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I'm the King Of Technology · C82
21 hours ago
hohohohoho View More
One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C33
6 days ago
hahahaha im first View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C49
3 weeks ago

CapGrizzlyBear1203: You are a genius! Love the panda onesie! I remember when my cousin was wearing his panda onesie. I had a grizzly bear onesie. We fought each other to decide who had the best onesie. My other cousins had onesies such as cats, tigers, dogs, birds, a bunch of other animals. We had an animal onesie sleepover.

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C9
1 month ago

Weirdo: The first time my wife give birth, she said, "I don't want to be pregnant again... Beat me, I still wouldn't.... If you want another child, go have it outside... "...
2nd she give birth to my twin, "F#ck, a double kill... No more kids, I tell you...either you start using condom or pill,or go outside and find mistress..I give you permission..."..while looking at me and pinch me...
3rd time she give birth, "I swear to God if I got pregnant again after this, I am going to block you out from sex... I don't care, go outside for mistress to give child for you... "

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C5
1 month ago

CliffkunLolRekt: Author kun hide in the sewers and wait it out even if part of the sewers get destroyed you will have more than one way out bring a mini tend and something to keep your living space clean bring lots of water and I suggest buying all the instant mash potatoes and all the preserved food you can get basically camp in the sewers bring a few guns just in case someone else tries anything
If you do it right it won’t matter what’s going on outside

Try and scout the sewers for ideal places to stay

These are my suggestions

Marvel knowledge in DC · C20
2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C77
2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World · C66
2 months ago

Nymus: Yes, hell is frozen! Please see attached prove:
Is hell exothermic or endothermic?

The following is a really asked question in the final chemistry test at the University of Maynooth (Kildare County, Ireland). A student's answer was so profound that the professor did not want to withhold it from his colleagues and spread it over the Internet, so we can now enjoy it as well.

Bonus question: Is hell exothermic (releases heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most students speculated, using Boule's law, that gas cools as it expands and the temperature rises under pressure or something like that. However, one student wrote:

First, we need to find out how much the hell of hell is changing over time. This requires the number of souls who go to hell and the number of souls who leave Hell. I believe that it is safe to assume that souls who are once in hell never leave the same. Therefore, the conclusion is permissible: no soul leaves hell.

Regarding the question of how many souls go to hell, the views of the many religions that exist today can give us some insight. For most of these religions, you will find that you go to hell if you do not belong to your religion. Since there is more than one of these creeds and because you can not belong to more than one religion, one can assume that all souls go to hell. Given the birth and death rates, it is expected that the number of souls in hell will grow exponentially. Let us now consider the question of the changing extent of hell.

Since, according to Boule's law, the volume of hell has to expand in proportion to the number of souls growing, so that temperature and pressure in hell remain constant, we have two options:
1. If hell expands more slowly than the amount of incoming souls, the temperature and pressure in hell will rise until all hell breaks apart.
2. If hell expands faster than the amount of incoming souls, then temperature and pressure will drop until hell freezes.

Which of the possibilities is the solution now?
If we include the prophecy of my friend Sandra from the freshman year of study, that she's more likely to go to hell before she sleeps with me, and the fact that I slept with her yesterday, only option two comes into question.

Therefore, I am convinced that hell is endothermic and must already be frozen. From the thesis that hell is frozen, it follows that no more souls can be received there because it is extinct.
Which leaves only the sky, which proves the existence of a divine being and which in turn explains why Sandra screamed "Oh my God!" All night yesterday evening.

This student was the only one to receive an A.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C96
2 months ago
Who isn’t? View More
The cutest omniversal shopkeeper. · C7
2 months ago
Jibjibjbihuibibjbbbjbububinij View More

JustinGM: Lol he’s already f@&$ed he has already let down his guard

The Legendary Mechanic · C484
2 months ago
RAVEN View More
Marvel knowledge in DC · C10
3 months ago

Grasshopper_sensei: I just had the time to go back to reading chapter comments. If you ask why 'I need the time for that' it's cause I like going back all the way even If I know I barely get anything it kind of keeps the story fresh in my heam by reading the title of the chapters. Anyways, thanks for the support as always. I'll try my best at speeding up updates...but as of now, It's difficult to do so....... Anyways, as always, thanks for the support.

The nuclear test (Rough draft) · C83
3 months ago
Raven and tony stark intelligent View More
Marvel knowledge in DC · C9
3 months ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
The nuclear test (Rough draft) · C83
3 months ago
Hahahaha (evil laugh) View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C38
3 months ago
aye View More
Asgardian Sword God · C28
3 months ago
Third ha View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C38
3 months ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World · C63
4 months ago
Yes a better story thank you for the update View More
The nuclear test (Rough draft) · C77
4 months ago
The Boy in the All-Girls' Chat Group · C2
4 months ago

Ultimatedaywriter: I'm sorry if the flashbacks are confusing, I'll either shorten or clear them up when I edit later today. What did you think of the Demolition squad?

Trope World · C47
4 months ago
Who’s Gwen? View More
Trope World · C45
4 months ago
Good luck View More
Naruto - Neglected Sage · C0
4 months ago
Yah what happened? View More

IceVoidSoldier: What happened? Why is it deleted?

Deleted novel1
4 months ago
Kage Sexbomb · C33
4 months ago

shaephet: Sorry to hear it but good luck and enjoy life.
P.s. leave the chapters up so others can enjoy it. You wrote a good novel so leave it up

Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C53
4 months ago
Wow cool thanks for the chapter View More
The nuclear test (Rough draft) · C68
4 months ago

tera11: Not enough, is there any >.> in webnovel. I haven't read a single one before. No that I remember.

《Strongest Furuichi》 · C1
4 months ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
The nuclear test (Rough draft) · C63
4 months ago
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