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Versatile Mage · C976
4 days ago
Reading Status: C972
Its one of the few wery Good novels......................................................................................................... View More
Versatile Mage
6 days ago

amai: and manga is horrible...

Tales of Demons and Gods
6 days ago

Raynar: I'll tell you a secret - the story has one big problem - it's the speed of writing. Rather, if what I heard is true, then the problem is not the speed of writing, but the speed of the spread. The reason, as I also heard, is ****** - the author has a contract with the publisher that publishes a manga that he can not lay out the chapters as before, until the manga catches up with the novel.

However, the novel is simply gorgeous.

Tales of Demons and Gods
6 days ago
Thanks man! 3 chapters a day is really much anyway so really Good job! View More
Versatile Mage · C939
2 weeks ago

Malietoa13: There is a Wheel of Time quote summoning up this situation: "One pretty woman good for a dance. Two pretty woman means trouble in the house. Three pretty woman run for the hills". His lucky the pretty woman are best friends with each other.

Tales of Demons and Gods · C456
1 month ago

CopyReads: The Hunter exams from HunterXHunter is about to start!

Tales of Demons and Gods · C224
2 months ago
The spirit in the altar cutter View More

ShadowWave: Who is the Dark Child again?

Monster Pet Evolution · C641
3 months ago

Zenolilth: Mafa Merlin:
Mage rank: 5th rank high mage
(closest to being Heaven mage)

Magic conducting rune: Magic Array

Mana whirlpool: 3

True spirit magic tools: 3
- Doom staff
- Thousand wheels
- Book of Death

True spirits: 3
- Enderfa
- Forgotten
- Syudos

Meditation laws: 3
- Equilibrium law (6 formulas)
- Void forge (16 formulas)
- Elemental Heart (16 formulas)

- demi-plane with god’s shard
- Bone-plane

End of the Magic Era · C400
3 months ago

DumbyAccount: Can someone check if the translator is still alive?

If he is dead then we need to bury him then find a new translator ASAP so we can continue our joyful reading 😁😅.

Monster Pet Evolution · C610
3 months ago

Thex71: As much as I enjoy this story, at 1 chapter a day, I will be dead before it gets anywhere near the end. This is pretty ridiculous and I don't think I will waste anymore SS on it until the pace picks up... Seriously, who has the patience to wait a couple decades just to finish one book...

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C935
4 months ago

Ijoshbe: When you charge someone to read chapters it is no longer a hoppy, it's a job. They have 3 people at least on their team. They can put out MINIMUM 14 a week.

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C935
4 months ago

StickStaff: Holy ****. The chapter number is too perfect

Versatile Mage · C666
4 months ago

kumadam: I hope mc suffer a bit because of this.. for not finishing the job.

Coiling Dragon · C56
5 months ago

Morvian: this chapter make me decrease star into 4 from 5!~

Coiling Dragon · C56
5 months ago

NoblesseOblidge: I guess everyone is on their own. However, it was kinda weird and cutthroat of MC to escape and feel no remorse for his fellow colleague.

Coiling Dragon · C56
5 months ago

ColdWinterKid: Yeh, so they died and linley was like idk those people, brutal

Coiling Dragon · C56
5 months ago

optimyst: Linley, coward left matt

Coiling Dragon · C56
5 months ago

MisterOtter: Am I missing something, or was there no update at the usual?

Monster Pet Evolution · C475
5 months ago

Roger1123: There are many sites which rip off webnovel and post for free....
I think its time to switch to them......

Monster Paradise · C1107
5 months ago
It's exactly like nakor in the riftwar saga!!! View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C457
6 months ago

vdb: What an amazing ability..... 😢👏
Magically producing ORANGES

Monster Pet Evolution · C457
6 months ago
First View More
Versatile Mage · C528
7 months ago

StickStaff: Don’t worry about him getting stronger, he’s starting to learn more about his demon element.

Versatile Mage · C497
7 months ago

Mat33: For the Glory of Great Lych (Skeleton Necromancer) Dumby (Dumbledoor)!

Monster Pet Evolution · C371
7 months ago
He's probably forcing here to show him the way to aqquire a fruit View More

Solvreck: Kind of odd the mother is there though, but yeah that's a typical twist

Versatile Mage · C489
7 months ago

Grum: Here’s an update for those wondering if Monster Paradise Raws will be discontinued
Someone was maliciously reporting that the story was violating the new censorship laws in China and the story had to go on a manual review for 1 week and the manual review finished the story is safe and the author is making slight modifications to some past chapters

Monster Paradise · C1013
7 months ago

Sivil: Not that I disagree with you about the SS but it is worth noting that Qidian owns Gravity Tales (or at least the actual novel licensing/translations). To say they are appropriating chapters is like saying that when you get a glass of milk out of your fridge you are stealing from your family.

The City of Terror
7 months ago

Towel: I really hope the person that mentioned the novel is dropped isn't right. I just checked on Qidian and the author has zero works uploaded now. Seems he removed the story from Qidian. Going to keep checking for a few days to see if there's any changes. Also going to look at the MTL website that updates directly daily... It stopped updating 5/22/19 on chapter 1133.

Monster Paradise · C1000
8 months ago

NinjaKitteh: 40-50 is Lord tier
50+ levels is Emperor tier (Now it's called King tier)

Monster Pet Evolution · C344
8 months ago
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