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Thanks, Pio! View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C130
4 days ago
Yay View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C129
6 days ago
Nooooo, I just finished binging to the latest chapter. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C127
1 week ago

PettyOfficer: There are like 20 reviews from two people giving this 5 stars and I have to put my foot down.

I’ve read up to chapter 18 and I want to blow my brains out. Wanna know why?

It’s not lacking chapters. It’s not the decent grammar or the general narrative style.

It’s the overuse of clichés, emphasis of “plans,” and useless characters. Also, the dreadful POV shifts.

For clichés, we got MC Mark, a “badass” anti-hero/hero mix. We got a random mother and daughter burden for escort. Then there’s the strong and uncooperative love interest with her friend. Oh, and I almost forgot! There’s the unnamed male employee as the servant.

Some bus is in an accident and then zombies come out from it. It’s the apocalypse and somehow, the zombies have hacks that allow them to bypass crowds and kill any good guy with a gun. No police or guards! No phone service, so you can’t call for help!

That means everyone is getting slaughtered! MC steps in to lead everyone to safety! Oh no! Someone needs help, so he goes to save them with his badass one-handed shotgunning skills! He got it from a zombie guard that happened to attack him!

But he can’t just save them without showing how all other guys are trash! A mom gets grabbed by dying man! How she is still alive when running from zombies with her daughter? Who cares! Love interest shows she can fight, but MC saves her because he must be better!

Oh? A rich fatty goes crazy and holds everyone hostage in his base? He locks out MC and kills someone with a gun? Guess it’s detour time for MC to go save them because they’re helpless without him! No need to try and reason with the fatty.

Don’t worry! It’s all according to “plan!” MC loots a place and makes the path secure. Oh, a detour to the detour? Oh, it’s time to save a new love interest? Oh, we have to get the hero a heroic entrance instead of assassinating the gangsters. We’ll have the MC talk to the Boss as he r*pes the girl because this is the “plan!”

What!? The Boss has a gun? No worries! MC knew and wanted to make sure by talking to the gangsters! He just wanted to get a better shot. What? He only shot off the Boss’s arm and kicked a gangster’s balls? What “plan” is this?

How will he survive now? Oh? It was instant KO? As expected of MC, the other gangsters run away since they luckily don’t have guns. Now the MC is the hero. Let’s have TWO chapters of FLASHBACKS to show this pampered and beautiful love interest having a hard time with her family, friends, and fiancé.

Don’t worry! Literally disarming the Boss was part of the plan! He’s bleeding out, but don’t worry! MC must have a moment with his love interest! Oh, the Boss died? Time for a new “plan!” The fleeing gangsters attracted the zombies away? As expected of the “plan!” They never could have lured them back! Even if they did, MC had “plans” for it!

Ignore that his people had to kill zombies attracted by his gunshot! Hey, that mom can come over here and clean up the love interest. That gangster Boss r*ped her all over just by himself! She’s coated in his slimy seed!

Great! We’re ready to move on! Ignore how the daughter keeps up. Man-servant has been carrying the injured mother the whole time!

Do you understand how tedious and discomforting that is? It’s a droll format. It relies on cliché encounters to build up a harem team because the author doesn’t want to have MC alone. We go back and forth between characters only so the MC is no longer the focus of the story.

It’s fractured but whole, like a fractured butt hole. Incomplete, but complete; empty, but full.

4 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Stealing the Heavens · C907
1 month ago
Say, there's a .00000000000000000000000001% chance of escaping the loop. Then, there's no way to get stuck in the loop as say during each loop he has that chance of escaping, then each failure increases the odds of a success with the increase in odds over time the limit as the number of loops approaches infinity would be a 100% chance of getting out of the loop. So, as a result, he can literally never be stuck in an infinite loop. Though, after dieing countless times, perhaps living would lose its meaning. View More
Master of Time · C4
1 month ago
r/politics to make Eye president
r/science to make Eye smart
r/showerthoughts to make Eye insightful
r/memes to make Eye dank af View More

Ancestor_Isindar: Reddit is gonna just come in and **** them over!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C81
2 months ago
Yeah, it's comedic but it's not over the line. The Dragon King is My Father-in-law is a perfect example of when annoying friends are just that: annoying. View More

_mehyaw: I dunno why but I love how humorous the annoying roommates are.. (θ‿θ)(θ‿θ)(θ‿θ)(θ‿θ)

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C68
2 months ago
Over a big ol' log Eddard Stark, me, holds a big ol' sword-- the type an executioner would use. Looking down at the poor night's watchman, Eddard(me), says, "I spare you and accept your logic." View More

Piokilek: >.< Spare this author. Let's say you can delete the files with one click.

Chameleon: My True Face · C75
2 months ago
[Professor Harem] View More

Doohie: lmao! Now that would be a twist to the harem genre lol!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C59
2 months ago
Should've written over the file. Otherwise there could still be a trace. I would've quickly written a script that simply overwrites the file with null bytes. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C75
2 months ago
I see programming sorta like math. For me the numbers unfold and all have meaning-- it's all logical. Same with programming. View More

Pirate_King: Programming is super hard if I may say

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C54
2 months ago

plungedtoilet: Great characters and a chronologically attractive story. The events lead into one another and the story flows. Compared to Spirit Cultivation, this story has a clearer objective, though both are great. The character growth is impressive, at least so far. Anyways, I recommend.

