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I have 5 account, and I'm voting, this novel is awesome View More

7174declares: Blips, let's seal a deal. You give us 20 chapters a day and I'll make 20 accounts and vote for this novel from every account. Cash me outside, how bout dah?

The Villain's Wife · C198
3 months ago
I can't wait for Qin Fei to find out that Lily is already married and her mother and father already knew about it, but keep it secret from her. First it was her husband keeping secret from her ,now it's her mother and father , won't it drive her crazy? I'm curious 😏 View More
The Villain's Wife · C136
4 months ago
Lily you forget to say that I'm married and my husband is more handsome and richer than your husband 😜😝😋😀😃😄😆🤣 View More
The Villain's Wife · C136
4 months ago
I love your stories because there is no misunderstanding . I hate misunderstanding stories View More
The Villain's Wife · C116
5 months ago
Damn the ML is so cool View More
The Villain's Wife · C99
5 months ago
I will love it if Renren can say can you see that i'm having a date with my wife, stop being an annoying fly View More
The Villain's Wife · C85
5 months ago
This guy need to be put into mental institution View More
Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband · C162
6 months ago
Guys don't tell anyone, I have 5 webnovel account , I'm voting by all of them so we can get mass realese View More
The Villain's Wife · C24
6 months ago
CI just finished reading and went to YouTube to search for Coco Lee nobody, and it just the way you described it awesome View More
The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C189
6 months ago
Awesome , amazingly awesome View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C255
7 months ago
I need more chapter, and I think there a camera in that office where her husband is sometimes watching videos View More
The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C56
8 months ago
You forgot Mo Ting View More

thatlostsoul: Love you Yang Feng.. You are the best ML in the webnovel universe so far after Lu Tingxiao!
How I wish you existed in real life with me

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C115
8 months ago
If Ira is not careful she will lose her child and husband in this lifetime too View More

Yuki_Qing: so she will be acting faint when Reeya in the midst of rescuing other people? wow, she is so careless to stand in front of the car..luckily Reeya not yet turns on the car or hit the pedal..so to save her friend, she doesn't care about baby? totally not worth to be a mom..thanks

Reborn as a Mom · C145
8 months ago
Only our Jun Wu Yao can bring her smile back View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2271
8 months ago
Hey don't blame Yang Feng , it can be her father responsible for this View More

XiaoReiChan: Oh dear! I have a feeling YF's enemies are already starting to make a move on Feifei. It seems that her association to him will put her life in danger multiple times. But I can't wait to see how Yang Feng would crush them all just by even thinking about touching a strand of his little kitten's hair! They surely are brave. 😈

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C98
9 months ago
I think tomorrow chapter will be father vs grandma View More
The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C94
9 months ago
This was an awesome chapter , I love father Lu Yi Feng View More
The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C93
9 months ago
Me too View More

mmhr: i think it is about the advise given by lu yi feng

The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C92
9 months ago
I think it's because of that advice that Lu Yi Feng told her about boys View More

Chocolate_Cosmos: My guess is that some bratty kid bullied her for not having a father and called her a wild species 🙄

The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C92
9 months ago
That shareholder should get some beating View More

Anjiii: And we have another delusional girl on our hands, give it up for Siu Lan who thinks Zi Hao is gonna see her as his girlfriend. 😂 Mm, and we got a shareholder who's acting like a pervert. Red Jasmine would hurt you if you think inappropriately with her. Lol

The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C89
9 months ago
Damn you secretary for pestering your poor boss and ruining his date .don't give the secretary the salary for this month Yang Feng View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C74
9 months ago
Me too . Hope tomorrow there is mass release View More

Arucosplayer: I need a mass release tomorrrooooooo******w

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C23
9 months ago
He is going to eat you clean View More
Dear Young Master, Spare Me Please? · C112
9 months ago
Poor siblings almost died View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C65
9 months ago
Agree , me too View More

Ambah: Yep Taking this out of my Library
I'm Officially Done

Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C58
9 months ago
I'm dropping this story , it's hard to read anyone. It's like the was no need for her rebirth because she is separate d from her husband again in this life , what's the point of her rebirth anyone , to live her husband and became other man women . The may have been another way for revenge , way did she have to use her body again and leave her husband again in this life , it's like she didn't learn a lesson in the first life . I thought she wanted to rebirth so she can be with her husband but now she is using the same method , even if I know why she is using this method for revenge I still don't agree with her . What's the point for revenge if it will hurt her husband when he found out she became another man women again. He is gonna be heart broken like in her first life . I'm so disappointed in this book . Good bye View More
Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C58
9 months ago
👍👌 View More

Xincerely: The content has been deleted

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C54
9 months ago
I can already see them getting fired View More

Blissful: Pei Qing and the others servants, y’all picked the wrong lady. Thanks for the update!

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C54
9 months ago
Poor guy View More
The Beautiful Idol's Secret · C66
10 months ago
But the left prime minister is Li Xi Rue father, that means the person who started the rumours what her father to be replaced View More

marieseravin: The new prime minister is maybe qiqi brother? And maybe the mysterious man is the crown prince? but i think actually it is better if our mc family does not any relation with the royal politics matter

unpublished · C0
10 months ago
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