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I‘m finally dropping this, it just gets worse and worse, the character development is really bad and the story progression is even more horrible 👎

Most probably more than 90% of the rest of the book will be all the same, he gets stronger, then a random person with a higher social standing drives by, randomly humiliates him, humiliates him some more, nothing happens, boring filler/unnecessary side-character, random and nonsensical setbacks x10, he gets stronger, repeat,...
It seems to me like the author has no ideas how to progress the story, write events, find reasons for decisions/goals of characters,... , so at every turn a new wild Pokémon appears 😒(=random/nonsensical events/encounters/setbacks)
The mc is hailed as a genius with literally infinite wisdom and intelligence, sadly this seems to be a mc from another book, because this isn’t even nearly a somewhat correct description of the mc, at least if you look at EVERY decision he makes. And no, you can’t argument it because he has his 2 old personality weaknesses for beauty and recklessness, that’s just utter nonsense!
I only read so far because of the interesting world and no annoying grammar, sadly this story is so insanely repetitive, boring, frustrating and full of plot holes, that I won’t read any further, goodbye 👋 View More
Everything will be my way! · C131
3 hours ago

kuuhh: Tiring to have an MC that still don't have everything g his way till not. Constantly bashed, trashed and he cant do nothing huu

Everything will be my way! · C131
4 hours ago

ExodusGaming555: Yup and one more thing, if those pawns do upgrade that means the doc is more than likely to have upgraded. But the mc doesnt get pulled into the pillars room so its impossible for him to have evolved. Practiclly it is impossible for the doc to upgrade those pawns first before him. In a dog eat dog world, if the doc prioritize upgrading his pawns, if the lightning guy get too strong, he could just zoom in the doc and crush his brain before the doc could do anything and ta dah he is free and become the next pillar.

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

ExodusGaming555: But for the lightning guy to be able to break free an enchanced force lock, even if mc have not adapted to it, the guy should not be able to do that. usually due to the lack of control or adaptation, his gravity lock should be too strong beyond control. For example, mc usually put 50% oh his whole power to gravity lock someone. If mc get twice as stronger, when in battle he will one again instinctively use 50% of his power and with his new found strenght that means he use 100% of power he have before evolving. This is why there is the lack of control of adaptiballity after a large upgrade in power or strenght. Like in some anime, the mc start breaking stuff when they do simple things like holding/lifting a cup, etc.

And one more thing, the doc and his goons should have not evolved yet. So why those elites already have horns??? While the plague doctor have not evolved??? The doctor should be clever enough to upgrade one self first and then upgrade others. Because if one day they get too stronger, they will rebel. For example: that lightning guy if he is fast enough he can kill the doc and destroy his brain before he can do anything because of his sheer speed. After that the doc power is gone and he may be the next pillar.

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

cosmiccomment: "had no time to really get used to his new powers" can't the same be said about the 2 of them? what gave them both the time to get so used to their power's? Plus MC is basically supposed to be a major realm above them in terms of evolution even the other pillars as well let alone 2 pawns. "true elite of this world" MC is number one pillar wtf?.

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

Ventusaura: Pathetic! Can't even defeat two pieces of sh!t underlings after evolution

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

edoardoabbondio: Really like the novel, but for the first pillar, a throne, someone that is supposed to be the strongest to be put under pressure because of two subordinates it just doesn't sound right

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

torrelsav1: Plz don’t nerf the mc for no reason seriously if he’s this strong after completing he’s evolution might as well kill him of

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

torrelsav1: Did he rlly have a hard time against two subordinates....

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

Raidan: For whom just completed the transformation he really got a hard time against just 2 underlings...

Project Doomsday Paradise · C43
1 week ago

Alyptriline: It's actually good however the book goes premium as early as chapter 10 so its a buzzkill. I'm not rich so I'm going to skip this book due to this. Bye!

Emperor of Steel
3 weeks ago

Greedward: The content has been deleted

God Project : Game To Heaven
3 weeks ago

luke1bm: This book used to be destiny forged but i guess the author gave up on destiny forged and decided to write this instead.

