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Ogagon: I put this novel on hold for a bit, so that I could binge later but....have the TLs fked up again with wrong chapter uploads? :/

The Path Toward Heaven · C674
1 day ago

Ogagon: So, the next chapter is the one that was mistakenly uploaded 2 weeks ago, right? I said "See you in 2 weeks" back then, didn't think that comment would age well..

The Path Toward Heaven · C653
3 weeks ago

MrKag: it use the wind created by the sword ... arent they actually in space battling? how do that make any sense...

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C658
3 weeks ago

TurtleSky: Noooo Yuan Qijing...I’m sad😭 everyone he once knew in the past is slowly leaving😞

Thanks for the chapter

The Path Toward Heaven · C644
1 month ago

lined: rip

The Path Toward Heaven · C644
1 month ago

Eldruin: Noooo!
Tsundere-yet-Honest Yuan has left us!

The story lost some color again.

The Path Toward Heaven · C644
1 month ago

Multipartite: "People dying along the way on the path toward heaven."

I am very much put in mind at this moment of researchers dying along the way on the path toward longevity.

I am very curious about what will happen at this story's end. Hopefully not a maintenance of the status quo, or everyone left with no path to immortality.

I wonder if the mortals will all die, or if the 'iron lid' will be broken, or if something interesting will happen to all the ascended people out there. I wonder what they're doing, and if they're thinking anything, or just existing--surviving--having cut away all karma and everything that they once found worth taking action for.

The Path Toward Heaven · C644
1 month ago

Crowboros: Just post all the translated chapters, instead of posting a random chapter once in a while and spoiling 20+ chapters

The Path Toward Heaven · C640
1 month ago

kilik06: "Intelligent entities in the learning space were not allowed to help their master if they met any dangers in the real world. This was a rule. If the intelligent entities in the learning space broke this rule, the learning space would self-destruct."

Is that bull**** from the instructor or author being completely stupid? i mean they definitely help her when she was 13 or something.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C648
1 month ago

ReleaseThatChapter: "Intelligent entities...were not allowed to help their master"
But they saved her in academy, didn't they? Why are they still alive?

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C648
1 month ago

LazySwordMaster: He broke time and space and chapters order!

The Path Toward Heaven · C654
1 month ago

Ogagon: So, see you in about 2 weeks, I guess?

The Path Toward Heaven · C654
1 month ago

higgsb: Starting to think the translators are just fucking around with us.

The Path Toward Heaven · C654
1 month ago

LazySwordMaster: RIP kunlun sect. Su Ziyu can have a nice place for his sect :)

The Path Toward Heaven · C630
1 month ago

Darkdelusion: Center Sect basically became their own demise. They had 3 geniuses similar to green mountain (excluding JJ). All removed by own hands.
One died by tong yan's scheme.
Tong yan got kicked out.
Bai Zao will most likely not return

The Path Toward Heaven · C612
1 month ago

Kaal: Yeah it seems this is definitely Bai Ren poseessing her.

The Path Toward Heaven · C608
1 month ago

lined: Center Sect: We cant have a half vixen as emperor
Everyone: OK
Center Sect: Lets have the leader of the Bloody Demon Church help us as we cant have a half vixen as emperor

The Path Toward Heaven · C601
1 month ago

Eldruin: The shameless sect strikes again.

Pretentious Taiping, where are your trap cards?!

The Path Toward Heaven · C593
1 month ago

LazySwordMaster: They read too many webnovels on webnovel :)

The Path Toward Heaven · C573
1 month ago

ThePaper: Taiping, one of the greatest practitioner as well as the greatest villain in the last thousand years.

The Path Toward Heaven · C554
1 month ago

feeling_tired: Poor Lewd Ada only wants to enjoy the bosom

The Path Toward Heaven · C525
1 month ago

LazySwordMaster: In previous chapter it was said "but a gloomy cloud was lurching in the sky" and the "spring rain" would fall down sooner or later

So it means soon they will face many problems without Liu Ci ...

The Path Toward Heaven · C508
2 months ago

feeling_tired: Lewd Ada misses Zhao Layue for a Lewd reason

The Path Toward Heaven · C484
2 months ago

TheBrowser: Translation quality is not up to par with the writing. At least do a better at editing these chapters.

The Path Toward Heaven · C470
2 months ago

Dalkr: He choose the Chu empire peace over his ascendence...quite different from the real world obsessive maniacs.

The Path Toward Heaven · C380
3 months ago

pezzniwe1969: The locations of Green Mountain Hidden Zoo is confirmed! Cat, cicada, horse, monkeys and demon fox.

The Path Toward Heaven · C359
3 months ago

Drake98: For those that didnt know or rather confused at the meaning, "those are our monkeys" mean that the monkeys are their child, thus leaving her embrassed

The Path Toward Heaven · C54
5 months ago

EXPLOSIONGOD: What is that new noise when you like a comment that is a very weird ding

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C226
1 year ago
I’m glad we’re not sticking too closely to the standard tropes of wuxia romance. View More
Vindicator's Wrath · C25
1 year ago
Yeah, it’s probably a trap of some kind. View More
Vindicator's Wrath · C24
1 year ago
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