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Tetractys: The apocalypse approaches. But the prophecy was wrong. It was wrong! Beware! Beware of the mushrooms! The mushroooooooooo-

Lord of the Mysteries · C1013
2 months ago

vincentatd: No, because of censorship. This was the author's note on this chapter.

I'm sorry, this chapter is quite short because I was so angry that I couldn't write anymore. When I was writing half of this chapter, I want to refer another sentence in the previous chapter, so I opened the previous chapter just to found out the paragraph related to sacrifice was deleted. This type of "review and correct" is unacceptable, and no word can describe it. Without that paragraph, the whole situation becomes incoherent and no one can understand what the author wants to write, even me! Moreover, what content in this paragraph violated the rule? A story about "villains did evil things, then good guy punished the villains" is horrible enough to be deleted? I didn't describe details of the sacrifice so others can copy it, I just mention it slightly. I don't understand the whole process and the aims of "review and correct" anymore. Do you want to change a book into a meaningless ****?

I can't accept that my work is turned into an incoherent, illogical, broken **** that describes nothing, inexplicable and impossible for anyone to read. Previously, many chapters went through that "review and correct" process and I already made tons of changes; I also understand that the policy is very tight and everyone should understand the situation of others, so I didn't make any complaints. However, I can't endure the ridiculous "review and correct" which breaks the whole connection of the plot, make it become incoherent. Everyone knows about the style and the theme of "Lord of Mysteries", everyone knows what situation will be described in this book in the future. If the crazy "review and correct" continues, I am unable to finish this story!

I added the deleted paragraph of the previous chapter, everyone can re-read it again, but I don't know when it will be deleted again. If this situation continues, I don't know how long I can continue to write and how can I finish this book!

One hour later, I calmed myself down a little bit, I will not say anything which can be considered radical. All of my readers, please continue to read and please cherish what you are reading. I will continue to write until I am unable to write anymore, and I will not punish my reader because of others' mistakes. Yeah, just like this

Lord of the Mysteries · C968
3 months ago

Alessan: I think he thinks that all the cocoons were pulled from earth at the same time a long time ago. Later, the people inside started gradually waking up but a very long time has passed, so even if he made it back to Earth it would have been hundreds of years later. This explains why Klein and Roselle seem to have left Earth around the same time but woke up a few hundred years apart.

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
3 months ago

Ackenos: Amon has join the game

Everyone else has left the game

Lord of the Mysteries · C885
4 months ago

Loli_Haze: I still find it funny how Will tried to avoid Klein at the restaurant... Klein should befriend his 'parents' and then heave a whole lot of useless embarrassing presents onto him and make little 'Will' call him 'Uncle Dwayne'. Let's see how well he can still act as a kid then 🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C770
5 months ago

LoliStalker: You must have never seen a *relatively large house* before

Just the fact that it has 10 rooms would require at least 2 people doing their best to clean it, ideally, you want 4 to do just that, maintaining the inside, the the garden, cooks, laundry (noble change clothes daily) the people who help the lord, the people that manage the estate, personal driver, yada yada yada

Think of it like a small hotel, in modern times thanks to the advance of technology we would need fewer people to do the job but back then they probably have to do everything manually, no washing machine, no roomba, etc

Lord of the Mysteries · C742
6 months ago

gtfantasy: At end of Vol.3 Author summarised the volume and I do a brief translation here, note this is not a word to word translation.
Volume 3’s title is “Traveller” so author writes it using a casual style, the structure is also simple, a man on his journey, stop at a place for a while then move on, see some sceneries, meet new people, complete some tasks but don’t get deeply involved.
To be honest this kind of travel style story is not easy to write, you try hard to create a new character, a new place, make some custom differences, and then you have to leave all these behind and keep on your journey. It challenges author’s writing skills to quickly introduce new characters with unique characteristic and new events that are interesting. Authors believes he did a good job before Klein advanced to Marionettist, however after that he was busy to close some story lines, too many things to write and it’s on Klein’s return way, so he omitted some details for those revisited places, author feels he rushed a bit on this part.
Many readers believing author has a very detailed outlines for the story but he doesn’t, he only made detailed settings. After he sets a theme for a volume and decides using what style to write it, what foreshadows he is going to close from previous volume and what foreshows he is going to lay in this volume, then he just fills the volume with stories freely, he doesn’t want to think every plot beforehand as he constantly has new ideas. Just like at the end of last volume the scene when Klein left Backlund, then he has the idea how he is going to return at the end of this volume, also mention his siblings in last chapter. Also he wants the book world to be introduced in this volume but he is not clear how this part of story going to end beforehand. When he writes release “Nightmare” beyonder characteristic plot he then has the idea to write a plot to pass message to the daughter, this can be also considered as a journey’s end in a way. When he designs the setting of “Groselle’s Travel” and creates a Leon solider character, then he has an inspiration to return him home. Combines everything together he is clear of how he is going to write for this volume.
Volume 3 is kind of flat because of the structure and the style. Author mentioned this before in Raw that reader may be disappointed if they want to see something big unfold at the end of this volume. He wants to create a perilous atmosphere to set off Klein’s return, this includes Ince appears scene, malicious of the Mother Tree of desire and Rose school of thought’s attack.
There is another ordeal in this volume, that’s how to write the raids of ruin of God’s war and book world. As he gained experiences from his previous books, he sets two themes for it, one is “Suspense” and another is “Comrades”, he then wants to add “interesting” on top of it, but at the end his is not completely satisfied and he should do better. He explains the thinking how he creates and writes these two raids, for this part it’s too long for me to translate. For example the book world, because it’s going to be a short story in this volume, so Klein as an outsider doesn’t have time to know those characters’ past, so he only records what they say and what they do, for this part of story you can see generally Klein has no inner monologue.
Author summarised at the end, he created some good characters and stories but rushed the last part of this volume, and he wished he can slow down a bit. The next volume is going to be called “Undying”, the opening words for this volume are “Undying, a bless or a curse”. ** the opening words for “Traveller” are “Every journey has an destination”.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
6 months ago

