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To be honest the HP universe is pretty safe all things considered. Unless if you look for trouble it should be like your everyday school. I can’t think of a better universe to live in at this moment. View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C44
2 weeks ago

DawnHorizon: Bruh I love to look for true hidden gems like this , because at first i was skeptical about a minecraft fan fiction, but this is extremely well done and I give my praises to the author for a wonderful job well done and hope more people read this.

Minecraft: A New Beginning
3 weeks ago

Shameless_Buddha: Best fallout fanfic I have ever read on this site and hope that the author could at least update on certain days or time so that I won't always be hoping that a new chapter is right around the corner and I would know when there would be a new chapter. Other than that the book is amazing and one of it's kind and you are doing something truly wonderful with this fanfic of yours.

Not So Lonesome Road
3 weeks ago
I am imagining a doom daemon coming out of that breach for some reason View More
A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim · C26
4 weeks ago
I imagining the trash goddess getting tested by endless nuts trying to pick up a stick View More
I Reincarnated As A Stick · C14
1 month ago

D_Maniax: Let's review the harem count shall we?
Psychotic half dark elf? Check
Demon-eyed Nordic Mage? Check
Werewolf Waifu? Check
Imperial Merchant? Check
Vampire Princess? Waiting for harvest
Masochistic Elf? Check
Gay Elf? No one wants that!
Khajit Waifu? Search in progress
Argonian Waifu? Meh...
Legal Loli??
Daedric Waifu ...?
Dragon Waifu???
What else is on the check list?

Dragonborn Saga · C451
1 month ago
I wonder if he will pretend to border cross where there is a imperial ambush with a horse theif View More
Dragonborn Saga · C450
1 month ago

Someone13: It's funny how Ember is actually right. 😂
Ember:"Kill him! this is worth it!"
Boss:"Wait until the mutation disaster. That'll take them by surprise."
HX:"...Sure it will..."

The Legendary Mechanic · C505
1 month ago

TrueGodOfExp: Imagine, hubs at every player planet leading straight to Black Phantom's mercenary base. Hundreds of immortal soldiers moving in and out of the base. Ah, such power he would have over the people...

The Legendary Mechanic · C505
1 month ago
It would be cool to see Jon become the king of the sea then make a airship then become the king of the sky but leave the land for those mortal kings View More
Dragonborn Saga · C436
2 months ago

ur_stupidity: Alright. So a new review is needed. Especially since this is now developed into a pay and premium type story. However, of all the VRMMO stories on here, this is among the top worthy of SS. Some may say it’s just an ******* work, but it honestly stands above and apart many of the translated works. Here’s why: (yes it’s long cus it’s honest)
1. The writing quality is excellent in grammar and spelling with tons of modern literature, video game and movie references that fit so smoothly and make the story enjoyable. Instead of being cliche it fits just right in the moment and makes you smile and laugh. The dialogue is not too lengthy as to be boring and yet always adds life to the characters and shows insight into their characteristics, histories and relationships. It is also consistent, even as the characters develop and change/grow the dialogue continues to match.
2. The updates are steady. While there isn’t a bunch of mass releases due to it being written practically live by the author, you get your daily fix and if you are that addicted then go privileged for a good headstart. As a written piece rather than translated piece this is by far the most important quality of the author. It shows dedication and that the story will not be abandoned anytime soon.
3. The story development is unpredictable yet natural, with a good mix of cliffhangers and plot twists. Good luck and bad luck are there in spades without the need for OP MC. Which is a refreshing break from all the rest of the VRMMO novels that are like clones. It has all the great elements of a VRMMO such as NPC realism/comedy, realistic updates/character nerfing (lol. Oh so real for online games) and bug management (because honestly if you are OPing someone game then AI/moderators should be looking at you which is biggest bull**** of most VRMMO), real interaction/consequences between game and life, not too bogged down in stats /game details, struggles both in game and in real life (some of which are beyond the MC control and capability to fix), romance without too over dense characters or super maxed charm and beauty for every character, lots of comedy without having to be overly dependent on face slapping (yes library of heaven path which was written on repeat every chapter), and most of all simultaneous story developments that twist, flashback keep you in a rollercoaster with a mix of pace that is easy to be comfortable with and doesn’t force events/development.
4. The character development is the only one I marked as 4, but that’s only cus the damn author made so many interesting characters that I’m honestly deep in anticipation of their development and future influence. Especially in RL. But of course RL moves slower than game cus RL is always just like that. The game characters however are full paced and well developed with just enough details to make them lovable but with the hidden potential to surprise you and become a plot development. Underestimate nobody. There is no cliche characters so far, although at the beginning it seemed like it might go that way. Honestly, it feels like the author development grew at some point and so did the characters or something. But he avoided potential pitfalls. Character relations also change a lot but in realistic ways as we would with ppl who we consider old/new to our lives. And there is character conflict both large and small. Lol. The scenarios they also end up in with eachother are a smooth flow as well as their reactions. The NPCs are so damn lovable and their is a clear distinction in the feel of the story between the MC with players and NPCs that neither one feels useless and that could be left out. I’m just saying that if you are a big addict to RL development then you may be a little frustrated. Lol. But it’s VRMMO story so that’s what it’s all about and that aspect will develop at a higher pace naturally.
5. I’m out of space. But it’s damn awesome. So get to reading already.

