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lmao guy keeps filling up his calender with promises, also Yanyan is badass. She should be the main character. View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C39
2 months ago
welcome back bro View More

T0XIN: It's a short chapter yeah, sorry, I don't have the time.

Gaara · C29
2 months ago
thank you for continuing this story, I thought you had dropped it :) View More
Obito's Mangekyō in Anime World · C21
3 months ago
The virgin Mary, this is her backstory (legit) View More

godoftime: is mary a virgin again since she has a new body and also i feel sorry that she was raped?

Harry Potter and the darkness · C25
3 months ago
safer than Mcgonagall's virginity LMAO View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C100
3 months ago
lol I like how this guy is guilt tripping everyone for what happened to 'him' in the past when it wasn't even he who experienced it, what a cunt. View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C97
3 months ago
thanks for sticking it out as long as you did though. View More
Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C53
3 months ago

FBI_B1TCH: Just kill Burke honestly screw that pig

Harry Potter and the darkness · C22
3 months ago
Nana laughed heartily
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Ah Ah Ah! Lith inwardly laughed

Wow these characters are even giving one piece characters a run for their money on the stupid laugh scale. View More
Supreme Magus · C28
4 months ago
agreed, it's kind of funny how everyone hates Orpal for being kinda mean but like lets face it, how old was he? 5?6? at that age kids are kind of evil, most of them anyway. I used to be fat and kids used to call me a fatass everytime i walked past them, if i took it seriously I considered it a failure on my part, he should aswell as an ***** in a childs body. View More

wolfeng: Lith is such a fucking jerk. He claims to be an ***** but ignore all the reasons as to why Orpal is mad at him making no effort to fix the situation.

For someone that has already experienced what is like to live in a broken family, I hate that he doesn't put the effort to fix such relationship.

Supreme Magus · C10
4 months ago
haha a little sister obtained for our favourite siscon, it's the only way to give tatsuya the romance he needs! View More
The Irregular In ATG · C17
4 months ago
not like it would know that, when they darkness is literally from another world.(OR IS IT?) View More

Sondre: hahahaha, stupid fucking demon, you can't do **** to The Darkness.

Harry Potter and the darkness · C19
4 months ago
The content has been deleted
Unlimited Spells Works - A Harry Potter fic. · C28
4 months ago
if you have him take the seed of the evil god, I hope that in the future when(or if) he and Yun Che meet that Yun Che won't have gone through the exact same sequences as in Against the gods and will even be weaker, it would make more sense. View More
The Irregular In ATG · C16
4 months ago
Yeah I love his decision here, **** mind control. It really takes away from the stories. View More
Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C49
4 months ago
I thought accio wasn't supposed to work on living creatures, atleast it was that way in the harry potter books, in the Newt stories Accio seemed to work on living things View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C84
4 months ago
i love it, keep it up please View More
The Irregular In ATG · C14
4 months ago
Reading Status: C29
The story ain't bad, the worst part about it imo is the main character. It's like you are trying to get him to land on the conclusions that Harry failed to spot in the movies, it makes him lack alot of subtlety and he's all in your face with his personality. It's like he's wearing his aggression as a coat really.

I know you probably wanted him to be a smart guy and all but he's not really coming off as it tbh, just kinda coming off as obnoxious. Hope you give the guy some personality and not this whole intense, forthwright thing he's got going now. View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter
4 months ago
I didn't mean to multi post those comments on last chapter about 'as he did', I only wanted to make it known to you and it was just a bit of a joke. But if you are not feeling the novel then make that your reason to quit, it's been a good read anyhow so thanks for the effort bro. View More
Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C0
4 months ago
The content has been deleted
Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C47
4 months ago

Vitorsgoes: When you start the Supernatural Arc, can you please make less use of the phrase "and as he did" ? Man like, its really making me feel uncomfortable.

Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C47
4 months ago
depends on how many points she is worth View More
Obito's Mangekyō in Anime World · C20
4 months ago
Reading Status: C459
I just want to say that I have enjoyed reading this novel but there are a few things about this author that get on my nerves.

First of all is how every single character seems to really hang on to every word and action that the MC does or says and really this entire world is simply built around the MC.

Second is how he treats the female characters and this is not just in this novel as they usually just 'happy and obedient' by being told to shut up and sit while being pretty. Yes..he does care about them but they are simply to easily sated also the fact that they are always talking about some weird things about 'being women' and **** like 'WE ARE WOMEN, THIS IS WHAT WE ARE' like what?

Third is how every single Antagonistic character just gets angered or humiliated to coughing blood or even death just from a few words from the MC, 1 would think that these characters were a little more mentally stable being leaders of the clans and countries of the world or even ancient cultivators but no, as soon as a 16 year old teenager tells them that they are stoopidheads they all get green faced and Scream ''YOU..YOUUU'' over and over.

these are my main issues with the novel imo. View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
4 months ago
u are a good writer, im gonna miss this story :( View More
SASUKE: Rebuilding The Uchiha Clan · C32
4 months ago
Reading Status: C22
such a nice concept but the story is all over the place, first problem is Grammar and it is a really really big problem, most of the time it's just some minor issues like 'he' or 'she' or something but in this story it's just god awful. There's also the plot which is just jumping from 1 place to the next constantly, no real pacing.
Then the biggest and most cringy mistake a author ever makes, Toddler hero where nobody really questions a toddler talking like an ***** and making ***** decisions. View More
Living in Marvel World with DOTA System
4 months ago
is that the legendary M? hahaha I can see it now THE WILL OF M, Aizen M. Sosuke View More
One Piece: World Traveler · C25
4 months ago
pls make him go supernatural world already and don't take any characters with him(or if he does, then only Malia) View More
Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C43
4 months ago
ty 15 chapeterhe View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C46
4 months ago
atleast make lucius a capable character, he was always made out to be like some arrogant fool in canon but you can make him atleast worthy of being a slytherin unlike his son.. View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C64
4 months ago
I like him, I love what you are doing with giving him a playful side, it keeps up the mystery charm he's got going, definitely one of my fav characters in this story (which says alot, considering it's bleach fan fiction) View More

DemonicPanda: What do you guys think of Itsuki as a character

Rebirth in Bleach · C54
4 months ago
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