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All I want is quality chapters so keep doing what your doing. View More
The First Order · C20
2 months ago

Seuss03: So, there could be many reasons, I'll just outline my feelings on the story.
First, it's a cool premise, integrating with a monster for strength, but the MC literally, and admittedly, made one of the worst choices possible, because his pet was cute. He was supposedly scouted by the big organizations, but refused because he wanted to use this bird, even though in the story he said you can use other creatures, but your first determines your potential. Since he's kept this bird as a pet for years, why wouldn't he just continue to do so?
Speaking of said bird, it's supposed to be getting strangely more intelligent, but all it does is throw tantrums if he doesn't buy it food and ignore him, literally blocking off their connection. What part of this bird is meant to be redeeming? If it doesn't show growth, and besides that is a selfish brat with zero potential, why in the world should I care about it?
Also, I'm willing to allow time for the plot to develop. I had no problem with the secret realm arc, but some threads have been left dangling. Why is he in such a hurry to rank up, when he should be working on runes, totems, and seals? He's determined to enter this competition in a few years time, but again, you chose this bird with no idea how to break the genetic limit, yet assumed you'd make it. As far as he knew, he would never find a way to do so. But rather than focus on his hidden advantage of the runes, which may contain some help, or seek advice from his father, who is literally researching and quickly advancing through the seals, he would rather do everything on his own. He's either kinda stupid, or extremely forgetful, and if it's the latter, that's kind of on the author.
Finally, significantly, is the editing. The beginning of the story is truly painful, and new readers could be forgiven thinking it's that way all the way through. Missing words, repeated words, bad grammar, and jokes I'm guessing don't translate well, plus an mc that seems a bit dim doesn't translate to new readers. If possible, you really need to clean up the beginning of your story. And the problems still continue.
I've really only kept reading for the hope of him creating totem armor and weapons, but the pacing makes that a dim prospect. Again, your premise is interesting, and for those clamoring for more releases, you can ignore them; two per day is plenty of writing. But you do need to seriously improve your editing if at all possible. Aside from that, as others have said, tournament arcs usually see a decline, as many people let it build up to finish in one go. I've often done this. All the best, I hope some of this helps. It's given constructively, I hope.

Monster Integration · C228
6 months ago

grassfedbutter: Thanks for the hard work! Sad we won’t get to see Jin-Woo and Soo-Hoh fighting side by side, and see Beru struggling with the onions his liege present him...F for Beru

Only I level up · C270
6 months ago

HyperMozzie: Damn. 3 weeks. I just realized how I miss this story. I mean I got like 20 others stories but none that I check like twice a day if the new chapter is out

Zeph Malston: The Aether Mage · C97
7 months ago
I kind of wish that they would add more uses to power/energy stones i dont really use all of mine since i mostly just want the ss. View More
Book of Answers · C6
7 months ago

99Bigbear: I'm depressed now... this is the second book I like that this has happened to. What I do is check-in get an average of 8-12 spirit stones to read a chapter of one book, vote for it then gain +5 spirit stones so I can usually read another chapter.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C132
1 year ago

VeteranAsura: Can you guys at least tell us what the requirements are for a novel to go premium because while we can appreciate the translators and the work they do, suddenly making a novel premium without informing the people who have been reading it daily is kinda rude.

Gourmet of Another World · C277
1 year ago

loli_king: Is it dropped ???

The Zombie System
1 year ago

CDC: An excelent story, I would recomend it... hopefully the author will change his mind and keep releasing chapters.
For those who don't know, this story was dropped by his author cuz he recived many bad coments about his release rate, but the story is good af, let me explain something a bit: the MC is troublesome because of his *** appeal and his temper, he isn't too much of a bad guy... and he is OP AF, that's why the title of the novel. Wanna know more? This story seems kind of love-driven but not in a boring way... if that isn't interesting enough then read it so you realize how interesting it really is, and then curse the heavens for one day cuz it isn't on going anymore.


God of Cultivation
1 year ago

emman_: I was really looking forward to this and had it on my library but didn't read because I was waiting for the chapters to stack up but gosh I didn't even sneak a peek and I was really disappointed that I wasn't even able to read like a chapter or two. Please don't feel pressured to post your story author!! I will support this novel if you ever had a good time and suddenly posted chapter 1 😊 lovelots ❤

God of Cultivation
1 year ago

XiaoHeiTian: In reality, i don't really believe he would just delete it thinking about how he says that he has been working on it while he wasn't pasting. And also i guess it is true that doing this is going to male him lose a lot of viewers, but the people who stay after this are the people who truly love the story and not just here to leave negative replies. So thats a reason why he might be doing this, and said reason, although I don't like him doing this and want to read more, the reason why I am going to accept what he is doing.

God of Cultivation
1 year ago
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