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Well, I meant that if he used magic then there should be some traces left behind. Maybe that overseer wouldn't notice but if Kadun heard news about clearing the mines then maybe he would come to check personally or sent his Knight - as Darians hate mages, they should be sensitive about magic View More

adsegm: How would they detect his magic? I don't want him to use huge aoe. He can use stuff like his force attack and defense. It would have stopped the depletion of his blood power immensely.

Paragon of Destruction · C338
9 hours ago
Cerberus is from Hell so rather I would say Hades. But then again, Olympians Supreme is Zeus then I guess it is just similar to Cerberus View More

ChaoticVoid: First! Thanks for the chap! Is the guy with the 3 headed dog Zeus?

Lord Shadow · C449
13 hours ago
What if Darians would go down there? They would see traces of magic and Arran wouldn't be able to explain that xD And what is more important - I doubt that his magic is strong enough to defeat those 3 diggers. After all, his magic isn't boosted by killed enemies. View More

adsegm: How did the MC suddenly become stupid? Used no spells and didn't even use the resizing ability of his sword. Meh.

Paragon of Destruction · C338
13 hours ago
So she is like his dragon friend? Digger so strong that could take human form and has human wisdom? View More
Paragon of Destruction · C338
13 hours ago
I hope it won't be something like when he was on that Stairway, on Earth passed ten or more years. Those about 2 years are enough xD Because it would look like time-skip for sake of others to catch up. View More
Lord Shadow · C448
1 day ago
It is outrageous! Azief is gone only for a while but that cheap woman run to that stupid golem
Okey, but seriously I've been wondering about something - why Azief in OT told Loki so much about himself? He isn't and wasn't kind of person that would share so much to someone who was probably jus berely considered a friend. View More
Lord Shadow · C446
2 days ago
His master told him not to use those scroll so he could focus on mastering those Realm he already has and he feared that it would make him lose focus. But still in my opinion he could use those scrolls to have other Realms - after all, you never know what would be helpful in the future, he just should have enough of strong will to focus on mastering Wind, Fire and Shadow Realms even when having more of them. Well, the premise is that he has that strong will View More

FaustVoncleave: His master literally told him not to use the realm scrolls until he gained more skill in the ones he had. Arran is, overall, a good person, he doesn't give just to receive, he'll probably accept this situation after hearing the reasoning.

Paragon of Destruction · C90
4 days ago
I'm curious about something you mentioned many chapters ago - since Azief was God of Death and Life, Loki Truth and Lies and Hikigaya Illusion and Reality, what about raymond, Oreki and Jean? What is their counter part? Katarina since Ice then it must be Fire, but what about those three? View More
Lord Shadow · C443
6 days ago
Why Disks change into Laws? What about Seeds he made earlier? Weren't they suppose to grow into Laws View More
Lord Shadow · C436
1 week ago
Fate and Destiny is total bullshi.t - there is no "inevitable". If everything truly was doomed then everything would be meaningless. Azief was screwed in OT but now he is on a Path to bigger power than back then (or future xD). It is kind of annoying that those OP guys are so stubborn about the ending xD View More
Lord Shadow · C435
1 week ago
It is rather impossible - they should have been mages to open a portal right? But they hate mages. Or they hate them because their world was drown in shadow because of them? ;p But if they are truly from that world then they should have fled from another portal. They can also be just people who built that city and mined Living Shadow. View More

ReadsforFun: wtf is the imperium the remnant of the other world where the shadow invaded?

Paragon of Destruction · C325
2 weeks ago
It is rather impossible - they should have been mages to open a portal right? But they hate mages. Or they hate them because their world was drown in shadow because of them? ;p But if they are truly from that world then they should have fled from another portal. View More

ReadsforFun: wtf is the imperium the remnant of the other world where the shadow invaded?

Paragon of Destruction · C325
2 weeks ago
Hmm, since he helped Azief with Jade Emperor back then I thought that he was on his side. But since he courts death then God of Death will come to him in the future :p I guess that it would be quite achievement for Azief to claim the life and soul of the last guy from THAT race :p View More
Lord Shadow · C433
2 weeks ago
You won't make him seriously work for few years at mines right? xD Well, he can train his forms there since I guess that dark mines will have some places to do it without others seeing it. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C323
2 weeks ago
Well, of course it would be different. I would say that from Time Crisis it should start to be entirely different. Even if Azief was Divine Comprehension during that event, right now he be at that level having Perfection - and his character is different than in OT so I think that he shouldn't broke up with Sofia just because of future he saw. It is just showing that he isn't confident in himself to stop that from happening. View More

Keikokumars: Someone who knows the story really well. i'm suprised. True, but this si another timeline. And it will certianly be different but I am giving you any spoilers

Lord Shadow · C412
2 weeks ago
Sofia, since Katarina is in Moscow and she was mentioned few times already but Sofia wasn't. View More

Diarkis: Who did he choose?

