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Throgar: Ugh. So stupid.

The Portal of Wonderland · C22
3 days ago

Chinanumbawan: Thinks that he should not let anyone know of his talent. *then reveals in this fight*

The Portal of Wonderland · C22
3 days ago
You know I found the "ships" funny in the beginning, but now it's getting annoying. Any female interaction and it's time to sail the ships. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C918
2 weeks ago

xcares: Mindless monsters? Sure mate. Let's go with that.What you don't know will hurt you XD

Chrysalis · C456
2 weeks ago

burntpotato: In Japan culture you buy charms to pass the test but in Church of Knowledge and Wisdom, you need to pass the test first before getting a charm. Tables have turned!

Lord of the Mysteries · C903
2 weeks ago

Tetractys: The point of joining a secret cult is that it remains a secret. Even if Alger was blase about it, the Artisen would probably feel threatened either way and lash out.

Lord of the Mysteries · C903
2 weeks ago

BurntCabbage: I appreciate the work you're doing but dang, these info dump comments are so long that it takes a while to scroll through to the other comments below. It gets twice as long when you reply to those long @$$ comments too.

Lord of the Mysteries · C900
3 weeks ago
Seems like the stone men have a different purpose for wanting Anthony to ascend compared to the lizards. Probably something happened with the shapers. View More

Maekellen: This chapter, it makes no sense...at all. Lizard lets him go, golem says they won't force him but they do (come with us or die), and now that Anthony knows it was mind magic, he should be capable of escape!

Chrysalis · C453
3 weeks ago

StudentOfFrankLee: If you're talking about ships, it has to be Frank Lee 😌

Lord of the Mysteries · C872
1 month ago

Davidwrn: Actually it is called a character assassination.

Lord of the Mysteries · C857
1 month ago

jackers: Shunhang: AWAKEN, MY MASTERS *pillar men OST starts playing as the seniors breaks their cocoons and poses with shuhang*

Cultivation Chat Group · C708
1 month ago

Zacc: So his ghost spirit went to the past and became Slow-Witted Song. The fact that he is 'slow witted' probably stems from his caution in trying to avoid altering the future. Such a good ghost spirit, trying to help his future self and avoid wrecking the space time continuum. :D

Cultivation Chat Group · C639
1 month ago

Mad_003: What is this Fast Pass are you trying to commit Sudoku Webnovel!!!
You're conduct is already brazen in the past but this take the cake you think I Want to read using a Fast Pass that only the last 24 hours bBUT there's more you only get free chapter for one.. One freaking chapter I'm about had it about this crap. Peace

And I'm going to post this for every chapter I use a fast pass on!

Lord of the Mysteries · C786
1 month ago

Admiralen: Scientist from the 23rd century, still believes in chinese medicine lol

Warlock Apprentice · C6
2 months ago

Tsingher: Thanks again RhinoZ, Yeah run up to year end is a nightmare

Chrysalis · C422
2 months ago
I like the judge, he's angry, but he still has moral values. View More
Runes of Hecate · C15
3 months ago
Yo bro, bro, bro? View More
Runes of Hecate · C3
3 months ago

Slesk: I mean that old Kohler guy was also kinda integral for part of book 2 and he met a grizzly end.

Lord of the Mysteries · C695
3 months ago

mustrum: I really dislike the change of Nimblewright to Marionettist. Also Bizarro Sorcerer sounds cheap as hell. It sounds like something taken from r/fellowkids.

Lord of the Mysteries · C676
3 months ago

Daoist_Rubeno: What the heck with translation in this chapter?
Marionetist? Bizzarro Sorcerer?

Where is Nimblewright Master and Arcane Sorcerer?!??!?

Lord of the Mysteries · C676
3 months ago

ResidentialPsycho: Haha. Klein lucked out. He should be very grateful he didn't get assigned to do CNA work--bathing, toileting, changing diapers, etc. with the patients. Maybe the hospital works their volunteers up by starting them with easy tasks like laundry and cleaning work before giving them the truly nasty jobs.

Lord of the Mysteries · C619
4 months ago

GoldenOne1: Holy ****, go no further than this. There was no editing and I find it hard to believe that what I am reading is actually english.

Nova Roma · C8
4 months ago

burntpotato: “I already have a messenger”
Bone Messenger: *Dancing in spirit world*

Lord of the Mysteries · C584
4 months ago

Vedoril: I'm sorry. I really wanted to get into this story and enjoy it but the sentences, phrasing, grammar, and word choice is just bad. I appreciate the hard work that goes into these stories but this story still needs an editor to smooth the chapters out. I'll try again after a couple months but otherwise I can't read this.

Nova Roma · C3
4 months ago

Randompasserby: An actual failure, how refreshing!
The whole operation felt rushed, stank of half-heartedness and under preparation from the start to me anyway.

He only went through with it because he could afford the dangers and basically "why not, could use some pocket money" level of motivation. The more important part was challenging himself to be a true Faceless by assuming an identity of the opposite s*x 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C582
4 months ago

maximilian032: the only thing i can say, is "**** you" >_> 650 chapters in 2 or 3 days of those 500 in paywall... how the hell do you expect me to read the novel? even with 10 accounts i will need like 2 months to reach to the chapters we are now, and that without the translator uploading more.... seriusly i will not read this novel for a long time until i finish all the novel that im reading right now.
so thanks for nothing

Rise of Humanity
4 months ago
Danitz 6ix 9ine, already snitching. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C575
5 months ago

Aby55: He's hoping for some boot to the face punishment

Lord of the Mysteries · C573
5 months ago

Snapplemonkey: This is exposition, not filler. Filler is when there's no substance that applies to the main storyline. This may not be progression, but it's information that will help the main storyline progress further down the line.

Lord of the Mysteries · C567
5 months ago

Alessan: I’m really curious about these items that connect to the gray fog. There’s definitely some secret behind them and I doubt it’s simple. Especially interesting that they seem to mark people’s bodies when they shatter.

Lord of the Mysteries · C563
5 months ago
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