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vincentatd: No, because of censorship. This was the author's note on this chapter.

I'm sorry, this chapter is quite short because I was so angry that I couldn't write anymore. When I was writing half of this chapter, I want to refer another sentence in the previous chapter, so I opened the previous chapter just to found out the paragraph related to sacrifice was deleted. This type of "review and correct" is unacceptable, and no word can describe it. Without that paragraph, the whole situation becomes incoherent and no one can understand what the author wants to write, even me! Moreover, what content in this paragraph violated the rule? A story about "villains did evil things, then good guy punished the villains" is horrible enough to be deleted? I didn't describe details of the sacrifice so others can copy it, I just mention it slightly. I don't understand the whole process and the aims of "review and correct" anymore. Do you want to change a book into a meaningless ****?

I can't accept that my work is turned into an incoherent, illogical, broken **** that describes nothing, inexplicable and impossible for anyone to read. Previously, many chapters went through that "review and correct" process and I already made tons of changes; I also understand that the policy is very tight and everyone should understand the situation of others, so I didn't make any complaints. However, I can't endure the ridiculous "review and correct" which breaks the whole connection of the plot, make it become incoherent. Everyone knows about the style and the theme of "Lord of Mysteries", everyone knows what situation will be described in this book in the future. If the crazy "review and correct" continues, I am unable to finish this story!

I added the deleted paragraph of the previous chapter, everyone can re-read it again, but I don't know when it will be deleted again. If this situation continues, I don't know how long I can continue to write and how can I finish this book!

One hour later, I calmed myself down a little bit, I will not say anything which can be considered radical. All of my readers, please continue to read and please cherish what you are reading. I will continue to write until I am unable to write anymore, and I will not punish my reader because of others' mistakes. Yeah, just like this

Lord of the Mysteries · C968
1 day ago

Willsimulated: Hey dude, thanks for the feedback. It is not my intention to make a haram, merely that in a patriarchal society the warden decided the male prisoners were more dangerous and hence kept elsewhere. Kenji does not go around collecting women for a haram - let me repeat that - if you are ANTI harem, then this is still a safe novel to read <3

Hero Scout · C14
2 days ago

AnthonyCerbic: Mr. Translator got tired of lampooning his glabella and needs a new chew toy.

Lord of the Mysteries · C966
2 days ago
Mr. Translator got tired of lampooning his glabella and needs a new chew toy. View More

Alessan: Darn Mr. Translator why do you gotta use big fancy words like matriculate. Is it so hard to say just say “enrolled”?

Lord of the Mysteries · C966
2 days ago

AnthonyCerbic: Oh no, its a harem. Abort! Abort! Eject this novel immediately.

Hero Scout · C14
2 days ago
Oh no, its a harem. Abort! Abort! Eject this novel immediately. View More
Hero Scout · C14
2 days ago
"I never ask about their worry, since I don't want to see their worry face". Intelligence 500 and Wisdom 500, everybody. View More
Summoned Twice into the Same World · C4
3 days ago
260? There's no standard test to measure this high. What a joke! The novel looks like to be bs. View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C2
3 days ago

PotatoWithWings: I don't know why this novel rates so high. Don't be fooled by the high ratings, this novel is pretty much garbage. MC is irrational and childish even though he lived a very long life and still acts immature he is so unlikeable and boring, the author doesn't even know how Governments work, i.e When a country that suddenly shows up in the middle of nowhere with advance weaponry in that current timeline I'm hella sure this gonna blow up and all the Governments in the Earth will be making a fuss about this and trying to contact that country already and that country will be making headlines for all media outlets but in this novel the Government does nothing except just scouting the area via battleships and when they sunk the ships of USSR that is pretty much a declaration of WAR and an international incident and I get there's ******* between the USA and USSR at that time but even the USSR, NATO, EU and other countries should've made a move but all other countries did nothing in return and they act like nothing happened or act like that new country doesn't exist. This is bull****, the author only have basic knowledge about economics and his execution for economics is even inaccurate, take for example the MCs Chrono Holdings, when a corporate company horrifyingly grows too big to be on the top in JUST 5 YEARS just by investing in stocks with 100% accuracy I'm hella sure the USA and even thier enemy USSR will be raising an eyebrow to that and there's gonna be a secret investigation against them even if they bribe most of the politicians but still nothing happens. The grammar was below average at best, the story telling was so fast-paced and awful it feels like a summarization. This is crap

