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Lol View More

creater_of_dao: If she is a virgin then of course mc can take her to heaven. her home(totally didn't mean it in another way)

1 week ago
Why does she being a virgin matter? View More

creater_of_dao: Why? She is a virgin? No

1 week ago
People usually make fanfics becajse they like the original but not everything about the original so they make a fanfic more what they felt would be better View More

Ovses: If that's the case why even make this a fanfic could have taken the basic structure of the story and make this own original story with original characters why insist on cucking the original mc are you a fan of the story or you just looking for hentai were you place yourself in it cause there's a ton of those on nhentai

Dungeon System Within DanMachi · C16
1 week ago
I mdant i dont care anout it in this fic because it isnt real and im mkt readimg this fic for the emotional drama View More

DethRoseM: Well we do also you should care about ptsd it's a serious issue mental scars are the worst to deal with and can haunt you for the rest of your life never mind the fact Arthur has a eididic memory

Akashic · C29
1 week ago
That is true View More

Sondre: Reading something and experiencing it themselves are different, you know.

Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C34
1 week ago
They all sound good View More
2 weeks ago
Not every mc needs some unique reason for strength because even if someone has some amazing reason if his will is too weak or he is not smart he can still die early View More

Obito_Tobi: i would say it was awsome only the wealth fame power reason is lame everyone want those
if it was his reason everyone can be op like him at least choose some unique reason and goal not a normal one that everyone want

One Piece: New Beginning · C5
2 weeks ago
Robin View More
One Piece: New Beginning · C3
2 weeks ago
Oh yea now i remember it would be kinda funny if infinity war and endgame turns out to be love triangle View More

AlucardDCLXVI: It said that when tony delayed his parents death after the car crash, he got her attention, and well, tony is a playboy, so, I took it as death was gaining an ‘interest’ in tony, since it would also add more stuff to the thanos ark.

Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C60
2 weeks ago
When was death confirmed for harem? View More

AlucardDCLXVI: Thanks for the chapter!
So we’ve got carol, death and pepper for the harem so far and possibly hope and Nat as well.

Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C60
2 weeks ago
Yea but i dont care about that View More

Kevinlu19721: you can’t just solve mental scars bruh. It will haunt you for the rest of your life, and it takes times to heal is not instant. Have you thought those soldiers coming back from war or immigrants need to runaway from their homes. They are all mentally damage (PTSD).

Akashic · C29
2 weeks ago
I thought i was the only one View More

MagikLord: Well this story is ruined.
Nothing to expect exept cute-sex scenes.
But im out.

iShinobi(I will be a ninja my own way with ***** System) · C7
3 weeks ago
Unless they were sent back in time somehow but are hiding it like naruto View More

Shtriya: Sakura having sage body😂😂 . U have already made too much things now this already and healing , cracks on ground . Isnt it too much . Without any training to do these things . And sasuke and naruto doing taijutsu acceptable but sakura us not . Tsunade was the onw to tuaght her all these things under her .

Naruto: Space-Time Lord · C19
3 weeks ago
Yea im glad it was hust a run through of wave im getting tired of the wave mission it starting to feel like uncle ben dying in spiderman View More
The Supreme Anime System · C23
3 weeks ago
In a xianxia if she didnt have kids her backstory would have been xianxia mc level eating the fruit could have been lucky chance View More

Weirdo: Kaguya is like a lowly disciple that used to do errand and they power system is different... Why do Kaguya eat the freaking fruit?? It's because she didn't have any chances to go higher in her cultivation and the fruit is like steroid!!!! If not, why would she here? She is just an errand girl that send to watch over a tree and harvest it when it's time and exchange the task completion with point just like xianxia novel sect...

The Supreme Anime System · C18
3 weeks ago
Author already asking what the readers want sigh View More
Naruto: Space-Time Lord · C5
4 weeks ago
Ahhh the old everything got deleted trick eh? View More
God succession system · C0
4 weeks ago
Thats exactly what i was thinking this mf had the nerve to say when he learns haki View More

AizenJabberwock: Because he'd rather die than using the haki pill for himself and have some sort of defence. God forbid the unknown slave won't give him the pussy otherwise. This book is an insult to the intelligence of the readers at this point.

One Piece: Harem King · C13
1 month ago
I doubt it i seen this too much he mighf post one chapter and disappear again View More
HOTD Mature Parody · C0
1 month ago
Lol that's the same thing i be wondering View More

Webzayne: Then why are you writing in English?

Reincarnation in Against The Gods Fan-fic · C1
1 month ago
Lol View More

Advocatee: But this one won’t become big and have millions of fans cuz everything fell apart already. Quit sucking dck.

Dual Cultivation · C239
1 month ago
It seems to these fanfic authors everybody is Japanese View More
Fate/Inheritance · C63
1 month ago
That's what im thinking too unless their abilities are really restricted View More

fearlessj2008: I never read that book but shouldn't those two be stronger than the kids with there abilities.

Fate/Inheritance · C44
1 month ago
Man not jjst that this whole story makes me feel a lot dumber i hope the author is just writing this because he is trying to pass the time because if he is serious this is just sad View More

JL_creation: I dont want to be rude but u need to change that last chapter what a crappy relationship fam have u ever been in one? If no watch some Korean drama or some romantic anime... U need it

Cultivating In Anime Worlds.(Completed At Chapter 40) · C12
1 month ago
This story seems too simple that it's stupid View More
Cultivating In Anime Worlds.(Completed At Chapter 40) · C11
1 month ago
Exactly View More

Darkheart3396: I completely agree with you but you also stated that he doesn't actually practice because he doesn't need to so most likely the guy wouldn't have gotten any information on him or his dish in any form as even to us the readers the MC is a mystery

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C61
1 month ago
This author keeps saying he doesn't know how to write his own stuff im starting to wonder why did he even start this novel in the beginning if he doesn't have his ideas anyway View More
Reborn into the Nasuverse with a System (18+) · C4
1 month ago
What about kendo? View More

MalachaiKane: Eh I like Midnight a bit more than Mt. Lady as she can be more interesting to write with.

The Warrior of Gray: Deku · C6
1 month ago
I don't see why they would have to use noble phantasms on cannon fodder View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C141
1 month ago
So profound View More

Darkanlan: Honest opinion though. Why take one when you can take them all?

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C71
1 month ago
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