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Why don't people cultivate other bodyparts if just the heart is already so good? I know the heart is special in this world, but I'm sure no one has ever looked into other organs. Maybe cultivating cells would be the best method. View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C37
30 minutes ago
There goes his chance to become level 8 in one go. Does a magnetic sword attract metal? Must be a pain to clean. View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C29
2 hours ago
At least he is more MC like now. What I wonder is why if he was gonna kill them he didn't absorb their Qi? View More

Smirk_: So why did he wait for him to spread the news to that shopkeeper? That should be to rob him after killing him but if it's that his mindset from the kindhearted doctor who devote himself to save all life evolved quite fast into agreeing to kill for benefit when it's needed. That's different than killing for self-defense. It's not to displease me but I'm a bit surprised.

Supreme Celestial Devil · C28
2 hours ago
They all forgot that he could have stored them in his heart ahead of time? View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C13
18 hours ago
So at a higher level they can produce pills... I wonder how they get them out of their bodies... View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C12
19 hours ago
The heart cavities were moving around, chasing each other. Oh yes, this is completely scientific! Nothing weird like stationary meridians and dantians, just purely realistic moving heart cavities with a mind of their own. View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C11
19 hours ago
So Heart-nourishing Masters are as rare as bigfoot, but there are herb stores around like they're somehow making a profit? View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C7
20 hours ago
He was completely against killing last chapter, and now it's ok? Not fond of reluctant killing at all. View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C6
20 hours ago
The sense of time in this novel is confusing... View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C3
21 hours ago
It's nice how those at the funeral will repeat what everyone already knows so our MC can get a better understanding of the situation. Truly thoughtful of them. View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C1
22 hours ago
Great so far. Would like to see him fix his glass cannon issue though. I assume by the end of this he will become a god, so I hope he gets super op and well rounded soon. Can he recapture his maid Beatrice I wonder? Thanks for the chapters! View More
Transcendent Dawn · C60
1 day ago
His actions led to the death of two people, who were possibly a couple. Thulhu: 'I feel so much more relaxed.' Thulhu's stance - "All couples should die!" View More
Transcendent Dawn · C31
1 day ago
This sounds like LOTM, just before it became what it is. View More
Calamity of Tomorrow · C26
2 days ago
Where is china? Does he not care about that any more? And since when did every human alive become a cultivator? View More
Calamity of Tomorrow · C19
2 days ago
I understand that his first thought was joy, but why wasn't his second thought about how to target the lions? He is gonna get every god art he can right? I hope he's not gonna ignore everything and just use wind. View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension · C35
3 days ago
Can't those vr pods discover all his secrets? His cheat won't be found obviously, but his four perfection states would defiantly be discovered. View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension · C19
4 days ago
How old is he in earth years? View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension · C9
4 days ago
If he introduces advanced weapons, won't he be the one to single handedly end the era of martial arts? Most MC's usually try to bring the dead art back, but he's gonna try to kill it... View More
The Unkillable Swordsman · C20
4 days ago
'Baili Qingfeng had always been a doer' Yes, makes perfect sense to stick your hand in a power point because it is 'doing something'. I think the reason he can't die is cause the heavens took pity on his F it mentality. View More
The Unkillable Swordsman · C16
4 days ago
Love the decisiveness, but I get the nagging feeling that all this is gonna come back to bite him. Author, please let this be a novel where the MC is considered a normal person without any of his kills being found or linked to him. View More
The Unkillable Swordsman · C15
4 days ago
The MC didn't step forward? Wow! Level headed MC's are my fav. : ) View More
The Unkillable Swordsman · C13
4 days ago
Again, google shouldn't really have that stuff available right? It's gotta be a cheat. View More
The Unkillable Swordsman · C10
4 days ago
Is there something special about his computer, or is it because it is him who is using it that he got results from the internet searches? I doubt that stuff can be found online. Did he get an extra cheat when reincarnating? View More
The Unkillable Swordsman · C3
4 days ago
Why did you do this to me author!?!? They were a great pair! Please tell me that when he becomes a 'somebody' they will get together again! Also get him some supernatural skills too please! View More
My Exclusive Dream World Adventures · C49
5 days ago

Antknight565: Why just why, my heart cant take this... I was gonna sleep on a happy note!

My Exclusive Dream World Adventures · C49
5 days ago
... I change my mind. I might be ok with harem... View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C585
5 days ago
Forget close to home. I'm feeling winded. View More

DaoOfTheLonely: Damn this story. I think it's making fun of single guys like me.
It's hitting closer to home than I'd like it to.

My Exclusive Dream World Adventures · C17
5 days ago
What are the chances that the real world if f'd, and using his dreams he can prepare for the actual apocalypse... View More
My Exclusive Dream World Adventures · C10
5 days ago
There is sooo much time to learn things! Every night he can master, or at least grasp the basics of a new occupation! View More
My Exclusive Dream World Adventures · C5
5 days ago
When they ask how everything works he can tell them he harnessed the power of lightning. When they don't believe him he can show them a powerball lightning thingy hehehe. The reactions hehe. :) View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C250
2 weeks ago
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