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Please fix chapter. You have a very basic spelling mistake that repeats constantly in this chapter. "Price" should instead be "Prince". People made paragraph comments (including me) but thought should mention it again here. View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C113
4 months ago
Ah, you might be right. I thought for some reason that the translator or the author had simply changed the title (whether by accident or on purpose) from blacksmith to engineer. Their specialities were too similar and I don't remember the two ever talking at the same time. However, after browsing some of the chapters again, I found this line when Hope is listing what the various voidwalkers will teach in chapter 347 "the Blacksmith Walker, the legend who freed the dwarves, and the Engineer Walker, the champion of the Blacksmith's Association, were tasked to teach Engineering". With that, it shows the two are completely separate entities. Thanks for the correction. View More

Shaoshola: Was that not the Blacksmith ? I think (need recheck) they are not the same person.

Why Did You Summon Me? · C389
7 months ago
I really like this story, I really do. I will continue to follow it for a long time since it is so engaging with its comedy and action. Yet, I recently noticed something. The author really likes to change the voidwalkers' backstories. I mean, wasn't the reason the engineer refused to make weapons for humans was since they killed his wife and children? Yet now the story is saying he never had a relationship with a woman? Which is it? View More
Why Did You Summon Me? · C389
7 months ago
Something I have been meaning to point out, even though Xiong Da has mentioned several times that this guy who stole his girl is his hated enemy that he wants to defeat, not just here but in other chapters when he is talking to Jin about his situation, he never once mentions what cultivation level he is. It's not like this is something easy to hide, at least not normally excluding a couple cultivations like that sniper cultivation, seeing how giant animal holograms appear right behind the cultivator. It should be something easy to determine yet vital information for training. If Jin knows what Xiong Da's goal is he can create a training program that most efficiently reaches that level in the shortest amount of time. If the cultivation is low he could help him quickly reach an even higher level so he could utterly destroy this enemy. He could also teach Xiong Da not to underestimate opponents with lower cultivation who might be trickier or have more combat experience (after all, Xiong Da has only been going to the dungeon shop for a while, this enemy could have been oppressing people for years). Conversely, if it is super high then Jin could offer an even more intensive course seeing as it looks like they have little time since his girlfriend is being abused. He might even train him in some strategies and moves on how to fight opponents who are stronger. Basically, the training menu will be affected by what level this enemy is. Aimless training sounds cool, but proceeding without some sort of goal is difficult. You should not waste information Xiong Da already has, knowledge is power. Also to be honest, some of these potential lessons for Xiong Da (not underestimating tricky lower level opponents or how to tackle stronger opponents) are lessons Jin could benefit from as well. So in conclusion, think Xiong Da should tell either Jin or Zeru, what is his enemy's cultivation level. They could then build a training schedule from there, factoring in they need to save the girlfriend as quickly as possible. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C112
1 year ago
Though not related to this chapter, wanted to make a suggestion for a potential cultivation method for Zhen Qing. Forgot to comment last chapter. Since she is going to be affiliated with this business, even if it does not end up working out, thought it should be be panda related. However, seeing she is a lady which is a bit more dainty (no offense meant to any of the female readers out there) as well as to add some variety, what about having her cultivation animal be a red panda? View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C112
1 year ago

JohnPlume: I wouldn't go with Pandamonium as the shop name, at least not with that word alone. If I remember correctly that is the name of the store app. Would be repetitive to use it again.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C105
1 year ago
I wouldn't go with Pandamonium as the shop name, at least not with that word alone. If I remember correctly that is the name of the store app. Would be repetitive to use it again. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C105
1 year ago

SublimeSludge: I like pandatorium #1 cause pandamonium is the name of the app if I'm not mistaken.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C105
1 year ago
PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE LET THE SHARKIE PLUSHIE COME TO LIFE!!!! Somehow, got the more tamer/magical construct controller vibe from Mia and this seemingly cute hammerhead shark stuffed animal could form the core of Mia's power and fame. FEAR THE PLUSHIE!!!! View More
Why Did You Summon Me? · C147
1 year ago
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