution unsure of how early. It's worth giving a try. View More
[One Piece]: Sea Devil⭕️
3 weeks ago
Is the 'xD' necessary? View More

Predaotr: Wow, what a stupid way to die xD

The Very Best · C1
3 weeks ago
hmm... Purple lights coming from the sky aren't very discreet. View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C13
3 weeks ago

kouk2002: Well, it grows more from doing good than simply helping others. The students are in a way almost self-harming, as it's just training. So I expect it would be a more minimal growth from that aspect.

The true growth should come more when acts as a hero with recovery girl, when people are at risk and truly need help and saving. Be it, civilians or heroes, when he does it at that time it's more in people's moment of need. I think that is when he has the biggest growth.

Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C10
3 weeks ago
pre-prepare eh... View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C15
3 weeks ago

Jmwells2003: Well, This story isn't about HP, its about Alex, every year will be geared towards Alex's adventures not Harry, so the story wont be about HP adventures even when he shows up.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C0
3 weeks ago
We are no longer cultivators *coughs blood* View More

rgtor: What is this coin bs wheres ss

Monster Pet Evolution · C764
4 weeks ago
timelessness doesn't mean a lack of time... View More

yourgramps: Hmm I always think its hilarious how authors cant seem to comprehend the concept of the dao of timelesness...there is no concept of time here...after a few minutes god comes wel i ll be damned he precieves time where there is no time amazing our protagonized surpassed unimaginable levels 🙄😂

I am Krillin! · C1
4 weeks ago
Just legs... the chase wasn't the interesting part *Cough Cough* View More

NP_3228: were they on broomsticks or flying swords?

Rebirth in a Magical World · C0
1 month ago
I've only had the dream of being chased by sexy vampires View More

King_J: I’ve had that dream as well.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C0
1 month ago
What in the world does elfemistic mean? Is that an English word? View More
DELETE**** · C0
1 month ago
I just wanted to see what you found boring about the novel. Personally I've enjoyed it so far, it's the first year so my expectations are even higher for the summer and next year. View More

Blasphemer: My expectation is that he actually differentiates himself from being a cardboard cut out of a background character.So far he has done absolutely nothing to make himself seem interesting,heck ron weasley was more interesting in the first year for being that kid that is around potter.Mc is just meh but if you feel like its gonna get better after a whole year of nothing than continue reading it,ive stopped.Just giving you the courtesy of replying.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C41
1 month ago
I mean it's the first year... I don't understand your expectations. View More

Blasphemer: The fact he is basically the same as default character in harry potter.Theres no diff from him and another background character.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C41
1 month ago
Does Goku have taste buds? View More

DvD_007: Author why dont you write a mini side storie in which alex has to make food for the super natural like goku, luffy etc

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C94
1 month ago
What's boring? The fact he doesn't bulldoze through everything? View More

Blasphemer: He seems weak..he isnt using his knowledge at all and seems to be just following the story.Extremely boring tbh.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C41
1 month ago
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