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Sage_HiddenBear: Yep. Thought he would be Lucifer 0 with all other as tangents of him or branches.

My Name Is Lucifer · C39
4 hours ago

Blasphemer: Somehow it seems lucifer turned from a omniversal being to a normal comic being

My Name Is Lucifer · C39
4 hours ago

LuxVonDeux: Its not lolicon if ophis in her ***** form right? Right? guys?

Power Manipulator in Dxd · C19
2 days ago

RekiChan: Thanks for the chapter.

I know that you introduced OCs because you don't want the story to became boring, but you should still keep the OPness of the MC. I don't like that the MC seems to be struggling against these OCs even though he might be just pretending.

I prefer face slapping, ass kicking, and one punch rather than MC pretending to be disadvantaged in battle. Hiding his true strength is ok, but he must always shows it during battles.

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C145
3 days ago

math877n: why do i feel the urge to strangle the author

Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C120
3 days ago

NightxAngel: Ugh... I mean... Is Jax really in love with hope? Here he is thinking that it's better for her "character development" if at least her mother dies.
That's... well, fked up.

Rebirth: Teen Wolf/ The Originals · C4
6 days ago

Blasphemer: He went from mysterious guy on the neutral side to bordering on being a warlord.Maybe just overreacting.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C67
6 days ago

Ralph_Freedman: infinity stones are actually not limitless they have limit that their powers is actually limited to the universe they belong to.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C41
6 days ago

Maelstrumao: ...with his power would he even need some worthless stones? xD i mean he bassicly sees the laws everywhere he looks at this point =^o.o^=

The Chronicles of Elijah · C19
6 days ago

NotThere: Plot Holes galore!
5ft wish ignored, not a mutant?(evolving body is DNA mutation, no?), serum not given to parents(stinks of "parents MUST DIE" drama). The WHOLE thing could be avoided by scaning Kamar-Taj like he did anyway, so there would not be need to expose himself or make such long-lasting promises.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C9
1 week ago

Horusz: Since a serum has the ability to provide the same physical power as the protagonist who trained for years with the best technique and the best body, what is the use of all this training?

The Chronicles of Elijah · C9
1 week ago

Asratic: I’m sorry author, but can u please explain to me how some people were able to capture his parents, who were on the NZT drug?? I’m not mad, I’m just extremely curious on how the enemies were able to get the upper hand? If you have seen Limitless, you would know how difficult it is to beat someone who can use brain like that.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C7
1 week ago

Li_Cangtian: ...this is Marvel. A place where a single old man can read and control the minds of every person on the planet at the same time, and you're complaining about a 1year old reincarnator reading millions of books in 4 years. There is literally nothing surprising about this. Way too many more surprising things happen in marvel for this to be suprising.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C4
1 week ago

Weirdo: Did you purposely nerf LOHP or did you not know how Canon LOHP really is? The LOHP actual operation style is(The most update one) look at the information in real world, for example, his own house library, and muttered flaws. All the books in his vision will be copied into LOHP. Then, he would compile it, and touch the compiled book and it will integrated in his mind instantly. He would only need to look at the memories one more time to 100% assimilate it...

The Chronicles of Elijah · C3
1 week ago

Flat_Moon: Let's get back to what made you guys so interested in the story and that's the cute stuff. From kid songs, stutters, small accidents, playing pretend and just the silly stuff.

This in no way means there won't be fights

Marvels Strongest Father · C56
1 week ago

LegendaryMob: It's pretty disturbing how a guy living in a peaceful era could just go and wish to be reborn on a world where human life is equivalent to an ant. Haven't read mga for a while but i do know that mga is one hell of a bloody, face slapping, revenge fights and murderous webnovel

Heavenly Martial God Asura · C1
1 week ago

Powerhungry: Franky, if he gets struck by more average curse I’m out, so far this is enough, I just hope with the rituals he slowly become someone exceptional

Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C5
1 week ago

MasterChief: honeatly he has a low int only 50.thats qhy hes a becoming hypocryte.hes deatroying everyone without mercy like he did to quicksilver.😣😣😣😣

Infinite Survival · C15
1 week ago

Aniket_Sharma_7677: Eh why would he not go to met his real mother (empress) she was totally looking forward to meet him . author is most likely is jerk or mc is just retarded

Reincarnated Inside MU ORIGIN with MODIFICATION SYSTEM (fanfic) · C25
1 week ago

victor1997: Are you sure you can’t add aunt May into mc harem

Blue Devil · C44
1 week ago

Reynales: Wutong as the main wife? I lost a lot of respect for the MC with that statement. She has such an infuriating character and other than her appearance (which there are other women that can rival her in that aspect so she isn’t all that special) and her spirit she has no good points. In fact she has way more bad points. I really can’t fathom why anyone would want to deal with her, especially the current Yuhao. I’m really disappointed :(.

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C23
1 week ago

Luisyfer: A little bad idea on making the technology advance at this time..

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C6
1 week ago

DragonkingKyo: thanks for the chapter but I wonder what is the point of the MC when he bearly interacted with the world/story with the way thing have gone it just feels like all he exist for was to train Gohan and just getting stronger but what is the point of getting stronger if he has no life of his own to enjoy? I don't know it just feel empty to me.(the story that is)

Bio Droid · C20
1 week ago

FAN_OF_READING: What kind of wolves are that, fenrirs perhaps.

Bio Droid · C16
1 week ago

Darkheart3396: Question does he have the unlimited energy generator like other Android's?

Bio Droid · C11
1 week ago

Ryofu: Thanks for the chapter.
I was really interested in the development of the story, but the thing about him having to absorb the donor is a let down ...
Will wait a few chapters to see where it is going, but it seems far less interesting now.

Bio Droid · C5
1 week ago

Horusz: Honestly it didn't seem like an original novel to me.

The characters have no personality, several chapters without content, the protagonist (?) Is not quite a protagonist, he is more a viewer, his interference in the original timeline is null, the dialogues are practically nonexistent, the author writes well, but we can see that it is lazy writing, the moments are repetitive, in many parts there is no difference to the anime apart from Ulquiorra's existence. Apart from Sona and Serafall the other "characters" practically ignore his existence, there are no interactions with other characters. as I said: he exists, but it's like he didn't exist.

The author tries to convey an impression that the protagonist is useful, that he is important, but it is as I said: His existence is (until now) irrelevant to the DXD universe itself.

It's a very difficult review to do, because ... I don't consider the novel "original", I don't want to offend anyone, but this novel is a description of the events that occurred on DXD, it reminded me of "Prince of the shadows" a novel in the HP universe.

Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world
1 week ago

God_of_Perverts: Nah very dickish. Caden knows the future and knows why she did what she did. How, as a mother, do you tell your daughter that her died father isn't her real father and that her real father is not only blackmailing you but is responsible for the death of the man you thought was your father and brother? Me personally, I believe if a person raised you, clothed you, and loved you as their own, who cares if they don't share the same DNA.

Dragon Lord of Starling City · C28
1 week ago
Yah it's not getting traction because you took his special power and what made him unique and just gave it up to a girl he just met...pretty much turned people off from the story the whole concept was about his adventure so aftr he dies alone and how he adapts....u tried to make it a romance and a clan which sucks. View More
A System That Beats Death · C22
1 week ago

Wabafet: Really hating this development

A System That Beats Death · C19
1 week ago
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