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Original Works

  • A World of Dungeon Divers

    A World of Dungeon Divers

    Fantasy System Harem R-18 OP MC Wishfulfillment Slaves

    A Story about a man who got transported into a new world through a new game he bought. Living life to it's fullest not caring about morals of his old world. Might contain characters of Movies or Animes. Might not. We'll see. The story is written solely due to boredom. No guaranteed release schedule. Might or might not be dropped in the middle. English is not my first language. Grammarly helps. All characters are purely fiction. Any resemblance to real people or characters of other media is purely coincidental.


and we meet mortis family View More
Phoenix Phire · C288
19 hours ago
Is he going after the one piece next? View More
Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal · C14
6 days ago
I vote for mass release. K thx by View More
Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal · C13
1 week ago
https://*** View More

TheDawnTerror: I very much love this fan fic. I have a question how do you write so much?

Beware my Power · C9
1 week ago
Lol we got a quick shot over here View More

Hellkaiser: Ahemm 1st😗

The Hedonist Sword God · C340
1 week ago
no matter how much you multiply his talent it will stay zero. View More
Reborn as Yamcha with Talent · C1
1 week ago
This is some good stuff thx View More
Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal · C12
1 week ago

Doucette: Hopefully he got harem like 5 but woman that got his heart should be queen of his "world"

Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal · C12
1 week ago
this becomes more and more boring. hais. used to be a good story. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C466
2 weeks ago
It's not the the same dude. It's not only the genre but that the events are practically the same. That's what makes it a ff. View More

SirRagHand: You claim it’s a fan fiction? Ok then, does that mean that all post-apocalyptic books are fan fictions of The Last Man? Which came out 194 years ago?

Or that at all fantasy books are copies of Lord of the Rings? What about sci-fi books? Are they all fan fictions of War of the Worlds?

Everything written nowadays can be said to be a copy of something else. Don’t base your review merely on that alone.

Tale of the Legendary Emperor
2 weeks ago
need more! View More
Dual-Cultivator · C42
2 weeks ago
The end of the chapter is written in vodka View More
Dual-Cultivator · C14
2 weeks ago
no he can rule the world with kebabs View More
The First Emperor · C5
2 weeks ago
another novel going down the drain. dropped. i haven't seen a navel worth a fast pass yet. View More
Rise of the Demon God · C159
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C3
Writing Quality: Grammar is non-existent. I get that a lot of people are not english natives (me too). But i expect at least a little knowledge of the language. In this case it's especially bad in case of the syntax. the whole thing is just jumbled together. The author doesn't seem to know how to even build simple english sentences.

Example chapter 3: "Mother was on the evening busy, so that i asked it tomorrow can wether she help me with workouts, have father not wanted to ask, i thought in their relationship she was the main."

I guess the author meant something along the lines of "My mother was busy in the evening so that i asked her whether she could help me tomorrow. I didn't want to ask father since our relationship wasn't that favorable."

But i don't read stories to guess what the author wants to say. let alone as far as i can guess those should be at least 3 different sentences and not one big sentence with way to many comas.

Stability of updates: there are roughly 1 chapter per day since dec. 23. so it is ok but to early to rate really.

Story development: Can't really say. I didn't understand the first 3 chapters and then stopped.

Character design: Again, in the 3 chapters i read i was more occupied with deciphering what the sentences meant then paying attention to the characters. What were their names again?

World background: Same as character design. At least there seems to be magic? maybe? it could be a misunderstanding due to poor grammar.

Conclusion: You took a step out of your comfort zone and wrote a story. Congrats on that. It needs courage to do that. All you have to do now is to stop writing and learn the english language before you continue. Or you could just write in your native tongue. View More
The path of the mage 18+
2 weeks ago
i'm catching up on a story on rr right now. i'll try yours afterwards. :D View More

Hayato_Shinohara: I'm still wondering the same thing. Also, I like your honest reviews/comments. If you want something original and well executed, do check my work out. :>

Lilim Heritage Online · C49
2 weeks ago
so he can ask for anything? nice, slave clan aquired. View More
The Hedonist Sword God · C324
2 weeks ago
Some slight spoilers: no, it's not that bad. It's like in the beginning kind of the same betrayal like in two. Then the test to see if he's going to be lord is really similar to two (killing enemies by opening the dam.) And TLE's stairway of temptation.

Afterwards it diverges more but still some similarities, like finding ruines right next to his town with a legacy inside. View More

lsoma: was gonna read this... xD cbf to read something the same as world online and lords empire. Grew tired of endless fillers and bs in them. What parts are similar to it ? Is it just a pure copy ? or?

Tale of the Legendary Emperor
3 weeks ago
we are dragons. only newbs go fus ro dah. we Yol Toor Shul View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C54
3 weeks ago
**** the mechs. buy me some weed View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C53
3 weeks ago
where is the gacha the title promised? View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C49
3 weeks ago
only shiro can be called a$$ destroying princess. this tiffany or whatever is just a cheap fake. View More

On cherry boy it was super duper effective.

Cherry boy was inflicted with the status " Oh no my purity".

Lilim Heritage Online · C47
3 weeks ago
i still believe professor luckyas**** hasn't been as lucky as **** as his name describes. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C46
3 weeks ago
so genderbending is over? too bad. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C44
3 weeks ago
damn, she could have gotten rid of that annoying sidekick and didn't? **** my reading sideways. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C43
3 weeks ago
this comment is so bad it made me vomit. View More

Lomyril: I guess we can say she's involved in an "egg"-citing escape! Again. =)

Lilim Heritage Online · C37
3 weeks ago
Misha or the egg. who came first? View More

ShadowXK: He ate an egg and the egg ate him back.... now what kind of power will he get from being IN the egg?

Lilim Heritage Online · C22
3 weeks ago
i never said i didn't like it. this is a review. it has nothing to do with like or dislike.

regardless of what wn wants people to believe, a review is an objective way of rating a novel. sure i could have been subjective and said "wow so much litrpg, so much system, me like, 5 stars." but i dont do that. ......most of the time.

i would review the same thing for stories like atg, mga, lohp, and any other cultivation novels. they are just fanfictions of each other with different names. doesn't mean i didn't like reading them. still wouldn't pay a single cent to read them. View More

Belg4r: I have to say I am very surprised by this. I get that it seems very similar in the first 6 chapters since the general plot is similar

But after these initial everything has bee 100% original. It's too bad you didn't like it.

Tale of the Legendary Emperor
3 weeks ago
plotarmor View More

McyD: So the beginning of the chapter says they cannot log in before 3 pm, due to school, yet the MC logins at 2 pm at the end of the chapter...

Lilim Heritage Online · C8
3 weeks ago

KingLemon: I don't know why but i kept reading luckyaf as lucky as ****

Lilim Heritage Online · C8
3 weeks ago
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