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  • Fighting life for a purpose I don’t understand. My words are as pointless as my struggle.

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Original Works

  • The NEET God

    The NEET God

    Fantasy Completed

    (Webnovel keeps logging me out and I have to reinstall the app pretty much every day just to log back in. This is the last time I use this app because it keeps screwing with me. Sorry for the inconvenience of never making another chapter for so long, but this place is buggy and cutthroat, so only the most shameless and determined stay.) In another universe... On the world, Derob... John, the short and chubby Cherubim, lazily snoozed in God’s main temple. His God left in an emergency because a reincarnated Hero went berserk in the highest plane of existence. God took his faithful followers to stop the mutual destruction of all existence itself. Only John was spared the trip to manage his believers. No one expected John to abuse his new position as God. Shenanigans ensue. (I use my phone so it’s a painful process, believe me. The chapters will be short and the whole thing is an on-the-spot work, so expect mistakes and changes. This is a work of fiction and any resemblances to real works or real people are not to be taken seriously.)

  • Thinking Like Murderers

    Thinking Like Murderers


    The camera views the actions of an aspiring serial killer. How far and how close can he come to reality? (Written to spite Rebirth of A Serial Killer by Kotrem and because I always wanted to write a serial killer series. Any similarities to real people, places, and works are not to be taken seriously. Also, I write on my phone, so it’s a very slow and mind-numbing experience. I keep tapping the wrong keys with my chubby fingers ( ;-;) Please, forgive me.)

  • The Curious Cellar (Complete)

    The Curious Cellar (Complete)


    John Smith, young leech of his family’s wealth, recounts a tale where his sister incited him to explore an old house in the Salem Woods. Written as a one-shot short story attempt for the Cthulhu Mythos Contest.

  • Selling Noted Items! (Dropped)

    Selling Noted Items! (Dropped)


    [A/N: My fiction somehow didn’t meet any of the criteria of the #37 Contest and didn’t count. I know I voted for my own fiction shamelessly and won a place in a previous Cthulhu Contest, but there were only two participants. I’m irritated, but understanding if I wrote content not to Webnovel’s liking. If Webnovel’s not liking my writing, I’m not writing. That’s that.] The Massive Millionaire Market! A place where Immortals and Mortals alike came together and traded goods! Located in Yorefire, everyone could buy or sell! Travelers, peasants, soldiers, or heroes: you could find almost anyone or anything if you had the time and money! All thanks to his “Absolute Free Market” ability, the Third Imperial Majesty started his economic rule! People flourished in what people called “The Capital of Civilization!” Farm hands became nouveau-riche! Expert investors played the bear and bull market to flip teacups! The rich silk-pants threw stacks of Iliac coins in the crowds to grab! No one was left out of the money game, so if you were a fool, you ran around the world seeking fortune elsewhere! Bo knew this and jumped whole-heartedly into the money-making game! His methods as a merchant sounded questionable, but Bo knew he was a true merchant! (Inspired by the game Runescape and authored for Contest #37 on my IPhone.)

  • I Am Righteous! (Dropped)

    I Am Righteous! (Dropped)

    Eastern Fantasy

    The Wide World has many mysteries. Caleb tries to live happily with his adopted sister Amanda, but there’s a greater power forcing his hand! What happens when he is pressured? (Tested picture conversions on the Internet for the cover to work. I’d like to thank MyLittleBrother, the author of Dual Cultivation for inspiration and MoaningFrodo for the motivation to try.)

  • Found the Underbelly of NoobTube (haitus)

    Found the Underbelly of NoobTube (haitus)


    Usually, a 19-year-old man would be in college, working, or training, but when it came to Ezekiel... He took strange pride in being a NEET. His time wasted every week, since 7 years ago, consisted of uploading videos on NoobTube in the hopes of getting fame and fortune. This changed on the 7th day of July, when Ezekiel received a notification from his latest video. (StrangerDanger commented: “You’ve posted 365 videos in 7 years and I’m still your only viewer! It’s a shame if only I can spend 365 days each year cheering you on! I know! Why don’t you join my chat group! Maybe you can convince my friends to watch your videos!!! *****://noob.tube/join/ct-uWu77PMmeXO”) Ezekiel couldn’t ignore his diehard fan nor the chance, so he joined! Any regrets stayed unspoken. WARNING: I am writing on the spot for a CONTEST on Webnovel. Powerstones are appreciated, if you are willing. This is a work of fiction solely for entertainment and in no way condoning, supporting or advocating harm and/or harmful ideas. Political, religious, moral, etc ideologies are meant as content for a story.

