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Not to mention making nitrocellulose and percussion caps... he might be better off starting them on muzzle loaders and black powder =P View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C110
9 months ago
Feels like the tv series "Castle"
https://***.imdb.com/title/tt1219024/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_22 View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C1
9 months ago
Ever saw a third grader "plan" a secret hide-out? It should have sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their heads! You yourself said he plays it like a tower defense game. You wrote that he is a genius. YOU built up my expectations of him and assumptions of his capabilities. So, yeah, you can do whatever you can with your novel, but that does not mean you can act smug when you break your own "rules". And, yes, this IS the diplomatic version of the rant, as the original response was two words and it starts with F and Y. View More

Skully_: hold your horses - you dont know how they got in. assumptions.

Daedalus · C58
10 months ago

woodzrox: This is a lesson to add internal defences too...

Daedalus · C58
10 months ago

Fleeting_Cloud: The base was completely cut off from the outside, right ? I wonder how they got in.

Instead of holding fire they should shoot non-vitals (legs/arms).

Daedalus · C58
10 months ago

LDG: How they manage to do a super outside defense but 2 ppl can walk in easily. A manual giant door would keep those 2 out without a giant explosion to open.

Daedalus · C58
10 months ago
Rant time ... Don't you hate it when a high IQ protagonist goes stupid just to have more conflict in the novel? How the hell did he not have intrusion alerts? How did TWO people get into a shielded (and under a kilometer of sand) base? Why does he still trust the b*tch? Why not call in some favors from the military while you are at it, since "the organization" does not have a legal case against him ... grrrrr.... View More
Daedalus · C58
10 months ago
Nope ... I think the worst comes AFTER he made his new wife pretty enough for the wedding night ... =P View More

ThrustThunder: "It had caught a human not to tear or chew her apart, but to draw circles on her face with a brush."
I'm guessing the original chapter got *WAY* to much backlash so it was rewritten as a mischievous monkey making funny faces instead, as an act of malicious compliance. Having them play paty cake would have been too obvious the Author was taking the piss.

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C9
11 months ago
Do I sense a theme here? =P View More

ThrustThunder: If you'd like some suggestions of my favorite Novels you can find on Novelupdates:
The New World (Teen gets trapped in a cave when the world gets a system, does what he can to survive. VERY WELL WRITTEN!)2016
The Games We Play by Ryuugi (Kid gains power of Videogame Protagonist, Min/max's his skills, forced to pretend to be Badass Mafia Boss to outsmart Godly enemies. The most Cunning/Smartest MC I've read in a long time.)2015
The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up (Guy's World gains Gaming System. He gets killed so much he Returns to the past, Shameless looting ensues!)2017
Worth the Candle by Cthulhuraejepsen (Kid appears in a Battle Royal based of the D&D World he created, gets skillsheet, ruminates on troupes)2017
Dragonborn Saga by Don_Dokhmesy (Guy reborn into a overly Modded VR Skyrim World, Becomes Lord of Immersion)2018
A Monster Who Levels Up (Guy transforms into Monsters as his trait, Uses their unique skills to become Rich/OP)2017
The City of Terror (Guy wakes up with a status screen in a fever dream city where it's kill or be killed by Chinese monsters of lore, becomes OP)2016
Seoul Station’s Necromancer (Guy returns from conquering a System World to find it has bleed into his own World, becomes OP)2016
The Arcane Emperor (Guy sends himself to Gaming World by flubbing a spell, ends up acquiring an OP class)2016
Shadow Hack (Guy gets Shadow Clones to XP grind for him, becomes more OP every chapter)2017
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable (NEET Reincarnated with a System that gives the Skills of Other Wuxia Protagonists, junk food writing at it's most shameless)2013
Invincible Level Up (Begins exactly as LUaBU, but takes a more serious World building approach)2012
Godly Model Creator (Kid in Superpower World uses ability to copy others skills to become OP, Kills his enemies!)2013
The Strongest Gene (Guy reincarnates to World of genetic modification with cheat skill of Luck. Creative face slapping abounds)2017
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World (Guy reincarnates back 10 years and uses VRMMORPG to get revenge on the people who killed him through Shameless looting)2010
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Rips off Rebirth heavily, but the release rate is exemplary)2015
Night Ranger (Transferred into a D&D VRMMORPG, Guy must gain Power before the Apocalypse happens)2015
Advent of the Archmage (Same as Night Ranger but more Magic Driven)2016
The Wizard World (Chip story that has very detailed set pieces, like reading a vivid Lucid dream)2012
Warlock of the Magus World (Genius with a Biochip reincarnates into the wizard world, Devours his enemies. The best example of a *Ruthless* MC I've ever read)2015
Age of Adepts (Another Wizard chip story about a truly guileful MC)2016
When A Mage Revolts (Guy reincarnates with a system that trolls him, eventually becomes the Hero of all persecuted Mages)2016
The Book Eating Magician (Guy's hand turns into a Grimoire that can eat books to learn magic)2017
Tales of Demons and Gods (Mad Snail's Novel, turned Manga, turned Anime about a reincarnator who uses his Advanced knowledge to become rich and slap faces)2015
Upgrade Specialist in Another World (Increase your cultivation by making your accessories OP? Yes please!)2011
Strongest Abandoned Son (A Cultivator reincarnates into our World, uses powers to slap faces and get rich)2012
The Desolate Era (Kid reincarnates into Wuxia World with OP cultivation technique, eventually kills Gods with his sword. First Novel I read here.)2014

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C2
11 months ago

ThrustThunder: Finally a Reincarnation backstory that gives enough *Actual Backstory* to the MC!
And a plausible happenstance to justify his Transference to a New World and eventual Cheat Ability.
5/7, would recommend other Authors to plagiarize.

