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Octaeon: The normal herbs are normal. For example, the horsetail grass - it was not removed with the roots, so it will grow back. And the berries too. The spiritual herbs are rarer tho, and take much longer. They're basically either normal herbs which absorbed Qi or a special existence created naturally.

Reincarnated as God · C21
14 hours ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Reincarnated as God · C26
21 hours ago
So much information, but it only gave more questions than answers. Don't leave us hanging author! More More More!!! View More
Reincarnated as God · C25
21 hours ago
Now how will he react when he finds out he can't cultivate to his previous level? This could be awkward for both or them. : ) View More
Reincarnated as God · C24
21 hours ago
He fell asleep... He isn't going to sleep past the whole life of the reincarnatee is he? Thanks for the chapter! View More
Reincarnated as God · C22
21 hours ago
How quickly do these herbs grow? If people are able to pick all year round, save winter, then they should have been picked clean rather quick. And the special one that require decades or even centuries to grow are usually picked on sight too. Do the plants also have natural formations that hide them till they are ready?

And how do they get planted in the first place? Sorry, rambling again. Thanks for the chapter! View More
Reincarnated as God · C21
22 hours ago
What about the storage rings of all the dead cultivators? You just gonna leave the loot behind? View More
Celestial Peak · C66
1 day ago

Octaeon: The wood? Uhhh.... not really... :I
And there is gonna be a pov when his soul finishes fusing. And no, what happened is a complete and utter accident lol

Reincarnated as God · C19
2 days ago
Did he treat the wood before building his house? Would hate to see the timber leaking sap or warping over time. And is there going to be a pov for the reincarnatee? Maybe he was sent in by another god as an apology for accidentally killing him, hehehe. Thanks for the chapters!!! View More
Reincarnated as God · C19
3 days ago
That's cheating! View More

Octaeon: Ha

Reincarnated as God · C18
3 days ago
Can't wait to see what will happen next! More whenever you're ready please! Thanks for the chapters! View More
Reincarnated as God · C17
3 days ago

Octaeon: No, the shape doesn't really matter. And the order of the pillars doesn't matter too - the next stage is Pillar Merging, which is kind self explanatory :P
And the specific area? That's kinda hard to explain, but it will come up later in the story, so stay tuned :D

Reincarnated as God · C16
3 days ago
Sooo many questions about the story, but I'll wait and read them. The cultivation though, does the shape of the core have any significance? Does making it the shape of yourself make it stronger, or is it more about supporting the pillars. Speaking of, is there a better order to making them? Like doing the ones closer to the core first to strengthen the area, making the further areas easier to reach without sustaining damage.

And does each organ have to be done specifically or just the area? Like making a pillar for the head and another one for the brain, then eyes, then mouth, etc. Must take a while. Sorry for rambling, Thanks for the chapter!!! View More
Reincarnated as God · C16
3 days ago

Octaeon: For now, he can change the ratio, but he simply didn't ask :P
And for the stuff like pill making, formations, blacksmithing, I'll get to it eventually. He doesn't have to be the best in the world at all times - in fact, I want to make it so that when people surpass him, he'll learn from them, eventually surpassing them. There are only two things he will try his best at, but he will be extremely good in all of those things. Anyways, don't want to spoil more :P

Reincarnated as God · C15
3 days ago
Is is stopped at his current bloodline, or can it be evolved further? I can't imagine having just a shadow element will let him reach the top. Unless it can be mastered to an absurd level. Thanks for the chapter! More please! View More
3 days ago
It's about magazine. : ) View More

Funji: Its about Time

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C352
3 days ago
Yes it is bad of you! Have you never seen a puppy shake uncontrollably from excitement before!? Don't come within five tentacle lengths of our adorable murder death ball or I'll call the author!!! 👮👮 View More

DragonBoyEx: wait a second I know this is bad of me to think, but I feel like Crinis vibrating like that... was actually her somehow, I don't know how, having an orgasm???

Chrysalis · C210
4 days ago
Since he even made a fake mana core in his body, can he produce one in a weapon? Maybe he can make a proper magic weapon with life, or at least a weapon spirit or something. Plus, having its own core could make a growing weapon. View More
The Madec Legacy · C16
4 days ago
Don't stop! Strike while the iron is hot and hit them with lithium air batteries! Thanks for the chapter! View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C350
4 days ago
You guys have stones??? View More

Old_Doctor: You paid for the previlege? Wow!! So rich... I only have 1.4k of stones left...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C350
4 days ago
Doesn't the MC normally go through years of training then wake up and only a few hours have passed? Why does the bloodline test do the opposite? Unfair deal if you ask me. View More
Rise of the Demon God · C108
4 days ago
His stats aren't going up correctly... any of them... View More
The Heavenly Crystal · C6
5 days ago
With Crinis' evolution this time, has the murder death ball to ant ratio remained the same since the start? And with the ants with higher evolutions needing more mana, will the colony end up looking more like the abyss from Made in Abyss? That would be a glorious sight to behold! Thanks for the chapter! View More
Chrysalis · C421
5 days ago
Why hasn't Meng Li ever changed the time ratio? Is it just to speed past the development stage? And can the system pause the world when a mile stone is reached? Like when they find the crystals. If he changes the time ratio or pause time he can super cultivate and master things like alchemy, smithing, formations, enchanting, etc while nothing has passed outside. That way he won't be surpassed in any field. Thanks for the chapter! View More
Reincarnated as God · C15
5 days ago
Is which sect he chooses to join going to effect his class? Need more chapters! View More
The Dragon Evolve God · C48
5 days ago
Can Anthony use mind magic on his own brains? Maybe he can connect them all magically temporarily to form a kind of super computation ability. Might be able to see the world in slow motion for a bit when in a tight spot. Stuff like high speed casting/core surgery plus other awesome things. The brain strain would be a great limit though. At the next evolution he might be able to make permanent magic connections like what he did with his nerves. Thanks for the chapter! View More
Chrysalis · C420
6 days ago
I was tricked. I thought we would see what rewards he got... Since this chapter was called Rewards then the next one should be Actual Rewards right? View More
Rise of the Demon God · C105
1 week ago
Am confused. Are the fighting on the wall or in space? It sounds like they have footing. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C408
1 week ago
Meanwhile back on earth, japan is slowly sinking into the ocean and is preparing for war against the chinese. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C406
1 week ago
Did Anthony's Rapid Absorption Legs skip leg day too!? And they ARE legs! Thanks for the chapter! View More
Chrysalis · C418
1 week ago
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