BlessedOfAmon: Now this novel in China just comes to the end of volume 5, and the author said that this novel would end with 8 volumes. In China, this novel has ranked 1st in Qidian for several months, which is almost record-breaking. However, due to its western, cthulu background setting, it is nearly impossible for this novel to be adapted in China, because it is not a popular theme. Our author recognized this fact before he started writting this book, and several friends tried to peruade him not to write this book because it would be less profitable than xianxia theme. But the author insisted to do so, he hoped to write real interesting novels regardless of the payoff.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
6 months ago

Ozwin: If I had a large bounty and saw Sparrow in the room, I too would leave posthaste. Just saying he might have seen your face in a paper Klein.

Lord of the Mysteries · C636
7 months ago

Torment: These messengers were quite hilarious, I particularly like the second one who was so successful we don't even have its description...😅🤣

I also think that the reason there were no other candidates in his fourth ritual was that they were too scared of Reinette to show up : a creature that can speak and look as big as a castle in the spiritual world, plus her strange request for gold... That just scream suspicious to me. 🧐

Lord of the Mysteries · C561
8 months ago

Pyreflame: A suggestion for the translator: When Reinette speaks in the CN version Cuttlefish put the words spoken by each head in a separate set of quotation marks, so instead of "Did... you... summon... me" it's written as "Did..." "you..." "summon..." "me?" Writing them all in one set of quotation marks might give the impression that she speaks very slowly, but that's not the actual case, She can speak coherently at a normal pace, just delegating different parts of the sentence to different heads lol.

Lord of the Mysteries · C561
8 months ago

Now_Loading: "I'm waiting for you to finish. That's basic courtesy." Lolololol

Lord of the Mysteries · C518
9 months ago

nothingworks: It's official folks.
Mr. Moon's doll collection is clearly more important than even advancing his personal strengths. 😂🤣🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C516
9 months ago

Aby55: Lmao he gets hired to investigate himself! He is his own adorer, believer and worshiper as well as his own god. Now he is the detective investigating himself as well as the subject of investigation! This is too twisted lmao

Lord of the Mysteries · C408
11 months ago

Waving_Castle: Abyss is probably someone who, even if they betrayed him, he would still care about. Probably a daughter or a son he gambled on surviving in case his plan fails.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1110
1 year ago

Brak: Face slapping about who can be the most low key and humble 🤣🤣

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C662
1 year ago

RagingRussian: Kind of a neat trick by the author for the time skip. Told by another person and through a diary entries.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C652
1 year ago

Flamemaster: Probably xie and wu mayan are going to get together I think its a 80% probability they way they are talking

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C652
1 year ago

Incantation: She's the best diary writer for me...

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C652
1 year ago

EarthyPotato: Agh yes! This diary format is really good and such a tease, I really like it. Gives a fresh and interesting perspective during a period in which Li Yao isn't "doing much".

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C652
1 year ago

agenthasan07: I do think this will be crucial info. I think that guy will betray Li Yao and tell about the equipment. If true, watching his face getting smack when Li Yao pass the test would be awesome.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C609
1 year ago

Daoist_RAZA: I think Yan Chifeng is gonna ****ed really bad if he is one of traitors

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C609
1 year ago
Its not just honor, he mobilized more then just his own troops all to catch his sons killer.
If he fails to catch Li Yao after Li Yao blew up one his ships, open broadcast killing his son and then waltzed out like he owned the place, all the pirates will look down on him and think he's weak and that can get him killed and replaced View More

DaofatherWar: I never liked these traps. For the sake of honor the person has to enter a trap. Li Yao is already too far to catch. If I was an immortal cultivator I'd look down on Fengyu Zhong for ruining a mission for an attack doomed to fail. What honor? Do bandits even have honor?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C533
1 year ago

BlaqueLyte: What kills me is that everyone is all worked up and fighting tooth and nail against him, but the M.C. is like "aw...everybody wants to trade ideas and learn with me!!! Let's do this more often."

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C475
1 year ago
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