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In anime, manga, and even hentaiverse, i never heard an abilities call netorare lol.. to be truth netorare cannot become an ‘abilities’ or ‘skill’ because in real netorare is an ‘categories’.. so turning it into abilities is so funny for me 😂😂..
If it’s like that then ‘orgasm’ can also be counted as ability or skill here? The description be like ‘The moment you touch someone, that someone will get orgasm again and again until you let go of them’~ lol.. View More
God succession system · C290
6 days ago
Have Jennifer move to his house and live there~ View More
The hypnotizer · C77
1 week ago
Sure protagonists of the world rarely lack charisma, but Vahn didn’t realize his own charisma.. because i know there is no protagonists of the world that have a harem more than 100 women.. even in hentai world there is no protagonists with harem more than 100 women~ 😂 View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1560
2 weeks ago
Did Arika still using her pajama when going out?? I keep wondering about that.. 😂 View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1554
2 weeks ago
Arika is Nagi wife in manga which will give birth to Negi, but now Arika is going with Vahn to travel around the world.. Poor Nagi~ 😂 View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1549
3 weeks ago
This novel is good, i enjoy reading it.. but after reading today chap, my enjoyment disappear.. i’m sorry but i really hate mc that easily get manipulated even though i know that ur mc still young and need experience to become strong.. i will just skip reading until the mc pass this trial and become confidence once more to claim every woman he want~ 😁 View More
The Lecherous Cultivation System · C127
3 weeks ago
So anyone can just enter emperor room freely like that? Lol~ View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C572
1 month ago
Really? Why don’t he use sticky finger to open that dragon head and destroy its brain? 1 chapter is enough to kill that dragon~ View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C563
1 month ago
He should register as an adventure using his past full name, so his childhood friend (the hero) can someday know that he’s also living in this world~ View More
Dungeon System: World Of Chaos & War · C56
1 month ago
Yeah it gets boring.. I mean Ophis alone can kill all the pillar and end this fight.. but here i don’t know, it’s like Ophis getting nerf badly and become a kid like existence~ View More

Nicolas_Santos: sorry for say this but... this is really boring... are you really going to make 2 caps for each pillar?

Fate/Gacha: Infinite Salt Work · C63
1 month ago
He have power but he still afraid of something silly.. if he doesn’t want esdeath to enter his harem then just beat her up and take the title ‘strongest’ from her.. nobody will dare to mess with him again after knowing he’s the strongest in empire..😓 View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C532
1 month ago
Well in the original manga when Yuuna haven’t meet the mc, her friends is only the youkai that lives in the inn.. but in this novel the only youkai in the inn right now is Chitose.. so calling Yuuna a loner right now is not wrong, she still doesn’t have any friends here~ View More

Thoth0: The f*ck? Since when is Yuuna a loner?

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C1034
1 month ago
Well Haru can just give a ‘pure smile’ when seeing everyone eating his cooking with happy face.. another opportunity there~ lol View More

SlyImmortalDevil: Should have made Haru accidentally smile after making Tatsumi lose, would have been hilarious if he didn't know Esdeath saw his smile and fell for him already. Good chapter 👍

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C525
1 month ago
The moment he cheat on Akane is the moment he fail his mission.. don’t ever mess with yandere~ View More
Multiverse Core Hunter · C14
1 month ago
The way Esmeralda doing things and the way Nash doing things is different.. Esmeralda is the light in Camelot while Nash is the dark side of Camelot.. some of the knights agree with the way Esmeralda do things while some don’t.. the same applied to Nash.. and they are not NPC anymore, all the knights have their own mind, emotion and etc.. that’s why when Arthur and Merlin keep bickering with each other Nash got angry.. because Nash afraid one of them especially Merlin can lead to Camelot inner conflict.. if Nash married Esmeralda all the knight will of course merge but they will also turn into Nash faction and Esmeralda faction.. right now Camelot only have 1 ruler, that’s why there is no conflict.. but if Nash become king of Camelot, there’ll be 2 ruler in Camelot and that can lead to conflict between the 2 faction..
Nash doesn’t want high authority like Esmeralda is because he’s afraid of rebellion now that every NPC have their own mind, emotion, and agenda.. View More

StarInTheNight: Lol because there is many npc that adore him that they need to merge -_- your reason is ridiculous

True Assassin of Round Table · C27
1 month ago
I don’t understand why he’s so afraid of Esdeath.. he can defeat Esdeath with all his power.. so what if he lie? So what if he used Esdeath name? No one will bother him if he show his power and defeat all of them.. he doesn’t need to kill Esdeath, defeating her is enough.. in akame ga kill, strength is everything.. 😓 View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C520
1 month ago
No, Esmeralda and Nash can’t fall in love.. if they married each other there will be inner conflict inside Camelot and that can be fatal.. Esmeralda and Nash is the creator of Camelot, not all the knight follow Esmeralda justice.. some of them adore Nash more than Esmeralda..
Right now even though Nash is one of the creator, his standing is still below Esmeralda.. so many knights that adore Nash (like Merlin) still have to follow Esmeralda order.. but if two of them get married, Nash will become the king of Camelot and that can lead to inner conflict of Nash faction and Esmeralda faction..
Just like Nash said when talking with the dragon ‘A kingdom/country only need one ruler’.. So i agree with author decision to make Esmeralda and Nash as brother and sister~ View More