Lord Shadow · C411
1 month ago
Yeah, that is the only thing I dislike about Lord Shadow.
Azief should just take them both. View More

InfiniteSuns: why this fucking drama can't you make katarina and sophia together with him? i doubt katarina would care that much

Lord Shadow · C233
1 month ago
Maybe restaurant was her dream? It doesn't matter if she is top player if she dreamt about having a restaurant. She could just treat games as hobby. View More

Pablo: I still say my opinion that you must fix the plot, With all the power that Jenny seems to have, not helping Amanda when she was being hunted down is a huge plot hole, even more is that WHY would she start working as the boss of a small restaurant if she played the game, was TOP player even, and earned tens of thousands doing so... and whats up with this interaction between jenny and michael?, if he knows her he should know how to speak with her, and at least he can say that he fell in love with amanda at fight sight or something

Fate Online: Shadow · C54
1 month ago
Hmm but why would that someone waste so many years in there after invading Elysium? Even though there are resources but I doubt that they would help someone who is still alive from Fenoras time. View More
World Domination System · C867
1 month ago
I sometimes wonder, do they really think that some stupid arrogance is worth losing their lives? More often than not arrogance is equal to stupidity. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C274
2 months ago
When did he get Stone Realm? He had to get that during his training so what others Realms he got that we don't know of? :) View More
Paragon of Destruction · C273
2 months ago
Formations will stop those monsters from going to Valleys but can't they go somewhere else and bring chaos?
Also since they are practically immortal, wouldn't world be filled with them after countless time? View More
Paragon of Destruction · C269
2 months ago
The only name that fits is from his surname - The Aniviron Empire. Using last emperor's name for a name of imperium isn't a good choice.
Using "Angaria" also is a bad choice - we all saw what happened to Angaria Empire. View More

riverness: Also, I suggest "The Fenoran Empire" for the name of the empire Daneel will find :)

World Domination System · C844
2 months ago
I want Dan to kill those retar.ded idiots. They don't deserve to live just because of their stupidity - to look for enemies without a reason -.-
Espiecially since this story isn't like those stupid retar.ded chinese novels where you can get life and death enemy just by breathing air near someone. View More
World Domination System · C844
2 months ago
I think he meant 99 - after all Angaria is just a first stop in his journey to conquer the World. View More

Wrex421: I would think maybe 18? Although 27 would be interesting

World Domination System · C840
2 months ago
Why don't they take a possibility that hunters rules a Valley from shadows? After all, it must be hard to find Hunter in sea of people right? If you don't attack them they are just like normal mages right? Only after attack you can see that they have resistance . Hunters could live in Valley for all they know (of course not too many to not cause suspicions) View More
Paragon of Destruction · C250
3 months ago
Yaaay, more elements :p Although only Earth one now but it is progress right? ;p In my opinion he should open as many as he can - you never know what will come in handy. And if he feared that he wouldn't be able to master any it doesn't matter - even if he opens more Realms it doesn't mean that he needs to train in all of them in the same time. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C243
3 months ago
Finally that idiot would learn some magic properly. It is annoying that he is such a trash at magic and that it is mentioned so often. Instead of whining how bad he is at magic, he should have already started learning it long ago. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C238
3 months ago
To be honest, only the total retard and idiot would abandon magic when you can learn it (which Arran kind of is since he doesn't even try take magic more seriously).After all magic is awesome and can do things some sword play would never be able. View More

algrife93: Well if he doesn’t then might as well quit being a mage and go look for the hunters to become one of them instead he’s more suited to be a hunter than a mage (mentality wise at least)

Paragon of Destruction · C225
3 months ago
Seriously, what with him blushing so much every time? Tell me honestly guys, are some of you getting red face every time you see naked woman (or man if you like that way)? How bad can Dan be? (to not call him pathetic) View More
World Domination System · C779
3 months ago
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