VRMMO: Basic Attack · C18
1 month ago
Trank you very much!
i read the first couple of chapters on royalroad again to remember and think the story has improved 👍🏻 View More

luke1bm: This book used to be destiny forged but i guess the author gave up on destiny forged and decided to write this instead.

VRMMO: Basic Attack · C18
1 month ago
Is this an old book, which is completely rewritten? i already had this book in my library with this chapter as my last read chapter at 67%(so it should have had about 27 chapters), but it must have been several months prior, which lets me believe its a rewrite(the time is only an approximation, because of the other novels right beside it in my timetable)

just curious, but would really like it, if somebody knows and tells me what the old book was about again.

now i rediscovered this old/new book and will read it again, hope it will be a more successful journey for the author this time 😄 View More
VRMMO: Basic Attack · C18
1 month ago

abdur_rahman: Too short

Blood Creed · C41
3 months ago

Space_Time_Lord: Ok. Let's call you X. And the man Y. We know that (Y - 1 generation) = (X +1 generation -1 generation.). Which means, that (Y - 1 generation) is you. Therefore, Y is your son.

XP · C5
3 months ago
sadly, the end betrays my hope of some satisfactory conclusion, although i really liked this story, especially after many things from the later stages or the whole universe were teasered, but now left open in form of a gigantic bundle of questions, like harry potter would end after the 3rd book with some rather bad conclusion.
i am simply disappointed View More
The world turned into a game after I woke up · C300
10 months ago
Reading Status: C1308
I have mixed feelings for this novel, because it has an interesting idea and a well written world background, but on the other side has many cliches, especially the charakters.
And then there are the backstories, you could say, yes, many backstories are good for the world building, but sadly the longer the novel gos, the more unnecessary and irrelevant backstories are included. It feels like at least eyery third chapters is completly unnecessary, or could be much shorter and must not be repeated like 100 times...

It is a good read if you have no problems with cliches and typical plotarmor, have many ss (the translation speed is really quick, good job translator 👍) and are not frustrated from many fillers, especially later on in the novel, or it is ok for you to even skip these chapters (tipp: look in the comments, most fillers are named as such in the comments and also summarised, in like 3 words)

For everyone who read this, have a nice day ☺️ View More
Castle of Black Iron
1 year ago
similar opinion, i think the mc should stay true to his character, so that if he meets alice and gets to love her again, then why not? will he develop feelings of love for anna? if yes, then again, why not? ^^
one or multiple partners should be the same, as long as it fits into the story
and one hint, dont know if it is intentionally, but in the second poll you can vote for multiple answers, which makes sense, but because of this, the result wont be correct in hindsight to mono- or polygamy
cheers and keep up the good work :) View More
Lone Cultivator in Another World · C0
1 year ago
thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work :) View More
All Existence · C82
1 year ago
did i miss something, or did he really not get any rewards for this territory king? like some scrolls, or equipment, or something unique? the essence blood should be normal for a mutated monster and it would be very awkward for the mc to forget about it :/ View More
Battle of Ascension · C152
1 year ago
sadly no, 3 knights build an black iron grade, not a bronze grade, for bronze you need 9, so that makes 27 for silver and 81 for gold View More

Purgerage40: 3 knights = bronze
3 * 3 = 9 knights = silver
9 * 9 = 81 knights = gold
12474 knights / 81 knights = 154 gold level formations

The math is correct.

Castle of Black Iron · C1004
1 year ago
a normal 3-in-1 formations grade is black iron
3 times black iron = bronze, so 3 x 3 = 9
3 times bronze = silver, so 3 x 9 = 27
3 times silver = gold, so 3 x 27 = 81
they have 154 gold grade 3-in-1 formations, so 154 x 81 = 12474
and the heavenly knight himself seems to not be in a 3-in-1 formation, but unites the 154 gold grade 3-in-1 formations.
you made the mistake to divide one time too often, there are only 4 grades mentioned, but you divided 5 times View More

BabyFrog: 1.474/3=4.158
How can they form 154 formation?

Castle of Black Iron · C1004
1 year ago
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