Master of Time
3 days ago

Looogan: The third cocoon is obviously for Susie. 🐕

Lord of the Mysteries · C948
1 week ago

burntpotato: Just sleep like Azik and you'll wake up with LOTM finished.

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
1 week ago
What if the Earth Universe is a fake reality, like Groselle's Travels book, only different? View More

Alessan: Three cocoons have opened? Does that mean he is the third transmigrator? What if all the Transmigrators were taken from Earth at the same time and some just slept longer than others. That would explain why Roselle and Klein seem to have left around the same time but it would also mean that potentially hundreds of years have passed on earth. He might never be able to make it back to the same place he left. All his work so far - for nothing?

Imagine what would happen if he took a cellphone from one of these people and handed it off to the Church of Steam...

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 week ago

juju_sprouts: Dam a chapter and a half or a quarter about some random ass old guy. The last part of this chapter was the only good part

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C39
1 week ago

Freeze: is that you filler-kun?! :O

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C39
1 week ago
useless chapter. why are we being told all this again after we already read about his gameplay? Shameless filler content! View More
Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C37
2 weeks ago

AnthonyCerbic: "So hey guys, you might know me, I am Derrik the partrol leader. So, umm, I've been praying to a hidden existance lately and I have a jolly good plan to help our City of Silver - lets all join hands and sacrifice ourselves on this altar I build here! Its gonna be fun, I promise!"

Lord of the Mysteries · C923
2 weeks ago
"So hey guys, you might know me, I am Derrik the partrol leader. So, umm, I've been praying to a hidden existance lately and I have a jolly good plan to help our City of Silver - lets all join hands and sacrifice ourselves on this altar I build here! Its gonna be fun, I promise!" View More

Alessan: Is it possible to sacrifice people to The Fool? If so Klein could have Derrick sacrifice himself before bestowing him to another Tarot club member to get him out of the City or Silver and the Forsaken Land of the Gods.

Heck he could probably bring the entire city out if he was patient enough. Since escaping has been their goal for so long I imagine they would be willing to pay most or even all of their stocked up wealth to achieve it. I can already imagine Klein with two grade 0 Mystical Items and a whole bunch of demigod level Mystical Items...

Lord of the Mysteries · C923
2 weeks ago
Who said all mysteries will be answered?! It could be Klein will fail to advance at certain point and mutate. The End. :D View More

trip_hazard: With his level of strength I don’t think he would have a problem. Why doesn’t he just ask miss messenger to get it for him she’s a supposed grounded angle right?she should be able to get it in a timely matter with her strength and klien can pay in gold coins

I have a question anyone pls feel free to answer since Klein made his puppet look at him and he saw the 3 sequence characteristics does that mean his authority lies in all 3 branches or do they fused and represent a higher order above the 3 ?

And how much longer till he gets to demigod level someone commented and said this novel has 1500 chapter I don’t see how all the history, and mystery can be solved Especially when higher sequence potions take longer to digest

Lord of the Mysteries · C921
2 weeks ago
Or it might be that Azik's half-soul is connected to humanity, while serpent's half-soul is connected to divine, and this is the reason why serpent's pull is stronger. View More

Julsmul: As two halves of a whole, either side should have the power to resist the other. The fact that Azik isn't capable of resisting the merging by himself makes me think that the item that has fused with his soul was done so by Death with purposeful and nefarious intent.

Death wasn't willing to die just like that....so is Death trying to revive through the rejoining of Azik's soul? Either that, or an entity at the level of Death has turned what would otherwise be a fluke occurance into a fortuitous opportunity for themselves. Poor Azik, suffering for centuries to only find himself a pawn upon discovering the truth.

