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Maybe Arran has another hidden Realm - Realm of Misfortune (or just shi.tty luck) xD Everywhere he goes he can't stay there more than few months. Poor guy. But at least he will go to new place with a girl, it's still better than by himself ;p
And I still disagree with his usage of Dragon meat - he shouldn't eat that much before his skill in magic won't grow to average level of people of his rank. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C204
6 days ago
But he could faster if he didn't just slow himself down so much right?
And even if he progresses faster then some untalented mages so what? This story is great but you made learning magic so hard to the point it is ridiculous xD Like learning the easiest spell takes years (and that is not even useful) View More

TomVanDyke: As I said before, I don't give spoilers.

That said, the previous chapter has the Patriarch demonstrate him a variety of spells, and in this chapter Snowcloud mentions that he's progressing far faster than most mages.

Make of that what you will.

Paragon of Destruction · C203
1 week ago
That is why I often say that he is stupid, Why the fu.ck did he eat that Dragon meat? He is in safe environment and should practice magic like he promised some chapters ago.
Could you make some long time-skip to have Arran a skill of at least average mages on his level? It is annoying that he always suck on it. And with his retarded self without long time skip he won't get skilled ever, espiecially since he is doing everything in his power TO NOT BE SKILLED in magic. So what if he gets a little stronger body? Stronger enemy will kill him long before he comes close or if can't kill him he can keep him away. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C203
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Paragon of Destruction · C203
1 week ago
So if the Patriarch decided to accept him as a disciple, wouldn't he become a total monster in a year? xD View More
Paragon of Destruction · C202
1 week ago
Great, another stranger knows all his secrets xD I really don't get it why he even bothers trying to conceal them xD View More
Paragon of Destruction · C201
1 week ago
Well, Arran should destroy that ****.ty academy so he will help chaos in the end... After all, the academy made itself his enemy for no reason - I would definetely try to destroy those bastar.ds that hunted me all the time View More

DarthCVator: Ok this will be a rather long comment:
First of all we know that panurge knows about arrans existence longer than senecio which can have 3 to 4 possebilities
1 arrans mother wasn‘t any random mage.... she could sense arrans forbidden realm not all mages are able to do that
2 master fireheart is part of Chaos and has relations with panurge
3 panurge likes to take all the forbidden realm guys to his faction (which is the most unlikely imo)
4 the more people believe in chaos or the more chaotic the world becomes the stronger gets panurge and he can sense the destruction realm of arran in the enemy teretory

Actually snowsong somewhat confirmed that fireheart is part of chaos because he said „have you finally stopped your cruisade against the academy“
In the following chaptes it might turn out that fireheart is also one of the founders of the Society which would mean that arran is allready more on the chaos camp side than the order side
But arran also doesn‘t like panurge..... so he is most likely in between the both camps

So my guess is that arran doesn‘t side with any of those 2 and either joins a different believe ( if there is one)
Or somehow ends up with his own camp and fights both
The title paragon of destruction leads to the conclusion that arran will end up on chaos‘ side but it can also mean that he destroys both „wrong“ believes and brings an equilibrium in chaos and order

Paragon of Destruction · C200
1 week ago
Well, for source of energy he has that cage made from Ker Roots so he has enough to make rapid progress View More

Dextuary: Not really. Remember just like when he broke from ******* warrior to peak exalted warrior, he needed to bath in the solution allowing the energy to change his body + mageroot to that of the peak exalted level.

Another example is the current Cassandra, the bloodline of the phoenix will ensure she will easily break through to the champion level. But just like it was said she will need time. The time will be in accumulating energy ⛮ to change her body to the peak while also understanding more of the power.

The Grand Inheritance may make it very easy for him to understand how his Champion aspect functions up to the Hero level and maybe to the peak exalted Hero level. As long as he gets sufficient energy, I think he could break through in mere moments...

World Domination System · C684
1 week ago
Why is he so retarded? Did he really not think about what could possibly go wrong with a girl working in a brothel? -.- It was obvious that sooner or later she would be force to do different kind of job if she isn't ugly... -.- View More
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C5
1 week ago
Hmm from what I know the whole Champion and Hero level is about Will od the World right? Wouldn't it make him instantly breakthrough to Hero if he manages to control Will of the World in Angaria? So after he becomes a Champion he needs to get that Grand Inheritance - it is not only possible to become Hero fast but also make third resonance using his control over the Will View More
World Domination System · C684
1 week ago
Aaa ok, I forgot about that or didn't notice :) Anyways result is the same :p View More

KillerHemboy: The reason behind this was already revealed in bits and pieces until now...at that point, the Church had a 'boarding force' on Angaria which the Heroes of Angaria fought against. At that tiome, they were too busy to deal with small fries, so the Church had the chance to try and take over a kingdom. They failed, and that boarding party was also beaten back(the head refers to this once). Now, because it would take too many resources to use that method again, the church is prepping for an all out attack instead(head refers to this, too) :D

World Domination System · C683
1 week ago
I still can't see why after knowing info about Hero level.
I also find hard to understand the "plothole" at the beginning - Church was said to be one of influences like Withering Leaf Sect and they openly appeared many times to the point that they tried to take over a Kingdom in overboard manner. From then we only saw Heroes from church, were are others? Before Dan became a King it looked like they are not that hard to meet. And what is more important, why would they bother with his master who was a total weakling? It doesn't fit with later period of the story. Since we now see only heroes form Church it doesn't make sense for them to recruit human level people View More

Dextuary: Might work but would be dangerous. He'd need to have a Hero waiting nearby to intercept. He'd also need to show some slightly above average mage abilities that don't seem too threatening.