Rise of The Undead Legion
2 months ago

despacitoh: i like this novel i want to do ****** review but qidian wont let me type less than 140 character so im confused what to do now, so let me share fried sweet banan recipe
3 firm bananas, 1/2 cup white sugar ,1 1/4 teaspoons ground cinnamon ,3 tablespoons butter

Cut each banana half into 3 or 4 pieces.
Mix sugar and cinnamon together in a shallow bowl.
Melt butter in a skillet over medium-low heat; add banana slices and cook until golden brown, 5 to 10 minutes. Transfer banana slices to a paper towel-lined plate. Coat banana slices, 1 at a time, with cinnamon-sugar.
here it is, i hope you enjoy it

2 months ago
I would like to see a mini chapter of him visiting paarthurnax and doing a wrestling competition with him View More
Dragonborn Saga · C422
2 months ago
He saw a rank 5 not 4 View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C114
2 months ago

Aspirer: Wind: "Eek! My bad. I'm sorry." *Gently blows in a different direction, cautiously watching to make sure Wang Yao doesn't mind. Afterall, it saw what happened to Wu Yaoran.*

Elixir Supplier · C381
3 months ago

BlizzBeast: You sadly missed an perfect opportunity to have Jon say:

The Dwemer aren't the only ones with brass balls(cause ya know those spheres)

Dragonborn Saga · C412
3 months ago

CKtalon: Notice was provided. The editor, Millman, was away for a whole month, and the translator was having problems. Now that things are getting back on track, we will try to make up for it, while raising the release rates back up.

The Legendary Mechanic · C402
3 months ago
Funny thing is it is only a prospect not a fact View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C478
3 months ago

Khem: One of the things that I most enjoy about this novel is how pro-female it is. The MC is an OP man with ties to/relationships with powerful or helpful people based upon how he has helped them. More than half of his relationships are with woman, but with no indication of a harem forming. It’s just friendship or gratitude. Even some of the relationships with men are based upon having helped their wife/mother/daughter. It’s nice to read a novel where women are treated as equally important characters as men - it’s so much more balanced as a dynamic

Elixir Supplier · C370
3 months ago
That would be too disrespectful too Talos, change Sheogorath into a cat would be better View More

thomregtien: Have a cat check
Become a cat check
Turn dragons info cats...
Replace talos spot as the ninth divine with a cat....

Dragonborn Saga · C406
3 months ago
She is the Doom Slayer to the rats and probably cultivators because the is personality giving it her all to train to kill rats View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C409
4 months ago
He became the Saxton Hale of that game View More
Taming Master · C11
5 months ago
I kind of wish for the bfg 10,000 to be made then all shall fear the city View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C405
5 months ago
Wait what I thought this would be a chapter on ways he would get the money not be the exact damm chapter I thought it wouldn’t happen again! Once I forgave but twice! Wow just wow same product but different title shame on them. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C329
5 months ago

