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Reading Status: C112
Loving the story ever since it was published here in webnovel I hope everyone who haven't read the story yet please read it because you will only know if you read it. View More
1 month ago
I suddenly remembered when rin saw an sun's pride and glory in the hot spring!! I wonder if an sun recalled that rin saw his pride and glory? 😐😂🙊 Maybe he will use it to rin in order for her to marry him? But I really would like that to happen because I'm craving romance of them and I wanna see what it would like when we and an sun knew she IS a GIRL/WOMAN. What would be an sun's reactiom when he will meet rin in her woman appearance? I'm excited already of what will be going to happen.

Author can't wait for the next update and I am really waiting patiently for you to update. Until now I am still holding on to your novel and I hope this novel will be turn into a nice comics because I personally and totally loving the story/plot very much. I also hope that this novel will be publlished into a real book and I will totally purchase it and keep it and read it again and again to my hearts content. View More
RIN · C154
1 month ago
Oh **** I really get a ruler and measure!! That was very huge men! My eyes went wide because I was really really shook how big it is! My ghad my mind went wild of a sudden for 5 minutes or more? 😂😂 View More

CarlEllora: Paramyis-sama, pls have mercy on us, peasant readers!! Why do have to be so detailed on that thing's size??? Now I have the urge to get a ruler and measure it!! Now I'm sounding like a pervy perv perv!!! Thanks for the chapter ❤️❤️❤️

RIN · C112
1 month ago
She will build a troops of spirit beast that can do household chores! She may also teach them how to read or write(?) to become literate. Wow that might be amazing or surprising if it really happen in this story. View More
Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! · C114
3 months ago
Me too... when that time comes I will really say Goodbye bitches! Ahahahahahahah!! 😁 View More

gilson2412: Already counting the days for Consort Rong's death anniversary

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! · C15
4 months ago

gilson2412: Already counting the days for Consort Rong's death anniversary

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! · C15
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C125
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C78
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C67
8 months ago
It's kinda funny imagining a person that you like prepares food for you when you two are married. But the question is the both of you will really end up together? View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C41
8 months ago
Is it just me that I think the chapter was like the previous chapter? View More
The Emperor’s Daughter · C48
9 months ago
Why?? Why my cat Don Timotheo Montenegro I, can't do cute things like that to me? He never initiate to come to me and make cute cute things? (Except when he wants food (-.-) ) View More
The Forgotten Princess · C42
9 months ago
Reading Status: C25
This story catches my attention and it made me read it and it did not disappoint me because I really like how the author writes the story.
I really like the character of the FL showing.
So author keep up the good work and starting today I will read your book and patiently waiting and looking forward for the next update. View More
Being The Carefree Empress
10 months ago
Waaaahhh author replied to my comment!!! 😍😍😍 Your welcome author we readers will always support you! ❤❤❤ View More

paramyis: Thank you! My heart warms up so much reading this! I’ll continue to do my best and post chapters until the very end. Also, due to everyone’s kindness and support, I’m planning a mass release soon (can't want for that woo!!). Once again, thank you so much for supporting and enjoying my story!

RIN · C115
10 months ago
Hehehe another victim is being played by Rin's hands. Not so soon you will die in her hands. 😁😈 View More
RIN · C116
10 months ago
This novel is one of my favourite stories that I have read. I really love this story very much that I am having a hard time to express the right words of how I love this story. Everyday I always check If the story is updated.

Author keep up a good work couz many readers like me who liked this story very much have been very patiently waiting for the next chapters! 😘🙆😄 View More
RIN · C115
10 months ago
I feel sorry for her husband. Even though his wife done bad deeds he still care for her. I hope in their next meeting they will love each other and she will never fawn over with high ranks. View More
Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C1
11 months ago
This chapter made me dumbfounded! Haist I taught An Sun will know that she is not a "he". However Rin got a glimpse of Little An Sun and it will be forever in her mind. She may never see it (not now) but she will definitely remember every detail of it. 😂😂😂😂 View More
RIN · C112
11 months ago
This bunch of shameless bastards and bitches making such bullshits to achieve what they want. Due to their own selfishness many innocent died because of their evil intentions and desires. They even put their family aside for power and wealth no wonder they put aside the value of love within a family and other values that you can find in the family. View More
Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C55
11 months ago
I know right. They use people to convince them that their claims are true. As I read that line my mind burst into confusion because I am trying to understand the connection of it. However I got nothing. 😂😑😅 View More

miss_elai: "My uncle's next door neighbor's great aunt's younger male cousin from her mother's side's older sister-in-law"
Lol! I wonder how could this topsy turvy connection be able to spread rumors accurately.

