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See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Supreme Magus · C210
3 weeks ago
Morgan Freeman View More

dadadada: Who was the fantom ?

Becoming a God In Harry Potter · C5
1 month ago

P1k4ch6: Luna is lovely. I think she's the best out of all

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C142
1 month ago

Trafford: No Hermione for love interest rather Luna

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C6
1 month ago

_Crystal_: Absolutely agree with that

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C6
1 month ago

jeandeer99: Loving the story and the fact that you’re not afraid to stray from canon and sort of make it your own ya know. I’m here to read fanfic not just copy paste of what I’ve already read, but I digress. Keep it up author, I think you’re doing a great job 👍

Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C6
2 months ago

dragon723: That was early. Good chapter, but we need to see the blackbeak in action soon. Hopefully the whalers aren't hit too hard.

The Mech Touch · C290
3 months ago

Obekiwi: Why do I have a feeling that the Blackbeak will win the match by using the shovel as a sneak attack? Like when she is about to lose the match, BAM, shovel to the enemy cockpit. The other pilot is dead.

The Mech Touch · C264
3 months ago

Tibbles: Master Null speciality is X factor I’m totally calling it now

The Mech Touch · C80
3 months ago

Khavos_Rudd: Ranks very very high up on my list of books to read and recommend.
In truth, should award a 4 ~ 4.5 because of several minor grammar and tense mistakes spaced throughout the chapters. Won't do so because I noted the author going back over his chapters once in a while so this aspect will not be an issue for those coming late into the book.
Additionally - and I do not write about this aspect to writing - the writing style is very much enjoyable. The humor is inter-spaced with flair and there are many closing sections that scream 'cliff-hanger' only that they were done tastefully.
Perhaps this comment is best left to the char design aspect to reviewing but that section has enough to write on so won't miss out; the author takes care with his dialogues! You don't get the sense you are reading a wuxia novel - yes, I went there! Some of those dialogue scenes are so bad you are left wishing for someone to breathe in someone else's space just so the 'young master' can get offended and wipe out an entire family.
Ahem, back to the review:
As said, the dialogue scenes are well written. This is especially so with their relevance to the plot development and world background as we get titbits thrown out there that tell us more about the world and plot building up to the next arc.

4...but gets a 5 because he is faithful to his updates.
Sure, 1 chapter a day really leaves us bleary-eyed but if you consider the care with which the story is written, you do not want to rush the guy.

Story Dev'p:
No cliches.
Like really, no cliches!
Even the latest arc with a class excursion into the wild where you'd expect the MC to outshine his mates was thrown out the window and stomped on.
To illustrate, think of the norm in these scenarios: a young MC with a chip on his shoulder as a social outcast goes into the wild on a school competition. A coalition of powerful scions of powerful families decide to gang against the MC for some reason never really specified but assumed reasonable - like really, the casus belli is never truly explained and instead we have hordes of enemies trying to kill the MC while the school masters join in on the fun and only interfere when it becomes clear that the spawns are incapable of finishing the job. Then the MC is forced to run away from the province while vowing utter destruction upon the school. Fortunately, the arc was not a total waste; the MC hooked up with a secret princess of a powerful family hiding out in the boondocks and while their romance it forbidden, he does not mind.
Yeah, none of that horse manure here!
First off, Lith refuses to go to school! We have our dear 4th wall broken - and not in that clunky manner in which the MC tells us exactly why consuming this particular resource to gain that particular effect was especially clever of them...
Finally convinced to go to school - and this is because ultimately, his cheat device is not quite omni-potent - we are provided with the saving grace of a Big Brother pocket device that shuts down 99.99999999% of the plot elements we see whenever the MC goes to an institution as a loner.
Going back to the competition, most of the class is wiped out. The school masters have designed a training program that makes sure to humiliate the students and while Lith is quite adept at leading his mates - reluctantly at that, what with him being a webpage away from being Reverend Insanity - and this is where we are at right now. No heroisms...he actually wishes to sabotage his companions and would do so but for the fact that it would cripple his own chances.

Char design:
7 [yes, another. Something wrong with the template because it limits the scale somewhat]
guy has a personality. Easy enough to do given that he is the MC. Unless it was some dry story like Lord Xue Ying where personality traits are really hard to find, any author can craft a story with some personality in their main guy.
How many have we encountered here where the side characters have considerable time spent on them? And I do not mean the 'perfumed young mistress with pale skin and blushes at inconvenient moments whenever they spy upon a warrior holding a spear', There are numerous personalities upon whom the author spent considerable effort to get us to know them with enough depth we can sort of predict their actions. These include, but are not limited to, the Count, the Marquess, several of his classmates and others.
Not many authors spend time on character definitions and enhancement and I am happy to state that this particular novel does that with spades.

World background:
Not much to speak on on this aspect. However, note that we know of the world not because of a massive info-dump but rather because it has been slipped into our drinks with the expertise of a date-ra-pe drug drugger.
I especially like how I can fantasize about future conflicts down the line not because the MC got tired of the starting village but rather because the dialogues and interactions tell us there is more to the world than meets the website.

Supreme Magus
3 months ago

Gfggvn: in some novels when the mc gets super op it makes the story boring. In this case the author has instead succeeded in making it super bad ass instead

Soul of Searing Steel · C400
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Soul of Searing Steel · C93
6 months ago
Happy new year View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C879
8 months ago

4tunesfool: I NEED MORE

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C653
11 months ago

RussIsWatchinU: Li Yao is gonna use his full strength to punch his own heart, isn't he?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C629
12 months ago

DepthDweller: The longer the author spends away from Li Yao the more I feel like he’s off in the background preparing to cause a sh*t storm.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C627
12 months ago

Ekc: Thanks for the chapter. Everybody vote eith all your power stones.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C619
1 year ago

Joriael: Shout out for some mas release!!!

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C619
1 year ago

RussIsWatchinU: I do believe we are due for a mass release... all with me?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C619
1 year ago
Tnx for the chapter View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C618
1 year ago

Reader152: Chifeng is probably a person from the temple of immortals. Li yao wouldn't have lied to him about being able to trick the truth cabinet otherwise. Li yao has no need to trick the truth cabinet cause he really isn't a space resident. Also there is no way the temple would allow chifeng to be in the vanguard of the force if he wasn't one of them.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C609
1 year ago
I thought so to View More

Maous1: What if she's another reincarnation of the ice godly monarch?

True Martial World · C1521
1 year ago

Maous1: What if she's another reincarnation of the ice godly monarch?

True Martial World · C1521
1 year ago

QLikesDonut: Thanks for the chapter flycrane01 and Millman97! With Li Yao's skills his version should be more like 'Hitting the Galaxy Past the Universe.'

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C493
1 year ago
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