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C1
11 months ago
Don't worry, I did. But ... Wait, you just DID write a more useful synopses of the the whole thing as opposed to a table of data =) I mean, I don't know about others, but I rarely use excell in daily talk even in AI assisted mode =P View More

Skully_: you're not meant to memorise it. its to give you an idea of what's happening when. As the cadets discuss it. I can't put it elsewhere, I would have to take it out altogether. Systems are full of crap. I have an odd table for league stats. What it does is inform you about: it goes for 2 terms and culminates with the 12v12. Shows you weekends have multiple opponents. If it breaks your immersion I'm sorry. Just move past it. :)

Daedalus · C46
11 months ago
Sorry Skully, I do love the way you write (most of the time) but this still doesn't fit the narrative. Even if its in book form I am pretty sure I won't memorize the schedule and will forget it 20 pages later. Doesn't add anything just slows down the chapter. IF there was any "hooks" which we wait for, like a specific enemy/team I want to know when they are fighting, how many practice round they get before the big fight ... maybe. Even then a ****** "We have four rounds before ... " sentence would suffice. BUT s I said before, this is something an editor should and would point out and correct before it goes to print. View More

Skully_: because it gives you an overview of what the seaons looks like. where they travel. and its not the full schedule its only Fortescue.

Daedalus · C46
11 months ago
well, it should be included then at that point. But I guess in the final form it will be moved by the editor =) View More

Xm4tr1x: Maybe it'll.be relevant information in the future. Who knows.

Daedalus · C46
11 months ago
Small nitpick - why do I need to know the full schedule when I don't know anything about the other teams and I WILL root for "our" guys anyway? View More
Daedalus · C46
11 months ago
Can't comment on most parts until I know how it is progressing. Yeah, fight scenes are awesome - but not my cup o'tea... View More
Daedalus · C44
11 months ago
Berserker! =P View More
Daedalus · C42
11 months ago
"Do you know who much it's worth?" should be "how"
"Barran, if they don't accept this deal. We will leave." should be a comma, same sentence
"Daedalus will prove the equipment..." should be provide
"As they sat there bewildered by the fact, that Daedalus had a two million bitcred bank guarantee. Amidst the stunned silence Barran continued. " again, I think a comma would suffice, it is the same sentence View More
Daedalus · C31
1 year ago

Kindling: "Short, it may be. Free, however, it is. Complain, one cannot."

~ Yoda

The Legendary Mechanic · C49
1 year ago

9M_MRO: Ryujin no ken wo kurae!

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C515
1 year ago
ugh ... View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C506
1 year ago
Full Metal Panic ... just sayin' View More

A_Baby_Seal: Wow how original.... Oh wait... where have I heard this exact plot from before? Beauty and the Body Guard? The premise of this novel is a complete rip off of that one. Go create your original idea and stop being a bottom feeder who copies plot premises pretty much word for word.

Adopted Soldier
1 year ago
@Skully_ your commas are running rampant again ... "Gaumont, your squad, is coming along nicely," =) They will take over the novel soon. View More
Daedalus · C27
1 year ago
To be honest I DO have a harem (sorta) but that's why I don't want it in my novels... View More
Daedalus · C25
1 year ago
I am sorry - did you literally NOT read the chapter? Do it again, there is an explanation ... View More

zaim: The author literally gave no explanation as to why Atlanteans didn't do their best the last few times or why they are sending their best team now.....i bet it was a plot hole to let Aslan and Arbiter win so they can be arrogant before our MC crushes them.

Tempest of the Stellar War · C350
1 year ago

jjetpack: Aww I liked the beginning chapters. They convinced me this story is good sci-fi. Not just another webnovel that's sci-fi element is basically just geared up technology but society is otherwise the same (those are fun to read as well, but not like classic sci-fi books)

Daedalus · C19
1 year ago
I think that was not a one time payment, it was the base salary with a much higher bonus (percentage on box office, dvd/br/digital sales, minifigs and whatnot). But, its your world so anything you say boss =) View More

Elawn: Actually, newcomers don't make a lot at all.
Gal Gadot got 300k for Wonder Woman, you know. Steve could've named 150k and that still would've been acceptable. Anyways, the more fame he gets, the higher paid he'll be!

Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C31
1 year ago
uhm. Not sure. I did like the old one, so this one feels ... weird? I'll have to think a bit to get a "real" comment on it, sry. View More
Daedalus · C1
1 year ago
250K with a 50K bonus? Talk about shortchanging the new guy ... View More
Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C31
1 year ago
oh. I'm sorry =) Keep writing, nothing to see here. View More

Skully_: I know! I wasn't saying you were wrong. I was explaining how it happens. I am blind to the machine lol.

Daedalus · C17
1 year ago
This is not a list of names, the name and the pronoun (he) are connected.
https://***.grammarly.com/blog/comma-before-and/ View More

Skully_: grammarly always asks for a comma where "and" is involved.

Daedalus · C17
1 year ago
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