ThrustThunder: If you'd like some suggestions of my favorite Novels:
~The New World by Monsoon117 (Teen's World is engulfed by a System. Alone and trapped, he must suffer and endure to survive. VERY WELL WRITTEN!) 5/17/2017
~The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound by puddles4263 (Spiritual inspiration to New World. Guy defends Neewbie Village against Monster waves to survive System World) 3/31/2017
~The Games We Play by Ryuugi (Kid gains power of Videogame Protagonist, Min/max's his skills. Must pretend to be Badass Mafia Boss to outsmart Godly enemies. The most Cunning/Crafty MC I've read in a long time.) 2015
~A Monster Who Levels Up (Guy transforms into Monsters as his trait, Uses their unique skills to become Op/Rich) 2017
~The Novel's Extra (Same Author as MWLU about Author who is trapped in his own Novel by a Ghost Writer, must make himself Plot Relevant to gain Exp) 2018
~The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up (Guy's World gains Gaming System, Gets killed so much he returns to the past, Shameless looting ensues! Fast food) 2017
~Worth the Candle by Cthulhuraejepsen (Kid appears in a Battle Royal based of the D&D World he created, gets skillsheet, ruminates on tropes) 2017
~Dragonborn Saga by Don_Dokhmesy (Guy reborn into a overly Modded VR Skyrim World, Becomes Lord of Immersion!) 2018
~The Tutorial is Too Hard (Guy mistakenly chooses Hell mode Yutorial when World gains system, must become OP to survive) 2015
~Seoul Station’s Necromancer (Guy returns from conquering a System World to find it has bleed into his own World, becomes OP) 2016
~The Arcane Emperor (Guy accidently transports himself to Game System World, Gets OP Learning class) 2013
~Shadow Hack (Guy gets Shadow Clones to XP grind for him, becomes more OP every chapter) 2017
~Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable (NEET Reincarnated with a System that gives the Skills of Other Wuxia Protagonists, junk food writing at it's most shameless) 2013
~Invincible Level Up (Begins exactly as LUaBU, but takes a more serious World building approach) 2012
~Godly Model Creator (Kid in Superpower World uses ability to copy others skills to become OP, Kills his enemies!) 2013
~The Strongest Gene (Guy reincarnates to World of genetic modification with cheat skill of Luck. Creative face slapping abounds) 2017
~Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World (Guy regresses and uses VRMMO to get revenge on enemies by creating an Empire of Brothers-in-Arms funded by Shameless looting. OG of it's Genre) 2010
~Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Rips off Rebirth heavily, but the release rate is exemplary and I've commented on almost every chapter) 2015
~Night Ranger (Transferred into a D&D VRMMORPG, Guy must gain Power before the Apocalypse happens) 2015
~Advent of the Archmage (Same as Night Ranger but more Magic Driven) 2016
~Warlock of the Magus World (Genius with a Biochip reincarnates into the wizard world, Devours his enemies. The best example of a *Ruthless* MC I've ever read) 2015
~The Wizard World (Chip story that has very detailed set pieces, like reading a vivid Lucid dream) 2012
~Age of Adepts (Another Wizard chip story about a truly guileful MC) 2016
~When A Mage Revolts (Guy reincarnates with a system that trolls him, eventually becomes the Hero of all persecuted Mages) 2016
~The Book Eating Magician (Guy's hand turns into a Grimoire that can eat books to learn magic) 2017
~Tales of Demons and Gods (Mad Snail's Novel, turned Manga, turned Anime about a regressor who uses his Advanced knowledge to become rich and slap faces) 2015
~Upgrade Specialist in Another World (Increase your cultivation by making your accessories OP? Yes please!) 2011
~Strongest Abandoned Son (A Cultivator reincarnates into our World, uses powers to slap faces and get rich) 2012
~The Desolate Era (Kid reincarnates into Wuxia World with OP cultivation technique, eventually kills Gods with his sword. First Novel I read here.) 2014

The City of Terror · C1
5 months ago
I now feel that big powers in half-city once getting hooked on the games will go to the original shop to see how it is and be way to overpowered for that area. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C237
6 months ago
I think it is locked in the cube View More

Azusa_Aikawa: Heyyy, the vine is sealed his magic, isnt he just need use his master Key to unlock the seal???

Dragonborn Saga · C342
6 months ago

Moloxiv: With a heavy heart, I like to report that I am either going on a long hiatus or write on weekly basis for this novel. (Mass release per week perhaps?)

Unlike my characters who were full of zeal, confidence and motivation. I currently have none of those in me right now. I had been doing this as a second job for a year (Yeap, its been nearly a year now.) While writing has its moments, it had drained, tired and weaken my body a lot. I given up a lot of my free leisure time for this but I did not regret it a single bit.

So right now, I feel I need to rest, perhaps lesser chapters a week than the usual six/seven. But If anyone is wondering, it is not because I do not have ideas. There are a lot to go on. The attack of capital hidden instance , the deep one instance, Lynn new food idea, the portal device, the new storyline for goblin instance for New Game+ mode. (there is still the temple in the Goblin Forest that no one had touch yet.) ,Ruby Rats fiasco and many more.

And technically, I had already fulfilled my contract terms with web novel and I can stop at any time if I want but I know that some of the users had been following me for months. The emotional investment for the book is there, not just for you but for me too. However, I figured if I push myself any harder, the only emotions I have is dread and hatred for the book I dreamt of creating.

Another reason would be the monetary incentives. It had not been all that great for the past months or so. Effort vs reward wise, it isn’t balanced and I know that if I go into hiatus, it will get worse. But I just need a break from all these.

Perhaps, with a long enough hiatus, my hands and brain will be itchy enough to write again. Till then, sorry and thank you.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C367
6 months ago
I find it funny they are spending 100 millions to do one concert meanwhile the mc spent 4 million to bribe at most 2 million in materials and at most 3 million in employees so in total 9 to 10 million spent being generous and probably wrong View More
Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C212
6 months ago
Did he make a Hogwarts? He made a Hogwarts... View More
Low Dimensional Game · C62
6 months ago
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