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C5
11 months ago
Well let us wait for the next chapters that Li Lei will no longer entertain her and she will be heart broken and realize that what she did is totally wrong. Felt bad for Li Lei. Xia Ling forget the past and move on now because it will not be healthy for you when you are in a relationship with Li Lei. There are things that could go possibly wrong (well I can feel it already that something bad will happen as we proceed to the next chapter) if this continues. View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C178
12 months ago
Hohoho Sir Zhong is asking our Rin directly. I wonder what will be Rin's response about that question? Can't wait for the next chapters so excited!!!

I wonder if this conversation between Rin and Sir Zhong will be heard by An Sun, what will be his reaction? View More
RIN · C107
12 months ago
Xia Ling please do not hurt Li Lei. I know you are hurt and it is very hard on your part but please be aware to other people's feelings too. During your past life you have gone through many things that broke you apart please leave all those bad memories in the past and keep moving forward because that will help you overcome the challenges of your life... in your new life. Treat or make all those experiences or a lesson that will serve you to be more wise and to become a better person in your present life. View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C176
1 year ago
Are you kidding me? Xia Ling's clothes are all from PARIS! And it is B-R-A-N-D-E-D! And the heck a person is going audition to show that she is the right person to be the Main Lead in the movie. She did not audition there just wearing beautiful clothes because clothes is not the basis in choosing the right actress of the ML. It doesn't mean that you have beautiful clothes YOU are good in ACTING or DANCING or SINGING! Did you get me?! View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C142
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C136
1 year ago
Another stupid person claiming Xiao Ling is his. Xiao Ling is only for Li Lei! View More

XOMatsumaeohana: So how can she become young master nan's woman when she's already Li Lei's? 😜

😑😑 I'm speechless though, abducting? So she can become his bride. That young master nan has some screws loose. After what Xia Ling did to you, your still going to mess with her. If I were him. I'd never both her again.

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C126
1 year ago
Hey you master NAN! You will regret in that you have harassed Xiao Ling! And to her FATHER you will also regret your stupid decisions! You call yourself a FATHER? How dare you! You don't deserve to be a father of Xiao Ling! View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C126
1 year ago
He is the one who have a severe screw loose and the heck he broke Valiant song's legs. I wonder Xia Ling will be very furious if she knew this. Pei Ziheng if you only know tha Xiao Ling is Xia Ling that have been reincarnated after her death. This person gives me chills every time he said those things. He is psychotic! View More

danae939497: Regret?! You feel regret?! What the hell!!!!! Do you even hear yourself, you bastard? You dont deserve Xiao Ling's forgiveness at all! You thought that by imprisoning her and making her feel dependent on you, she would go back to you?! Women, when they get hurt, they truly hurt! Especially when they are hurt by someone they really love! How dare you say all of that in front of Xiao Ling's grave?! How dare you!!!! I am stupefied! You loved her?! What the f***!!!! That's not how you love someone! You think by fighting for her when she already died, she would forgive you?! No! It does not work that way! And what?! You broke Valiant Song's legs? F***, what did the horse ever do to you?! By breaking her legs, Xiao Ling would have one more reason to hate you more and more. Oh my gosh! The poor.horse!!!! I feel like crying for the horse. That was Xiao Ling's beloved horse and no, she did not betray Xiao Ling because it was still her who rode Valiant Song. Please!!!!! Let Xiao Ling go! She will never come back to you! She already made that deciaion when she reincarnated to be Xingling...she is NEVER coming back to you... You dont deserve her and she does not deserve your so-called love!! Your love is so toxic and dirty! 😠😠😠😠

P.S. i have never written a comment this long but oh well, i just feel like i need to get it all off my chest. Pei.Ziheng is such a bastard and a jerk and a pedo and uuuuggghhhh no words can express what kind of sick bastard he is!!!

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C109
1 year ago
She is having her red flag in unexpected time. But I can help but imagine, if boys are having menstruation instead of girls the flow of their blood would be heavy flow and needed extra long napkins or it will be better to wear diapers. 😂😂 Just don't mind my wild imagination couz my screws got lose.

I think the gender revelation is neeeaaarr~~~~. I can feel it and the ship will sail!!!!! 🚢 I wonder what would be An Sun's reaction if he will find out that SHE is not a He.

To author:
Author thank you for the update. I am loving every chapter and patiently waiting for the next update. I do hope this novel wil be published and I will buy it and add it to my collections. View More
RIN · C99
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C102
1 year ago
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