Sherwin_Orbon: Please let Esmeralda and Nash fall in love

True Assassin of Round Table · C27
1 month ago
Well the only calm dragon in anime is Ophis~ View More
Anime Mashup · C75
2 months ago

I_love_Rem: 'Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life'

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C79
2 months ago

I_love_Rem: Sakura

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C78
2 months ago
I don’t understand why many are arguing who is the stronger one in akame ga kill.. For me it doesn’t matter who is the stronger one in fighting and killing, because in Akame ga kill world it all depends on Teigu..
In the fight, it doesn’t matter if you are stronger or weaker than your enemy.. if you are weaker but you have teigu that counter your enemy, then you will win 100%.. just like Akame vs Esdeath in anime.. Akame is far more weaker than Esdeath but she have murasame to counter that..
Another example is like general Budo fight with night raid.. general Budo is strong, too strong for night raid.. he alone can kill all night raid members if not for Esdeath who give them opportunity to escape.. but in the end Budo is death because he use his strongest attack using teigu and Mine teigu perfectly counter his teigu..
So in my conclusion it all depends on the Teigu, the Teigu rules akame ga kill world.. View More
Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C61
2 months ago
Ass faction here!! Supporting Ein-sama!! Doesn’t really care if Vahn woman have a busty boobs or a loli~
As long as they have a great ass, there is no problem at all!! *Grin* View More

Elhit16: I have seen through your plan, Ein-sama!
You can't deceive me, now i know you plan to awaken Artoria's Dragon bloodline! Why is that a problem? Of course it is a problem, if Artoria become a Dragon now and after she is free of [Chrono Displasia], she will probably take thousands of years to reach "Buxom Artoria Lancer-Servant" form!
As a member of the [Society of Busty Conoisseurs], i am against this!
Either way, thanks for the chapter! My deductive abilities can earn the praise from even Sherlock!

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1450
2 months ago
Cao cao alone can defeat all Rias peerage easily just like an ant.. Yuuki alone can defeat cao cao easily.. now they think all of them can defeat Yuuki? Something wrong with their head~ and Akeno is getting more arrogant, hope she get a good beating from Kuroka just like Koneko.. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C1002
2 months ago
I’m not talking about his level.. i also play game so even i know the more higher ur level the more harder to level up..
What i’m wondering is in that 5 years did he not train his body at all? He’s just 12 years old, a perfect time to train his body and basic.. also what about his technique? He didn’t train his sword skill? Assasination skill? Fire control? Martial arts? Or whatever it is..
It just u didn’t mention what else did he train in that 5 years except finding and killing danger beast to level up his class.. in my opinion level and class is not everything.. sure he’s strong but basic training, mind, control, and also technique is also important and can always get polish to higher level..
Don’t worry i don’t say your novel is bad, it’s the opposite.. ur novel is good that’s why i spend my power stone here xD and thanks for giving an explanation to my comment.. 🙏 View More

Felix9713: Not really, he is leveling so slow because he has problem finding strong Danger Beasts that would give him a challenge. You don't expect that the Danger Beasts that you can 1-shot will give you an enormous amount of experience points right? Are you playing some games? If yes, you should be aware of how it works. Each level needs more XP and is "slower" to level up, however, it is slower only because you need to find suitable and much stronger opponents. Strong Danger Beasts don't just go outside for a walk, the strongest of them are most likely hibernating. They are too lazy to even care about weaklings outside, at least that's how I see it.

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C49
2 months ago
Insulting Vahn infront his believer is just like insulting Aqua infront Axis cult.. truly horrifying~ 😂 thanks for the chap.. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1442
2 months ago
I bet Esdeath can easily kick his ass right now~ lol.. Maybe he should look into the mirror and use his skill ‘Contempt for the weak’ so he should realized that he is weak right now and just waste 5 years doing nothing except killing danger beast.. 😂 View More
Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C49
2 months ago
This is really a good fanfic, I enjoy reading it so I hope that after this relationship building between Irene and mc, you don’t make Irene married and get pregnant with that scum husband from the original.. if you do that then good luck for ur novel~ thanks for the chap..😁 View More
Fairy tail: Transformation mage · C10
2 months ago
Why should he wait for something that eventually will happen just to kill someone?
Zeoticus will 100% make a plan to hurt his girls just for his petty revenge.. so why should Tatsuya wait for one of his girls to get hurt to take an action??
Just kill Zeoticus already and be done with it.. why should he care about devil’s politic?? Which is more important, devil’s politic or his own girls?? The answer is obvious.. 😓 View More
Life in DXD · C152
2 months ago
Well i guess the yuri ship is gone now.. sayonara~ thanks for the ride till now.. :) View More
Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy · C98
2 months ago
Well, that one fits the bill too.. but i doubt Fujimaru here have enough luck to pull her from gacha~ considering she just used all her luck to pull 2 5* in one day.. lol~ View More

Ryuzu: Quetzalcoatl, right?

Fate/Gacha: Infinite Salt Work · C29
2 months ago
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