I've also been wondering 🤔 about something. Remember when Daneel wanted to know info of how to become a Hero? Drakos treated it as though it was taboo info and said others died in their pursuit of such info. Now that we know how it's done, why was the info treated that way?

Granted, it has to be hidden so the populace don't have such sensitive info but still, it's nature wasn't like we thought.

World Domination System · C683
1 week ago
Can't he just make it so he will become "disabled" after that psycho's attack? I believe that he can pull it off :p View More
World Domination System · C683
1 week ago
That's right Dan, only you are sooooo pathetic in those things, even innocent Drakos is better than you. You should really learn something from your elder brother.
So from the way Erin demands her answer I can suppose she won't just give him a control in shadows over the sect? It would be first one to be acknowledged by system since fighter sect wasn't. View More
World Domination System · C681
2 weeks ago
That is why I like him even though characters who make often such dumb mistakes are sooo infuriating :) like you said about showing his wealth - he did it too many times to find excuses for him :p
And his dumb mistakes can be sometimes explained because he was just some stupid (okey, lets call it simple) villager. View More

Krader: Arran isn't dumb he just isn't omniscient, he ends up with tough choices where all options are bad and sometimes chooses wrong such as exposing that he has massive wealth multiple times. He has, however, learned from his mistakes which is what someone intelligent would do. It adds depth to the story to have the mc learn and grow over time instead of always being right because plot armor.

Paragon of Destruction · C196
2 weeks ago
It is kind of interesting that even though Arran is so stupid, he can think of such a nice plans :D View More
Paragon of Destruction · C196
2 weeks ago
He sounded like that guy from Sun faction (the one who lost all of his army because of stupid idea that real battles are duels xD) View More
Paragon of Destruction · C194
3 weeks ago
Idiot, for a one person who sworn to him he risks becoming a madman or even death.
I know that you want to make those useless (except for being adviser) commanders somehow useful in terms of strenght but making some bullshi.t village for Cassandra was already too much. And now he risks his mental stability for the most useless commander from all 3 -.- View More
World Domination System · C661
3 weeks ago
So is there a hidden story between Dan's mother and Luther?
Dan's father wears the so-called "green hat"? xD View More
World Domination System · C659
3 weeks ago
Wasn't his surname starting with "A" ? Anivron?
From those 2 it should be named after his last name View More
World Domination System · C658
3 weeks ago
I believe that when he finally unite Angaria, he shouldn't name it "Empire of Angaria" since it has already fallen. He should name it after his family name, Anviron (?) Empire :p
Percy is insane that he blinded himself just to get out of sect (which isn't even 100% sure that he won't be ignored) View More
World Domination System · C657
3 weeks ago
She should add "because" before her answer, it would sound more normal in my opionion as she was giving reason :p
So, Iron Mountain has traitors, Waning Moon are di.cks that poisoned Partiarch and to shock people Sun guys are the good ones? xD I didn't see that coming ;p View More
Paragon of Destruction · C188
4 weeks ago
And how can she achieve that? In-fighting with Big 4 would only result in Angaria weakened before invasion. View More
World Domination System · C654
4 weeks ago
How many chapters before he becomes a Champion? I can't wait to see that :D 20? 30? xD View More
World Domination System · C653
1 month ago
What a bullsh.it - wasn't there a book with experience of those who TRAINED in the "techinque/secrets" on a scroll? How can they train a need? There should be some awesome way on that scroll to achieve Ultimate Path, not to breakthrough to Warrior -.- View More
World Domination System · C649
1 month ago
That dragon is more of a cockroach than a dragon View More
Paragon of Destruction · C177
1 month ago
If he upgrades System it should be able to do its magic and analyze different blood samples. But he needs first to get those samples xD View More

Dextuary: The interesting bit is that the system told him he has all the bloodlines but they are all too dilute. Meaning if he could get more, he could trigger it and then think of hybrids

World Domination System · C604
1 month ago
It would be awesome if he collected blood of different people with God Beast blood and mix up some badass bloodline View More

Dextuary: Uuuh! Our boy Daneel knows the right questions to ask first - bloodline is a must to have info on, and obviously it's gotta be the strongest 💁

World Domination System · C604
1 month ago
Won't be too late for that? Church and maybe Tri-color Sect will come with Peak Heroes for sure and massive army. As a Paragon Peak Champion he would be able to deal massive casualties to church's army but when Peak Hero would look for his trouble then he won't have any chance. I guess that only Head is close to Peak level on Angaria so Dan needs to be at least Amatour Hero (how bad that sounds, those three small levels should have different name, with Human it sounds okay, but with higher levels like Warrior or Champion it is just bad xD) View More

Dextuary: Wohoo! At least he won't need such permission. If it were possible he'd use a chamber with concentrated energy to try get the will to acknowledge him for him to become a Greater Hero. I'm guessing he'll become a Hero after the Church attacks and the continent energy level starts rising

World Domination System · C604
1 month ago
If Dan gets all parts of Great Inheritance then he will control Will of Angaria right? Then can't he use that to become Greater Hero? Since he would control all of Will then he should be able to make that deeper connection/resonance. View More
World Domination System · C604
1 month ago
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