  • Help! I laugh too easily and can’t stop being isekai’d!

    Help! I laugh too easily and can’t stop being isekai’d!

    Fantasy Comedy Isekai

    Roku Zaregoto lived like your typical serious Japanese student for one reason— to become a respected ambassador in America! While his classmates went to karaoke, onsens, festivals, beaches, shops, and all the localities of Japanese youth, Roku studied English. To become an ambassador, Roku needed to learn English! So, Roku burned through his school years just to speak fluent English. Halfway through his final year of high school, a foreign exchange student arrived. Roku immediately talked to them, but Roku didn’t know his first casual conversation would lead to him being isekai’d! This was the start of a series of isekais because Roku laughed too easily! The original ideas came from reddit comments by datinggoskrrrrrrrrra, Hobomanchild, Luhood, lieferung, raoul_d, and DustyLance. I also used VarysIsAMermaid69’s Garbage Isekai Bingo Board. Thank you, redditors, for the inspiration and guidance!

  • Journey to the Best

    Journey to the Best

    Eastern Fantasy Cultivation Comedy Arrogant Characters FACE-SLAPPING Weak-strong female protagonist Cliche cross-dressing female

    “Why are these Young Masters so arrogant?” “Why are my family and sect bullying me?” “Why are you all offended?” “Where is my luck! F**k, it’s time to go for broke!” “Wait, who is that person behind you…?” “Mommy! This lowly Tong Zhi failed to see Mount Tai!” “Please stop chasing me! How can I get married, now!?” Such is the struggle of being too outstanding as an extra... _______________________ This novel is inspired by the novels A Will Eternal, Sage Monarch, The Monk That Wanted to Renounce Asceticism, Journey to the West and the comics Gentleman Devil, Ghost-Queller, and Master Drifting Away Again. It is meant to be a parody of Chinese cultivation novels and using their tropes. The translator Deathblade asked the question, “What Chinese fantasy novel cliches do you dislike the most?” and this is my answer. You can answer his survey here, I think. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdV966jX8HJy2l9pEMSFqoXIlhQKI2XbFDmjvWm73cUGX-lsA/viewform I used this website for names. I think they’re planting trees, so that’s nice. https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/chinese_names.php The other names I used Wikipedia and Google Translate for English to Chinese. I wanted to write a ongoing fiction for the longest time, but kept getting stuck. This year, my resolution is to write at least 100 chapters of 2000 words. I began with the “Human Slayer” concept, but kept depressing myself with the sad and crazy backgrounds I gave characters. This novel will be much simpler. Give comments, ratings, and power stones if you want.


Daniel_Thomas: .

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C34
12 hours ago
Let’s see you worm your way out of this one... View More
Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C34
1 day ago

Mr_Sheldon: Imagine if he looked like Mosquito Girl from OPM.

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C32
1 day ago

ExcaliburJR: Exp thanks

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C126
5 days ago
Lol xp View More

kcorny: Lol you must be retarded. Please kill yourself!

Mutagen · C16
1 week ago
PewDiePie is still on break. View More

PettyOfficer: Happy Valentine’s Day.

Geeky's Fan Fiction · C2
1 week ago
Happy Valentine’s Day. View More
Geeky's Fan Fiction · C2
1 week ago
It’s almost Valentines Day. Coincidence? I think not! View More
Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C191
1 week ago

DragonEmperors: Hateful MC and Bitches... You seem planned the MC become a sovereign yet with the starting As lowest of the lowest, and the main motivation of it a revenge. Why don't you just make Dark MC instead of this... Have to say good bye for this. The Synopsis reel me in the beginning of the story make me hate it. So, good bye..

Gacha Sovereign
1 week ago

Munchy: It started kinda okay but it went downhill fast. First off the mc has no common sense I mean none. Things that every person of a modern era normally understands mc has problems with. Second a person acts nice to him and he repays them with way too much. He saves someone they're nice to him. They find out he has an OP power. They basically threaten him to take love interest as wife. He goes with the flow. Then when he starts distancing himself because he realizes that they might be using him it goes back to them being nice and him giving them every OP thing he has. They only take and he keeps giving. In other stories the people who are being powerlevelled by the MC were there when he was a loser or went through live and death with the MC. Here it's just stupid. Hey I'm nice. Okay here's all my OP stuff.