Lord of the Mysteries · C916
2 weeks ago

Narastue: FBI HERE OPEN UP!!!!

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C7
2 weeks ago
wikipaedia is blocked in china, the author is trying his best :D View More

WoofWoof: technology took a different turn there
Vapour is measured in watts now

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C1
2 weeks ago

WoofWoof: technology took a different turn there
Vapour is measured in watts now

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C1
2 weeks ago
The glabella lampooner. View More

XeXeed: I just thought of something… sequence 1 of the fool pathway is called Attendant of Mysteries, this book is called Lord of the Mysteries.😎 *Pats my shoulder though I have nothing to be proud of*

Btw, I wonder what alternative names the fool will have. I mean for example the Evernight Godess is the mistress of calm and silence.

Lord of the Mysteries · C911
2 weeks ago
He can use a Marionette's skills. Perhaps, language comprehension counts as a skill? View More

Alessan: Everything at Angel level is already so terrifying, I can’t imagine how scary another qualitative leap will be...

Why does obtaining a local Marionette allow Klein to learn Dutanese? Making a marionette doesn’t grant access time the targets knowledge or memories. Perhaps Scholar of Yore will allow Klein to view the history of marionettes in the future?

Lord of the Mysteries · C906
3 weeks ago

Alessan: Random thought. The death pathway follows the same path as someone who died in order.

9 Corpse Collector - Immediately after death one is a corpse

8 Gravedigger - Corpse then gets buried in grave

7 Spirit Medium - Spirit emerges after some time

6 Spirit Guide - Spirit begins journey to underworld

5 Gatekeeper- Spirit arrives at entrance to underworld

4 Undying - skip this one

3 Ferryman - After entering underworld spirits must cross the river

Perhaps Sequence 2 is something like a judge that decides where a person is sent in the underworld? Something like Minos in Greek mythology?

Lord of the Mysteries · C900
3 weeks ago

Landsraad: Since we can make reviews before it's released... The novel description is like 20 words of meaningless drivel...
Now watch this get flamed while they 5 star a novel they haven't read.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
3 weeks ago

EternalElysium: Well there is not that much to say about this. Basically the stuff that always happens in cultivation novels: MC as a previous genius young master getting crippled and humiliated; finding a op/godly/heavenly technique; masses of dumb arrogant idiots getting offended and underestimate MC which leads to trying to cripple/humiliate/kill him (face slapping); dog **** luck MC; "white-long-slender-leg women" all over the place; adopted sister/secret lover with unknown op background...and so on

so anyways:
-translation quality is fine
-stability of updates: we'll see :^)
-story development is as expected of a cultivation novel (MC becomes the strongest in a certain area/city/country/region/continent and goes to a "harder" place
-character design is XD (mostly empty, lifeless and brain dead people)
-world background is whatever LOL

-thanks for reading

Nine Astra Skies
1 month ago
Hehe, true. But `The Fool` is a liar after all, a scammer. So his "principle" is just another act to milk his Tarot Club. View More

MondSemmel: I think in his replies to Queen Mystic Bernadette, The Fool isn't honoring his stated principle of reciprocity. Every time, he receives detailed diary pages and yet he replies with short and vague answers that can be misinterpreted :/.

Queen Mystic and her faction deserve better. Klein has benefited so much from his so-called transmigration senior, Roselle, that he really should treat the latter's daughter better.

Lord of the Mysteries · C891
1 month ago

CocoaButter: Overall it is not terribly bad but I became disinterested quickly reading it. The MC is 30 yet acts like he in his **** years. Also he has no personality, his lucky halo is being used constantly, there is no individuality. It feels forced and boring.

Abe the Wizard
1 month ago

Lvl1Bard: Haha, exactly! Aren't we all just the same? But this is what reading is about : experiencing stuff without doing anything yourself.

PRAISE THE SUN!!! ☀️🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️

Lord of the Mysteries · C883
1 month ago
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