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  • History of Systems

    History of Systems

    Fantasi Timur

    Human Beings have been struggling to live life in peace. Demon race and Insect race have been in war for years and so the human race has been caught up in the flames of war. Expressionless Li Zhidu the creator of the race is thinking what to do to help the human race. Will he be able to successfully save the race he made for thousands of years? Buy me some coffee to support me :P ko-fi.com/karlharveyignacio

  • Black Sword (Tentative Title)

    Black Sword (Tentative Title)

    Realistic Fiction

    Anbri Egol (https://disqus.com/by/brianlego/) is the Author of the novel.


The Cats will rule the world!!! View More
Divine Card Creator · C10
3 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C1
2 weeks ago

DaoOfTheLonely: No, it's not scary, it's TERRFIFYING!
I think I need to call my ex-MMA fighter who shocked all of China and exterminated many powerful clans, only then will I feel safe. Although, even if he's defeated, I still have a trump card, a man who could easily beat the ex-MMA fighter, he came into the light many years ago and destroyed several powers that are infinitely stronger than the exterminated clans, he disappeared shortly after, but unknown to everyone he was working for me all along.
If even he is defeated, I won't be too worried, for I still have...

The Man from Hell · C100
2 weeks ago

ghostwolf235: Damn that's a pretty capable 5 year old
When his novel comes out send me a link

The Man from Hell · C96
2 weeks ago

Shiroishinigami: Have you checked if he's reincarnated or not.

The Man from Hell · C96
2 weeks ago

Kaosdao: Cop be like : "war torn room. 1 skinny asian. Wierd fleshy dog, a poisonous looking snake, a fox. Nope nothing suspicious here. Nope. All clear. "

Demons Beside You · C48
3 weeks ago

Soda_Con: If the prodigal system actually helped him build an business empire with his dog sh*t luck he would be too OP.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal
4 weeks ago
Reading Status: C21
I really love it so can u please continue the novel??? pls....... I really wanna read the rest of the story. If you're too busy u can just update once a week or once in 2 weeks View More
Money-Grabbing Daoist!
4 weeks ago

Snikaer: The plot is good, the mc op, but why is that reader and commenter below so dumb? Ur so dumb, Even a pleb will know he's keeping him alive cuz he have good restaurant recommendations and he doesn't really care at all. Anyway, good novel and it's good u won't continue reading, so no more comments coming from u.

Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C9
1 month ago

Krasion: And yet we have to wait for 3 or more chapters for him to regret

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C82
1 month ago
Reading Status: C749
I really need more though people said that the story is repeating, but the story has a good squandering element to it and there are methods that may shock you, only the face smacking ones are the ones I can predicr but not the method View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal
1 month ago

DaoistHarvey: I don't really ship wu tong and meng fan

My Extraordinary Achievements · C130
1 month ago

vkg313: Thats fine as long as he is free to pursue other women if he wants, and she doesn't already think of him as hers.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C130
1 month ago
I don't really ship wu tong and meng fan View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C130
1 month ago

SuperCritic: I don't like Wu Tong , actually I thought she is a good match for MENG Fan but she is thinking more about her relationship with Liang Qing than MENG Fan.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C129
1 month ago
who is wu qing again? View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C734
1 month ago
She is probably the one controlling the system🤔 View More
Gacha Sovereign · C106
1 month ago

Iamvodkahawk: Hey have you really been reading properly ? It’s already been stated that he’s going to elevate fatty into a supreme existence in the universe bro. An Emperor!!! You think he couldn’t calculate the force and realize his friend wasn’t going to die ? He can cure that **** in a heart beat but no matter what he still needs to be tempered. No way his friend will become strong if he can’t take a beating at some point yea? He’s fine. It’s a lesson for his friend and his enemies all at once. And this dude will die for it.

The Man from Hell · C20
1 month ago

darkoneko: Let me go, let me be with my crackers!

The First Order · C40
1 month ago
the wise old man in webnovel, interesting View More

TheWiseOldMan: A fat man stoops himself only for the most refined dishes indeed.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C41
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
My Extraordinary Achievements · C28
2 months ago

TurtleSect: You have zero knowledge and practical ability about employment. World unemployment rate only increases each year, no matter which area. And when we do get a job, is a trashy one that doesn't really pay.

Path of Medicine With a System · C2
2 months ago

AAA001: Nope, this happen more often then you think. In my country there was a fresh graduated doctor dead by malaria at borderland, and he doesnt have connection to work at city, just like mc.

Path of Medicine With a System · C2
2 months ago
😎, so bad that he isn't interested View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C293
2 months ago
not really because the author cited the one that made the song though View More

BloodyWind: Hahaha , i hope i will not the second IRAS

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C392
2 months ago
He's arrogant, If it was me I would just injure him. View More
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) · C52
2 months ago
first View More
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C28
2 months ago
guys it's all about mathematics hail View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C261
2 months ago

WolfLord: Humans are a bundle of contradictions he wants to get close to her at the same time he's afraid to do it so sometimes he has the confidence to get closer and sometimes his insecurities push him away it would take a lot for him to actually be fully embrace his emotions and trust her

Gacha Sovereign · C23
3 months ago
lol that's where you're wrong, the system is the one that's been suffering View More

AiCutez: This system is Suck, Evil and Unreasonable, unlike Bu Fang's system. 😤
Even tho bu fang's system always demanded him to hunt something stronger, at least the system gave him bodyguard, weapon, etc. And bu fang's system also allowed him to create new dishes. Bcoz creativity is Important. 👍
Unlike this mag's system. 😑
Not only he didn't get bodyguard, he also not allowed to create new dish and system super greedy and twisted😑

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C216
3 months ago
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