Chameleon: My True Face
2 months ago
Reading Status: C70
Great characters and a chronologically attractive story. The events lead into one another and the story flows. Compared to Spirit Cultivation, this story has a clearer objective, though both are great. The character growth is impressive, at least so far. Anyways, I recommend. View More
Chameleon: My True Face
2 months ago
Also, I got you fam. A five-star review ought to help. View More

plungedtoilet: Hey, Xuefeng made a cameo.

Chameleon: My True Face · C70
2 months ago
Hey, Xuefeng made a cameo. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C70
2 months ago
T.E.E.N 😂 View More

Octaeon: Btw what did qidian censor this time? :P

Low Dimensional Game · C133
3 months ago
Thank you. I'm going through a tough time and reading yours stories helps a lot. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C62
3 months ago
F*ck you! Spoilers man. View More

wolf1991: It's like Got where drogo flew off with its mother's corpse except it's a father.

Low Dimensional Game · C188
3 months ago

DesertRat: Well, a new hardware/software system would not have the same vulnerability to the virus
Or give your robots their own WAN/protocol channel
Or use your new "Super Alice" to just create new hardware and software firewalls that filter the virus out

But yes, wanting to kill any and all survivors does make it seem like he is the one infected with a virus...

I Found A Planet · C99
3 months ago
All great and good, except after making thousands of combat robots and finding other humans to dominate, you'll encounter the robots whose sole goal is to protect humans. Then, those non-virus combat bots can easily be turned into plain, old virus bots with a quick infection by the bots protecting humanity. The whole premise is moot with the existence of the virus. So, the whole of the forces are useless. The only reliable power you actually have is the firearms and the nuke which you can't use. Perhaps, Alice was off in her calculations since she didn't account for the virus. View More
I Found A Planet · C99
3 months ago
I wonder which country could harbour resentment towards Japan for their invasion of Manchuria and the attrocities commited at that time? Also, which country could have the communist way of thinking 'this is the wealth in gold of all my ancestors, it belongs to the country'. Again also, which country could be so nationalist as to despise or disdain other countries. Oh, that's right, probably only China. Not some 'Z Country'. View More
I Found A Planet · C97
3 months ago
I.E. Entropy. Like in the second law of thermodynamics. The company will only get increasingly more corrupt or unstable as the entropy isn't zero. View More

Temurr: Actually is the other way. Without inforcing the rules and letting small rules to be broken then other rules will be broken intill they sooner or later lead to major problems.

I Found A Planet · C94
3 months ago
It was preordained. Even the Nine Nether First Young Master gave him to many clothings. Snake Hunter in the harem. View More

Raze_: I'm not sure if she does die though, she might survive like mei xue yan, but if she doesn't I'm dropping this novel until jun mo xie learns to resurrect the dead.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C823
3 months ago
Sigh, bending the characters and the story to better implement plot is a red flag for a novel's future deterioration. View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C823
3 months ago
Well, shouldn't most people with a god complex have a dramatic flaire? Like in the beginning, Lu Zhiyu was so occupied and fascinated with his creating a perfect body. He used his mind reading and his 'perdect' body to ensnare a woman. Later, he developed many other things on the basis of looks and feel. Even if he's aged he can still certainly have a feel for thematics. It's also said that he's more fond of the elves for their appreciation of beauty. So, I can find it quite likely that he'd develope a skill which when used changes the eyes. Besides, when he guided the first king, he introduced a new religion as if on a whim, introducing himself as an archangel. I honestly find it unlikely for him to not care about thematics. Especially, on a lifeform that he created-- probably with his image of perfection in mind.

On anther point, since elementary school I've been taught to make inferences and assume you have too. So, instead of assuming the author added elements to a story for aesthetics, I like to look at it as the quircks of some characters or elements fitting into a story. Or at least I try to not look at everything as an author's change based on arbitrary negligence. Honestly, if such a small detail is immersion-breaking for you, why even bother with WebNovel? Why bother reading at all? View More

Kiroza: I understand it being there for thematic purposes. The problem is it does break immersion. First of it doesnt state that he added that himself. Secondly, he does not have a dramatic flair up till now so why start suddenly. I was more immersed when the author didnt add an arbitrary setting.

Low Dimensional Game · C174
3 months ago

srikant: Thanks

Low Dimensional Game · C174
3 months ago
If I was Lu Zhiyu, I might make the clocks apear just for the thematic effects. Though, speaking technically the clocks appearing aren't at all practical. After all, in a combat sitiation they would possibly give away more than required. Also, if for thematic effects they could only see if they looked in the mirror which seems kinda vain... Anyways, you shouldn't think like that. I mean: 'author did this because...' It breaks immersion and makes you question too much about things that can make reading a bad experience. You should rather think along the lines of 'why did this character do this?' Anyways, that's what I think. View More

Kiroza: Why would clocks appear in her pupils. Her power technically doesnt affect time, it affects the particles in a way that renders it equal to time manipulation. More importantly, it is just a power to manipulate particles that he inbued into her, the cool idea of clock appearing is literally just a fantasy image. Does the author want to make it science or fantasy, make up his bluddy mimd

Low Dimensional Game · C174
3 months ago
You, too, are awesone! View More

srikant: Bro you are awesome

Low Dimensional Game · C174
3 months ago
Actually, I'd assume it's because all his cells are deified, giving him complete control over himself. Further, source form is from the zeroeth dimension and trancends time and space, so with his consciousness merged with mind power he shouldn't be affacted by time or space against his will. Though, that's not to say he wouldn't age. After all, to carry on with his life he must move and movement begets time. Though, theoretically, he could freeze himself for eternity and wake up just fine. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C174
3 months ago
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