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He has two spells that can absorb people, assimilate which is an aoe devour that has a cooldown of 30 days, and devour which is a single target thing that has a cooldown of 5 minutes. View More

Westrannor: Thanks for the chapters! Also, possible plot hole, doesn't he still have 26ish days left from using assimilation before he can devour again?

Overlord and the Seraphim · C22
14 hours ago
Moral of the story: You need to learn how to massage someone View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C0
16 hours ago
Author does he have anything that can protect him from mindreaders or mondwalkers View More
Child's Play · C5
1 day ago
Yeah but more things with telekenesis. He can pretty much use telekenesis as a homing missile if he controls it like what gilgamesh and erza does for their swords. View More

nuirenvie: I think Lei can do so many more cool and fun things with accuracy, that and it fits well with Weapon Mastery

Child's Play · C1
1 day ago
Lol i got confused sorry. I thought he wants to absorb ainz forgot about nphirea there. But what im curious is about is his devour spell. Will he get memories of the ones he devour? Stats? Traits like if he uses it on a cat he would have cat like powers like being nimble and having improved vision and night vision? View More

ZGearCecil: Nyu? He just wants to be able to use the staff and was debating on absorbing Nphirea..

Overlord and the Seraphim · C8
5 days ago
Woah. Will this be a betrayal story where he absorbs ainz? Lol View More
Overlord and the Seraphim · C8
5 days ago
Yiu forgot plot armor. Lol View More

Blasphemer: Past all the craziness and paranoia,you gotta hand it to Tom,the guy is a genius,he cheated death so well and only died cause of 1 reason.The main reason why almost all villains who have a good build up do.....Love lol I laughed when I wrote that.

And plot amour can't go wrong with all mighty plot amour,it can turn a baby into the a mirror force lol.

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C16
6 days ago
2nd time, 1st one was against lance. View More

ImmortalBoomstick: Is this not the first time one of Julian pokemon has fainted?

Journey Towards Greatness · C324
1 week ago
Idk, i kinda like the concept but being natashas ***** aint sitting well with me. View More
A Fantastic Four Story: The Rubber God's Legacy · C8
1 week ago
Why does this story remind me of something i read in fanfic. Net View More
Naruto in My Hero Academia · C10
1 week ago
So he will be pretty much useless if he uses up his charges? Cant he create a power where he can absorb mana or natural energy in the air and from his opponents for him to convert it to his charge? View More

LuxVonDeux: just like @therummaster said Power Manipulation is a worm CYOA power that allow the user to create, supress, copy and even remove power in worm and he has the charges that he can use for creating power for example; Durability Power that able to take tank explosion damage will need 3 charges and normally power manipulation have 5 charge a day but in my story Power Manipulation only have 1 charges a day

Power Manipulator in Dxd · C3
2 weeks ago
I dont know whether to decide if this is the sarutobi is evil story. I mean he admitted that he knows narutos treatment by the village but isnt doing anything. View More
The Speedster of Konoha · C1
2 weeks ago
Lili of course, the tournaments rules forbids the contestants to use magic, haruhime is a wizard type so yeah, logic dictates that lili will win. View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C141
2 weeks ago
i think the phrase the new will surpass the old is blow out of proportions now lol. If tang wulin faced tang san when they are at the same age tang san would be crushed View More
Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C164
2 weeks ago
I got a question for author. Why does wulin not have the assault slaughter domain or whatever if he has all that killing intent. View More
Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C163
3 weeks ago
I had a little laugh where shinx just bit electabuzzs feet then suddenlt a wild explosion occurs lol. Its like power rangers whenever they take pose the background explodes. View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C313
3 weeks ago
Yeah he only saved one country. And even though he exposed it, a new evil will still arise. Im all gung ho for world peace too but world peace is just a pipe dream. View More

LucioOrdo: I am confused how he exposed a conspiracy in s war then I become forever world peace

RWBY: Fireborn · C2
3 weeks ago
Man, if i was in his place i would either pick gilgamesh for his divine blood and treasures or SHIKI ryougi for her mystic eyes of death perception cause everything in the atg universe has some kind of end point be they be in battle or lifespan. Even true gods can be killed by it. View More
Against the Gods with the power of heroes on my back · C1
3 weeks ago
What if all for one enhances his zenkai boost because of the stockpile power thing. Rather than stockpile power every generation he can continously stockpile power on his own because of ki. View More
My Hero Academia - Saiyaman · C12
4 weeks ago

Weirdo: Agreed... It just dumb if he said, "All might, I don't think I am qualified.. But I know someone who is more qualified than me... "..if he said that, I am going to drop it right that instance..

My Hero Academia - Saiyaman · C12
4 weeks ago
Plot twist: Eva is the main antagonist. View More
Fate/King of Swords · C37
1 month ago

RAmZa7138: how can he not remember the 7 shrek monsters when he was a fan of Soul Land. He eve threatened Oscar when he was young as he knew that Oscar would be Rongrong's lover in the future.

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C26
1 month ago
Well this sucks. He didnt retrieve the corpse and some parts. In the next few years we would likely see a clone and weapons based on krypton tech. View More
Super Man in marvel Universe · C17
1 month ago
No from what i can recall from most isekais is they got killed by something like a truck or they just woke uo as someone. View More

Seiyu: wasn't that the very reason why mostbof them got a second chance in the first place?

Endless Adventure · C1
1 month ago
Ohhhh i see. Lol thats i dont know if theres any difference between foreshadowing or spoilers but i think thats a spoiler. XD View More

Dangeroustoxin: well, I'm planning to make a time travel arc. so basically tang san should have met the mc in his timeline. but it was just foreshadowing from me for people who don't read the comments section.

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C21
1 month ago
Im confused. When did mc meet tang san View More

Dangeroustoxin: that's if tang san had the power to do it. and also tang san already met with the mc before. (time travel arc), that why he is shivering.

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C21
1 month ago
Ye hans daughters is pretty balanced now. Lili as an assasin, ais as the knight and haruhime as a mage. View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C119
1 month ago
I thought krakens only a myth. May giant octopuses or squids sure, because by your logic he can transform into a dragon. View More

artemdeus: The prehistoric age of dinosaurs aren't just land based you forgot the giants of the sea such as giant octopus and megladon also can he turn into a kraken.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C102
1 month ago

Devilslayer: The **** 😂😂..how can someone like him have a pure soul?.. that's degraded evil 😂

Fiction Worlds Journey · C0
1 month ago
Nah. In the original work yuanen got together woth xiexie and wulin only got gu yue as his girl. View More

Adypoker: Maybe for the original yes...

Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C144
1 month ago
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