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Randompasserby: That fvcking mirror has got to be trolling the Deacon 😂. Roselle's creation perhaps? Maybe he got inspired by FMA after one piece lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C351
4 days ago

Kotylion: Wraith Steve, Zombie Jason, Werewolf Tyre - those guys sound like they are getting ready to drop The hottest album od this season...

Lord of the Mysteries · C346
6 days ago

Zoruakun: Expedition to creepy evil god temple ruins with Ms. Killsandenslavespeoplessouls who just happens to believe in Lovecraftian Satan/Reversed Jesus. Yeah, sounds like a plan to me.

Lord of the Mysteries · C341
1 week ago

BlackKnight42: "Are you feeling lonely and uncomfortable on your own? Do you feel you lack a sense of belonging and are exhausted..."
Poor Klein :( he misses cap and his siblings...

Lord of the Mysteries · C339
1 week ago

kugguj: A deep voice... Demoness of Pleasure... IT'S A TRAP

Lord of the Mysteries · C334
1 week ago

SirBonezAlot: Nay,he hasn't fallen to the dark side...Yet.But he Shall!And before That Sickening And Repugnant Day Arrives,Ladies & Gentleman KiLL him WITH FIRE!!!

Lord of the Mysteries · C334
1 week ago

Surely_Panda: Guess you got to dress it up a little. You know like "my gathering is more mysterious then the other guy's so bring your gold pounds over."

Lord of the Mysteries · C333
1 week ago

Nighterfield: Sharron : "you are not just at sequence 9, you are also very special in my heart"

Klein : "hehehe"

Lord of the Mysteries · C330
2 weeks ago

BlackKnight42: Does anyone else ship Klein with Sharron?

Lord of the Mysteries · C329
2 weeks ago

Srboslaw: Ah the apothecary turned beast tamer

Lord of the Mysteries · C326
2 weeks ago

SirBonezAlot: Lmao The dude truly doesn't give a ****,he's out there testing his powers not caring about the consequences whatsoever.I get the feeling the animals are gonna follow his orders next chapter and kill the ordinary Beast Tamer.

Lord of the Mysteries · C326
2 weeks ago

isabant: Some people don't know how to be careful till misfortune comes for them. Hope some misfortune comes to him fast

Lord of the Mysteries · C326
2 weeks ago

Flammenwurfer: Roselle really didn't even leave any scraps behind for his future transmigrators....

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
2 weeks ago

Lswarmruler: Roselle reminds me of the previous novel written by the author: Throne of magical arcana, where the mc Lucien Evans pretend to be a music prodigy by stealing mozart compositions...

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
2 weeks ago

Lvl1Bard: "I hope the eyewitness won't have nightmares because of this."

Damn. I miss Dunn's weird nightmares. Like the one in which he ate up all of Klein's food. So hilarious. So sad. 😢😔

Lord of the Mysteries · C324
2 weeks ago

Surely_Panda: Okay 3 things, going from lawyer to barbarian really threw but but there is a logical consistency in how Klein described it, kudos for creativity. Two, chick version of Roselle? If we are going with isekai law, a female version of Roselle will need to be a very hot and busty Rosette. Lastly, Miss Justice will probably have a nerdgasm, freak out, have a nerdgasm again, freak out and repeat. Then Susie will star to wonder why the hairless monkies are the ones in charge.

Lord of the Mysteries · C323
2 weeks ago

Krebert: The funny part is: the MC of the previous novel by the same author (Throne of Magical Arcana) was a MASTER plagiarist, so I think the insults are somewhat self-deprecating.

The main reason transmigration is such a common trope is that it allows the MC to use phrases, references, and ideas from Earth without them having to come up organically in-universe. But that's still usually just part of the internal monologue. The great thing about having had "Senior Roselle" pass through first is that those ideas that would otherwise either remain internal or be revolutionary considering the time period can actually be casually used and exchanged with the environment. It's pretty refreshing IMO.

Lord of the Mysteries · C317
2 weeks ago

Hildegarde: Equipment Detail :
Name : Master Key
Abilities : Unlock 'everything' except magic enchanted item
Side Effect : Getting lost rate +40% while carrying this item

Vampire : 'ah its night, lemme search young girl to drink her blood'
Master Key : 'tis church'
Vampire : 'fml'

Lord of the Mysteries · C315
3 weeks ago

Randompasserby: Yeap the whole battle he was dancing on top of the Magician's palm.

As expected of the sequence with minor battle foresight Seer, adept fighting with artifice Clown and a Magician with crap load of arcane tricks .

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
3 weeks ago

SirBonezAlot: That was one helluva an introduction,Can't wait to see Klein's reaction next chap.His Expression must be Like "...What in the Fuck?...".

Lord of the Mysteries · C306
3 weeks ago

LoliStalker: I love how the surprise is always coming, it is really difficult to predict this novel and when I think about it, the title cannot be more accurate

Lord of the Mysteries · C306
3 weeks ago

isabant: This is the first time I acknowledge Klein is acting like his name... Sherlock. He's using deduction to try and solve the case, seems like this 'Jack the Reaper' is troublesome, wonder if it will end like in reality, unsolved, or he'll catch him before he finishes his advancement

Lord of the Mysteries · C305
3 weeks ago

isabant: His financial situation improved somewhat...but the goal for his next advancement is daunting. Wonder if he'll be able to tide through this tense situation in Backlund without being noticed by those 'official' beyonders, whom he has done so much to help

Lord of the Mysteries · C302
4 weeks ago

Mgzi: Some years later: "It seems each of the Churches had received a bill, from a... 'Mr. Fool'? For 'reimbursement of expenses and misattributed rewards'?

Lord of the Mysteries · C301
4 weeks ago

ResidentialPsycho: The cat is like "I didn't volunteer for this!" I hope we can see Mr. Azik again soon.

Lord of the Mysteries · C300
4 weeks ago

Ryota39: Klein is so cool, i remember the time when he was afraid of everything... they grow so fast.

I want to see what will happen in his trip to the circus, i miss the club when he was still a seer.

Lord of the Mysteries · C299
1 month ago

Electron: With a snap of my fingers, I turned the wraith to ashes. Perfectly balanced, as all this should be.

Lord of the Mysteries · C299
1 month ago

Randompasserby: Anyone else finding it both hilarious and satisfying that Klein can also flex and be as mysterious as he wants in the real world now as a Sequence 7.
Fake it until you make it indeed...

Lord of the Mysteries · C299
1 month ago

Hildegarde: Name : Klein
Title : One Man Circus
Main Occupation : Private Detective
Side Occupation : God, Hired Thug, Fake Reporter
Evaluation : The Poorest God Ever Exist

Lord of the Mysteries · C298
1 month ago

Jackattack: Ha. The Magician plays the Fool? Or the Fool plays the Magician?

Lord of the Mysteries · C297
1 month ago
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