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Can fanfiction turn into premium?? As far as i know Qidian never make fanfiction into premium.. 🤔 View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C0
1 day ago
👍👍 View More
Bloody Mary (hunter x hunter fan-fic) · C29
1 day ago
1. I created my own god and I believe in my own god.
2. Humanity purpose? Don’t know and don’t care.. But for me the purpose of life is to live, eat, bath, sleep, read novel, play game, and work till the end (basically i just do what i want till death comes).
3. Don’t know, I don’t use braces~ View More
Re:Monster - World's Reversal · C10
1 day ago
Kuroka: Hahaha, don’t worry nyaa~.. just a little thing that won’t affect ur story nyaa~ good story btw nyaa~~ :3 View More

Peace12345: Sorry, not really good at writing that, no idea where to put them in so decided to go without.

The New Issei · C17
2 days ago
He’s indirectly insulting Aletia as a woman.. if he will never touch loli for the rest of his life, then he should never touch Aletia for the rest of his life.. Aletia is a vampire and her body can’t get mature anymore.. if Aletia know what he thinks, she’s gonna get disappointed and sad.. even though her body is loli, she still have the mind and pride of an ***** woman.. 😔😔 View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C45
2 days ago
Kuroka without ‘Nyaa~’ is like a different person.. :3 View More
The New Issei · C17
2 days ago
Artoria is a king of knights not a saint.. Jeanne is a saint~ 😂🤣 View More

Lize: Oh jeanne?
I thought it will be lancer artoria..
Because from his cover..
Its saber artoria..

Origin Realm · C8
3 days ago
It’s Jeanne not Artoria~ View More

Lize: Artoria?

Origin Realm · C8
3 days ago
Did Max see all awakened that he just meet an enemy?? That Xue guy don’t give him any trouble also doesn’t know him and Max already want investigate him to create trouble.. Wth men at least Max should train getting stronger first before looking for trouble like an idiot 😓😓 View More
The Lust System · C88
3 days ago
This chapter is exactly copy from the anime.. u just literally turn 1 episode from anime into 1k words in here 😔.. hope there will be a difference in next chapter.. View More
Attack on Titan: Alternate · C27
5 days ago
Bishop: Orihime (Bleach)/ Tsunade (Naruto)/ Yuki Nagato (Suzumiya Haruhi)
Knight: Shiki (kara no kyoukai)
Knight: Yoruichi (Bleach)/ Erza (Fairy Tail)/ Aizen (Bleach)/ Mikasa (Kyojin)/ Mihawk (One Piece)
Pawn x8: Lucy (Elfen Lied) *Use all 8 pawn pieces*
That’s all i could think~ View More
Devil Emperor · C0
1 week ago
And his promise to bring happiness for megumi failed just in one day~ 😂 really hope karma punish this kind of mc.. View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C157
1 week ago
Sisi need a little sister to play with her, so sisi won’t have to play alone~ :3 View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1619
1 week ago
I’m imagining Tyrannosaurus using a red cape running around~ 😂 View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C21
1 week ago
I vote for hayasaka~ :3 and ur fanfic is not crappy.. it’s good and i like it.. keep going.. 😁😁 View More
Oh love me Mistress' : A kaguya crossover fic · C11
1 week ago
What is mc ‘several cheats’ that death god grant him?? I don’t see any cheats in mc at all~ hmm.. View More
Beast of Winter : The White Death (DxD FanFic) · C8
1 week ago
This is great n funny 😂.. maybe u can make mc create a bakery for his financial problem haha.. ty for the chap~ View More
Blessing Another World With My Rhongomyniads · C2
1 week ago
Hmm.. if it must be god or goddess that live in orario and already have a familia then i vote for Demeter familia.. 😊 View More

Ero_Usagi: New familia is a great idea. But i guess it will be too much of works. Trust me. I try to work on clans from dxd and hell lot of stuff need to be done. Like relation, power, rank, everything and need to create it as smooth and correct as possible so that won't looked weird and will not distrub the canon by creating plot holes. Though we can still disturb the canon but the foundation musn't be disturbed

Danmachi : Magus Rex · C4
2 weeks ago
Ty for the chap~ You can create a new familia maybe that is not there in the original?? 😁 View More
Danmachi : Magus Rex · C4
2 weeks ago
Freedom is the best~ 👍
Being order around by the marine and world goverment is disgusting.. View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C42
2 weeks ago
Great~ 😂 ty for the chap.. View More
Blessing Another World With My Rhongomyniads · C1
2 weeks ago
Lesbian harem or reverse harem?
Lesbian harem: I stay~
Reverse harem: I quit~
Ty for the chap.. View More
A Typical Gender Bender VRMMO Story. · C0
2 weeks ago
Why did Catherine still stay with Reynold party?? She doesn’t give any benefits to Reynold party, but she get all the benefits by staying with Reynold party mainly protection and cultivation.. I don’t know that elf is so shameless?? 😂😂 View More
The Burning Fiend · C115
2 weeks ago
‘Getting little stronger more won’t be bad’ 😓

He have to be the strongest not just ‘little stronger’ in this ‘strong rules, weak die’ world if he want to enjoy life and protect his girls.. 😅 View More
Inevitable Road To Divinity · C156
2 weeks ago
I think the most important is human

No offense bro View More

Shilvax: I thinks the most important is electricity

No offense bro

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C63
2 weeks ago
Awesome like always~ ty for the chap.. :) View More
Bloody Mary (hunter x hunter fan-fic) · C24
2 weeks ago
9 years old learning a martial arts without weapon is normal u know, especially the mc who can use enchancement on himself to give him ***** power.. he just need a teacher to teach him martial arts.. and who says you can’t use weapon when sparing?? Weapon is not only for killing.. killing depends on the user not the weapon.. moreover he can just created a staff or wooden sword to avoid fatal injuries when sparring..

Well this is just me rambling around, so u don’t have to take it seriously:) i will just keep reading and see mc progress then~ :3 View More

ReinStriver: He will use martial arts later on with some "enchancements" if you will .

right now He's like 9 I don't think he'd be able to do much at this stage with Martial arts without using a weapon (like the spear/lance he used vs Zev)

Also this was a spar so I can't really have him go with weapons I think, He isn't going for the kill after all...

Devil's Word magic in Fairy Tail · C12
2 weeks ago
He rely on his magic too much just like every character in fairy tail.. he train his body but why don’t he train in martial arts or sword art?? In battle where his mana is depleted, he can still fight his enemy if he learn martial arts.. magic is not everything, he can even enhance his body with magic then fight with martial arts.. :) and why don’t he use ‘universal push’ in this battle?? He can win the battle if he use that skill.. View More
Devil's Word magic in Fairy Tail · C12
2 weeks ago
He should first active his sacred gear then punch through that hole.. so ddraig will be the one get tainted not his arm xD View More
God succession system · C207
2 weeks ago
Everything is for the plot.. if author doesn’t nerfed this op mc and he beat AFO in this battle then this novel will finished right away~ this kind of scene always happen in novel with op mc.. 😂😂 View More
Reborn in My Hero Academia with Superman powers · C18
2 weeks ago
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