Gacha Sovereign
1 week ago

Vsdare: Good luck, don’t succ

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C0
2 weeks ago
Vibe check View More

PettyOfficer: 69th day checking in

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C28
2 weeks ago
69th day checking in View More
Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C28
2 weeks ago

ever_burning_flame: This guy needs to get attacked by a stronger cultivator and learn that he needs to be stronger than everyone else if he wants to live a good life

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C24
2 weeks ago

Kaiser0000: I'm stopping here if you just want to have a decent amount of power in a cultivation world you are stupid as **** for not taking the oportunity to increase your chances of survival

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C24
2 weeks ago

LoneWolf835: I'm starting to think that his mentality has some screws loss. It seems that he was bedridden for a long time, being killed by some mosquitos proofed he has a weak body, something tells me he is an unique fellow... Oh! Also that part where he was very accepting of his new bug like family members, and promising death on humans gives it more momentum, also the time where didn't give no toots for the farmers... plus with him being alive for only a couple days... maybe I'm just thinking too much, and shouldn't take this seriously... but I feel like there are some words and phrases that tell a bit more story then meets the eye... What do you think?

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C24
2 weeks ago
Karma exists? I know killing a mostly nonviolent bear is bad karma, but mugging a bear is good karma? The f**k? If he gets no repercussions, karma might as well not exist. View More

Saberswordguy: Ok manz didn't just get 5000xp but fuckin 67000 or more xp his kindness really paid of 5000 was a lot but 67000 that's on another level

:If karma exists this is a good example of it

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C22
2 weeks ago

Cinque_39: I feel so bad for the bear now!

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C21
2 weeks ago
The mosquito barged in like a thief and killed a bear’s personal livestock. Not only that, but when the mosquito comes back to kill even more livestock when shooed off, and he also aimed to kill the bear just for defending what was his.

Is it weird to feel bad for the bear? The f**k is wrong with your brain? View More

Zyvenx: You feel bad for the bear who tried to murder the mosquito earlier on in the day? Oh my, that was one weird statement I just typed.

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C21
2 weeks ago

Dfdcbb: I honestly feel more sad for the bear he took control of his deer land because he was talented abs strong yet everyone knows he's going to die and become nutrients for mc because of his "arrogance" which is perfectly reasonable seeing as it's described the place as if he's on a different level to other bears in the area

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C20
2 weeks ago

LordMirror: Poor bear, he just wants to stalk some deers... 😢

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C20
2 weeks ago

Darkeorb: Author man u need to leqrn to relax. U dont owe us anything. U r the f*cking creator of this story, which means u are the ruler here. So dont worry and stress about the 2 chapters. Release ur chapters on ur own pace. I rather have an author who does slow release than an author who releases 200 chapters and go on hiatus or drops the novel.

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C9
2 weeks ago

TrueDawn: if you're dead, you can't read webnovels

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C7
2 weeks ago

CelestialBirdthing: Phobia doesn’t necessarily mean fear, especially in this case. And ‘people generally find sexual preference not of their own to be gross’ is the biggest circular reasoning I’ve ever heard and a sentiment that I don’t come across except when I’m talking to homophobes or Christians. Learn what phobia means yourself.

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C4
2 weeks ago

InThisGuys: This is the Strongest mosquito. With 0.1 constitution, humans are only 10x stronger than him

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C3
2 weeks ago

Husnain_Ahmed: I'm not being ridiculous I just get annoyed when a reincarnated beast or monster mc doesn't want to kill humans and gets ****ed over by it later.

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C2
2 weeks ago

Lesbian_Loli: "the most natural things would be to tell others reincarnation exists" NO, it's not!

Only an idiot would do it, I can think of more than 20 reasons right now why you shouldnt.. I was hoping to find a good novel, but it seems this MC has also the IQ of a mosquito

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C1
2 weeks ago

Andrewjh: My opinion on this will never change see a mosquito and kill is mentality I possess for they are evil (side note no I don't have any major trauma with mosquitoes I just don't like being itchy or the buzzing sound that keeps you up at night)

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C1
2 weeks ago

KiRi: I'm only reading it cuz it's dark and have no human rights. If people read it and complain then it's their problem. What's fun reading stuff about sunshine and rainbows. Keep up the good work.

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C26
2 weeks ago

rolas: lol, wn censored a-m-a-t-e-u-r wtf? srsly? Chinese internet censorship on a whole new level man.

Tale of the Legendary Emperor
2 weeks ago
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