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The amount of rank 38 to 39 beings on this ship is too darn high. View More
End of the Magic Era · C630
1 week ago
The Merlin cousins were about to breakthrough the arch-mage realm before he left for his journey. View More

Zenolilth: Novel: End of Magic Era
Mafa Merlin:
(Closest to being Heaven mage)
Mage rank: 8th rank high mage
Magic conducting rune: Magic Array
Mana whirlpool: 2 (3 in total)

Meditation laws: 3
- Equilibrium law (6 formulas)
- Void forge (16 formulas)
- Elemental Heart (16 formulas)
(Due to integration of the 3 meditation laws, elemental heart increased from 15 formulas to 16)

Elemental heart - Ten Thousand Spell Wheel
Equilibrium law - Magic Array
Void forge - Book of Ten Thousand mantra (Raging Flame Emperor’s Scepter) [Not fused yet]

True spirit magic tools: 4
- Doom staff
- Thousand wheels (Enderfa)
- Soul walker (Lord Shawn)
- Book of Death (kain) (3 augmentations 8 more to extraordinary realm)
: sage chapter
: truth chapter [fusing?]
: elemental chapter [fused]
: +Lich Barton level 35
: +Undead horseman level 37
: +Semi Heaven Ranked Lich
True spirits: 3
- Enderfa
- Lord Shawn
- Kain (in slumber?/ded?)
Elemental spirit:1
- Syudos

- Heaven-enlightenment plane
- demi-plane with god’s shard
- Bone-plane (abyss-plane)
- Puppet plane

Leon Merlin: 7th Rank High Mage
Magic Conducting Rune: Arcane Ring (9)
Meditation Law set:

Ross Merlin: 8th Rank High Mage
Magic Conducting Rune:
Meditation Law set: Elemental Tide
(13 formulas)

William Merlin: 6th Rank High Mage
Magic Conducting Rune: Wells of stars
(after destroying the one before)
Meditation Law set: Lava heart

Xiuban: 9th Rank Expert Swordsman

50 High Mages:
Magic conducting rune: Blazing Storm
Meditation law set: Swift Star Mark
(14 formulas)

Knowledge: Linyun’s Memories + Mafa Merlin’s background

End of the Magic Era · C630
1 week ago

Zenolilth: After all the introductions:

Introduction of Mafa Merlin: “A 5th Rank High Mage in less than 9 months from Mage apprentice realm, being able to content with most peak Archmages in individual combat. One with 3 meditation law set 2 that are 15 formulas”

The Elders: “SHOCKED!!”


End of the Magic Era · C444
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C698
3 weeks ago

Dextuary: Hehe, the roach has finally evolved to Hero level 🔥! Now if she can stop her destructive movements so she doesn't accidentally destroy the chamber, that would be nice.

Hehe, it's totally worth it for the Sovereigns to be part of the order. They can grow stronger together plus with Daneel's guidance, they won't need to take on more oaths to get more resources 💎.

World Domination System · C777
2 months ago

Krimmy: What if the Divine Cockroach is the main heroine that the author has been putting off? What if she is able to transform to a human?

World Domination System · C777
2 months ago

elm_in_eden: This is the second time one of Lin Huang's female friends/summons has denied the better looks of someone else...

He's a bit slow...

Monster Paradise · C1215
2 months ago

SmugMegumin: I doubt the author would remember that. It’s more likely he’ll end up together with some random cultivation fairy maiden like most Chinese Webnovel protagonists.

Monster Paradise · C1195
2 months ago

daoistwalrus: I wonder if his monsters will ever have feelings for him. It was established a long time ago he sees them as women when he was taking a bath and had Kylie look away cause he was embarrassed.

Monster Paradise · C1195
3 months ago
I wonder if his monsters will ever have feelings for him. It was established a long time ago he sees them as women when he was taking a bath and had Kylie look away cause he was embarrassed. View More
Monster Paradise · C1195
3 months ago

Krader: I was taking a nap while training and then I almost became a champion. Anyway the rest of you should all be warriors now rite?
Everyone else: "..."
Elanev: "yaassssss"

World Domination System · C486
3 months ago

WraithGhost: System, record fight and extrapolate path to power.

