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Until he finally makes it to Saint realm. I console myself by thinking of it as him strengthening his foundation. Maybe he has to get the emperor stars for the 8 races first. View More

Black_Kaiser_2667: Ehemmm....after this fusion will be still be in stage 9?????

The Lord’s Empire · C1344
1 day ago

Grace_kho: Their journey thrilled me so much😁😁 can we have a mass release dear?

Strongest Abandoned Son · C1840
1 week ago
You know what? I absolutely agree with you, he is not a threat which means his reason of not wanting to cause problems with the auction family is bull****. As for it being useless to kill people and instead just giving weaklings your money because they threatened you and tried to force you to hand over your precious disciples I can only say that you are now taking your bull**** too far, maybe think a bit before writing something, you made my point for me. View More

Gr3yps: It's called suspension of disbelief. Also again, he has no reason to kill him. It isn't bull****. It's useless to kill people who don't present a threat. The young Master certainly doesn't.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C20
2 weeks ago
You know what you're right, I guess instead of saying his supposed mercy has been taken too far it would be better to say his bull**** has been taken too far to as to force the plot in a direction where the girls can further delude themselves. I'm happy for you though, its good to find reasons for nonsensical things to make sense so you can stay immersed. View More

Gr3yps: So I take it you don't actually read this? It's too bothersome. Why should he care about Young Master #1? The young masters are all the same and killing him won't help MC. Mercy would be killing the Young Master so he won't hurt others.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C20
2 weeks ago
Damn View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C26
3 weeks ago
I think he plans on threatening Xue Ying, because he will he killed by Xue Ying when he gets stronger, he will threaten to slaughter as many people as he can across the entire Realm Heart Great Land even if it means incurring Yuan's wrath, since Xue Ying will destroy him anyway if he doesn't get those things. View More

Biro: Uhm... I get that UUE wants to get rid of XY's hostility before it is too late, and still wants to rake in the best position possible, but isn't asking for so many benefits just treating XY as dumb??? UUE isn't strong enough to kill XY, or his family, and he will soon be cornered. Sure, helping him will stop a raging madman, but for the help to be asking for a favor this huge? I'd refuse if I was XY, no need to actively help so much such a bastard

Lord Xue Ying · C1239
3 weeks ago
Wow that tekite guy is such a prick, glad I've not met someone like that in real life. Internet really creates too many keyboard warriors. I laughed out loud in incredulity when he said it was "A completely different concept". View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C4
3 weeks ago
I feel like a chapter or a few chapters were skipped. View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C1782
4 weeks ago

Darthodin: really...ugh right because they were so weak they were barely a threat so now lets pull something out of our asses,and someone that is supposed to be ambitious immediately turns into a dog because reasons right??

The Lord’s Empire · C1291
4 weeks ago
is it supreme or extreme? confusing, also pretty sure they were half step not pseudo in the chapter before. View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C793
4 weeks ago
I feel like the MC's supposed mercy has been taken too far just so the Yandere Harem can continue to think he is some perfect merciful being. I look forward to when the MC finally just straight out slaughters someone in front of the harem. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C20
4 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Unrivaled Medicine God · C136
1 month ago
Wtf I am somewhat amused but also a little annoyed at the use of league champions. View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1238
1 month ago

jrickards1994: Totally not a rip off of league of legends female champions. *averting eyes*

The Lord’s Empire · C1238
1 month ago

marshmallow: Did the author stopped trying or what?

The Lord’s Empire · C1238
1 month ago

SixthCutiee: These are league of legends champions 🤭

The Lord’s Empire · C1238
1 month ago


The Lord’s Empire · C1238
1 month ago
As long as you stay consistent in rate of release and quality going premium is perfectly justified. View More
Godking Ascending the Heavens · C101
1 month ago
Lol it used a measure of distance as a measure of time. View More
Supreme Uprising · C796
1 month ago
Wow Su Hao is a Demon. Good on him. View More
Godly Model Creator · C799
1 month ago
I dont understand was she trying to harm him by understating the danger of the pond or overstating it? Ye Mo's criticism of her seems to be contradictory. View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C1726
1 month ago
Thank you was a good read. Would have preferred the progession at the end to go a bit slower since every power up MC had was so interesting but it was still great. View More
Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1163
1 month ago
End of novel? View More
Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1162
1 month ago
Are we heading towards a separation between Murong and Ye Chen because some life death king wants her as a disciple? I hope not. View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C775
1 month ago
What does it mean he's peak universe grade? View More
Supreme Uprising · C779
1 month ago
I miss author. View More
Steampunk Apocalypse! · C193
1 month ago
I thought his bloodline already reached level 18. View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1053
1 month ago
Why do the chinese legatees have 100 city lords? what the actual ****? MC does all that but he only has 8 times more than others. It would be ok if it was talking about the other 8 legatees but it said chinese. View More
The Lord’s Empire · C800
1 month ago
Why does the MC's cultivation never seem to help him? The other guy should only be 2nd stage or at most 3rd stage, but apparently MC only advantages are his Fate and Clan armenant level. View More
The Lord’s Empire · C612
1 month ago
I knew it he took away the system so he would no longer need to keep track of the attributes. And now we will never see that much sought after sight of a full attribute window. View More
Night Ranger · C719
2 months ago
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