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7174declares: Just a thought but what would have happened if Zheng Tianyi fell for Zhao Lifei after they were matchmade but then Zhao Lifei remembered Yang Feng? His suffering basically all started with Zhao Lifei as he was doomed to suffer even if he treasured her and she found out that he is not Yang Feng.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C411
2 days ago

7174declares: Tbh, the worst lives of the all is that of Zheng Tianyi. Had an annoying girl forced into his life at the adolescent period. Zhao Lifei was not at all likeable considering how she had repeatedly forced her affection to him, although she had mistaken the man himself, such sudden overwhelming affection is not at all welcome or acceptable and it came in a way where Zheng Tianyi could not refuse it considering his parent coercion. With this kind of start of the relationship, no wonder he couldn’t fall for her no matter how good she was. Then, he fell for a women whom his world will not accept, forsook everything for her sake but later got harshly betrayed.
Basically, his destruction was started by Zhao Moyao when he chose him for his granddaughter and his fall was all for Zhao Lifei, whom he couldn’t fall for.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C397
1 week ago

Just_ForReading: Lily: Did I give you permission to talk? You will be punished now. Bend over this table, and count every spank.

The Villain's Wife, · C175
3 weeks ago
Zhuo Jingren (biting the pillowcase): Master, where is my payment for yesterday's night? View More
The Villain's Wife, · C175
3 weeks ago
Zhuo Jingren is honestly a fresh breath of air for an ML. I was sick reading about the cold, aloof, overbearing, yada yada kind of ML. Even his shamelessness if funny and likeable unlike those ML's. This is also one of the reasons I like reading this novel. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C173
3 weeks ago
You know what's frustrating? That this novel does not have any raw from where we can MTL and painstakingly read further chapters...*sob* *sob*. This shameless reader wants more even after the mass release. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C166
4 weeks ago

7174Daoist7174: Had Ruqin acted weak now, I would have seriously given up on her. This is what acting her age is like.
Now, I can finally be at peace that she did not lead on our vice president just to end up with Pingluo at the end.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C352
1 month ago

7174Daoist7174: I would very like it if the story progressed. And honestly, Ruqin's act is not cute or funny anymore but more like annoying, she has to act like her age now.
I really like this novel but the story is dragging too much now. The characters feel so unnatural now.
P.S. I'm not trying to complain in a bad way but acting like a loyal reader by telling my true opinion rather than praising everything. Hope you understand author san.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C350
1 month ago
Putting the real-people cover extinguishes our imagination power when it comes to the characters in the novel. Cartoon, anime or even painting cover is much better as it lets our imagination run wild. And I definitely don't want to think of the people in the cover whenever I think of our main characters.
So a big NO-NO to the cover, author san. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C122
1 month ago

SFON7174: Yesterday, I was worried for their relationship and today they are using a big shovel to shove the dog food down my throat? Hump! ungrateful couple, hmm, but why does this dog food taste so good?

The Villain's Wife, · C117
1 month ago
Yesterday, I was worried for their relationship and today they are using a big shovel to shove the dog food down my throat? Hump! ungrateful couple, hmm, but why does this dog food taste so good? View More
The Villain's Wife, · C117
1 month ago

7174declares: This is the reason I love this couple, no unnecessary cringy blushing and looking into the eyes for hours. It just feels so natural. ✌️

The Villain's Wife, · C117
1 month ago

TheBlips: SPOILER: This will never happen. Relax. XD

The Villain's Wife, · C115
1 month ago
Dear author, their relationship is going just fine, so please don't mess it up in the future by having Lily think that she does not love him and all. She is the luckiest woman in the story to have Zhuo Jingren as her husband. So don't make her take him for granted, someone she can use when she is lonely.
We don't want MC to lose her charm, Zhuo Jingren deserves lots and lots of love. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C115
1 month ago
Had Sophia not committed murder, I would sympathise with her. Fiance of an equal status marriage falling for a poor woman, never to be loved by the man you are to be married to, being mistaken for another woman in bed...just you shouldn't have murdered the innocent. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C113
1 month ago
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