Sorry, you need to upgrade the system...

World Domination System · C479
3 months ago

OrderOfTheSerpent: Does anyone else love the title of Volume4

World Domination System · C479
3 months ago

Never2Good: Right ! It was bloodthirsty's dream to get rid of Desolate shackles, but he could only die as his soul was bound to Desolate ... his dream was to find someone whose soul was completely foreign to absorb Desolate and free his friends' souls.

Bloodthirsty was without a doubt a genius. When he went to the sea of annihilation, outside of Desolate realm, he understood that just bringing someone from there was not enough, as Desolate himself was a soul tied by a higher being. Even if someone could get rid of Desolate, that wouldn't be enough.

Then arrived Shi Yan who was completely foreign to this magical world. No matter Desolate or the Absolute Being, his soul is not tied by anything.

Or ... maybe it's all the plot of Buddha trying to get rid of a rival god by sending him a cancer ! haha

God Of Slaughter · C1617
3 months ago

neeval1108: Didn’t Desolate do the exact same thing lol?

God Of Slaughter · C1617
3 months ago

Valheru: Yan: Guess what time it is?
Octopussy: Rape time?

God Of Slaughter · C1602
3 months ago

Veles_: Literally all player chapters should be just China #1 like yea this chapter and probably following few are gonna be total fillers so I'm not going to even bother spending SS on them.

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

Veles_: Also adding a thing from jury perspective I wonder there weren't any restrictions put on and stuff like that usually e sports are heavily regulated to be "fair"

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

Blood_rogue: I agree. Its annoying and it seems like they are desperately trying to make it "exciting" like RSSG which was trying to reach The kings avatar level.
It keeps getting worse.

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

EternalCircle: But wait the chinese players could lose! Their armor only has more health then a pugilist, and just enough bonus features to outplay any other class! Not to mention stat bonuses... so we totally wont be bored knowing the players will own everyone else and want to see HX again!

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

nevianz: I just want to see Frenzy Sword wreck some fools and do his sexy dance

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

Daoist_Rubeno: I hate player chapters. Fuck tournament.

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

Hentai_kun: Can't he just write China#1 and end this boring arc ?

I can understand the e sport aspect in a game novel but here it's just a filler (the MC isn't a player) , the author didn't develop enough the players in Han Xiao's team for it to be interesting.

The only interest is that it would increase Han Xiao's reputation and attract more players to him so this competition doesn't need to last more than 1 or 2 chapters.

The Legendary Mechanic · C424
3 months ago

Primordial: In some Asian novels, there is very heavy racism. Koreans novels make Chinese and Japanese look bad. Japanese novels generally make Chinese look bad. Chinese novels... Well they make everybody except Chinese look bad. This is already quite mild.

Only I level up · C165
6 months ago

BattleLord: The content has been blocked

King of Gods · C1199
6 months ago

Mgzi: Some years later: "It seems each of the Churches had received a bill, from a... 'Mr. Fool'? For 'reimbursement of expenses and misattributed rewards'?

Lord of the Mysteries · C301
6 months ago

Multipartite: "Bad news, sir. Our enemies made a simple device that only makes a gunshot sound, remotely activated it in a crowded square, and your Rangers automatically came and slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians!"

The Legendary Mechanic · C268
7 months ago

Gunstriker: I wonder, would HX get any recognition for when enemies kill each other?

The Legendary Mechanic · C92
7 months ago

Avidreader1O1: Same plus it always seams the women are there to be useless or a love interest that needs constant help.

The Legendary Mechanic · C92
7 months ago

Bogart: I for one am happy this story is killing sexy women. Do you know how many stories I read where any women was un-killable because they were women? It makes the story highly boring and predictable whenever a woman comes on the scene. That, and there have been several female characters that have deserve death in my mind, yet they remain untouchable because they are pretty... I get sick and tired of the trope myself. Seeing it go down like this is refreshing.

The Legendary Mechanic · C92
7 months ago
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