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See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
The King's Avatar · C1
3 weeks ago
And remember that LCH is a female character... View More
The King's Avatar · C1687
1 month ago

Coudz: 1 v 3 plot armor > power of love

The King's Avatar · C1669
2 months ago

Tenzin_sama: Ladies and Gentlemen, True Battle God's successor Tang Rou.

The King's Avatar · C1669
2 months ago
1V3!! FOR GLORY! View More
The King's Avatar · C1665
2 months ago

AscendedShin: Dude... you've been trashing this novel for 8 months already, yet you keep reading it. Are you ok?

Dual Cultivation · C163
4 months ago
Well, you cant be a top player without a bit of shamelessness. View More
The King's Avatar · C1582
4 months ago

SpMile: YX: There's only one gunner who can be my opponent. And you're not him

The King's Avatar · C1580
4 months ago
Perhaps this isn't his main job? Or that he writes for fun, not for profit? View More

bristlbrsh: Is it me or does the authors notes sound like an excuse to the past couble of chapters comments of reporting him to the admins. People read the story on this site and pay money for the story because it is supposed to be a consistant release schedule. When you moved from royal roads this seemed to be a point you stressed. a bunch of chapters at the beginning of the month doesn't make up for the missed chapters. Looking at the initial release schedule this seemed to be an every other day thing. Don't try to blame, for lack of a better word, the reader for your poor time management skills. I have stories that are released on a weekly basis, and although I am disappointed when I burn through a chapter. I still understand that this is the release schedule. I also understand that sh*t happens sometimes you cant release consistently, but if you have established some good faith with your readers I can understand.This just seemed like a publicity stunt of "hey look at my work" and then no follow through. I am still following the story, but this is starting to get to the point of is this worth my time to follow.

Dual Cultivation · C154
4 months ago
No one's forcing you to read it. If you can't bear it, leave. But of course, you guys can't drop it because it's interesting, eh? Better irregular updates than none at all! View More
Dual Cultivation · C151
4 months ago

SpMile: Happy has no vicecaptain cause YX was backstabbed by the last one.

The King's Avatar · C1573
4 months ago
Nooo this is not the ship I want to see! View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
4 months ago
Would be funny if Zhange Jiale is to be the second one to die in Tyranny. View More
The King's Avatar · C1570
4 months ago

gluttonyknight: Little did Sage Ran Qiu know that he'll be dissipating soon

Library of Heaven's Path · C1594
5 months ago

Moonlight_Lady: Am I dreaming? The Golden Warriors are still standing! Is Zhang Xuan losing his touch?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1594
5 months ago
You guys do realize that this is translated and complaining about the author here is useless? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1579
5 months ago
I see what you did there. View More

Zeref_Dean: I think they were from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers? I think? Because logically speaking the author mentioned this one on the other chapters that there are people who even the master teacher cannot fathom there very strength. And by judging the kids powress, he is suited to be one of them unless they are Other Worldly Demons. But it is also a possibility.
Oh, its how I think. Please rectify me if my conjectures are silly enough. 😂😂😂
Thanks by the way for the chappie starve-sama! 💞

Library of Heaven's Path · C1578
5 months ago
Ignore the other comments, author. Know that there are readers like me that is perfectly fine with your writing. Write what you want, at your preferred pace. We will patiently be waiting. We will always read your chapters. View More
Dual Cultivation · C144
5 months ago
Two words: Bold and fierce. View More
The King's Avatar · C1552
5 months ago
Why can't they just be honest to each other? Taking on the burden alone... They think they are saints? Ffs View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1483
5 months ago
Using RNG to win the battle. Mo Fan is creating his own style of shamelessness! View More
The King's Avatar · C1549
5 months ago
Because some of us know that there will be a twist on who the Luo Princess really is. View More

Sephtis: Are you guys really reading or just an idiot? I'm pretty sure it was revealed already.

I suggest and invite you to Starve's discord server.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1559
5 months ago

AzureWater: i feel like Luo Ruoxin would be that final enemy boss thing

Library of Heaven's Path · C1555
5 months ago
The King's Avatar · C1534
5 months ago

berthni: Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die !

Library of Heaven's Path · C1531
6 months ago
You know why Han Wenqing is good in this map? Because his character's name is Desert Dust. View More
The King's Avatar · C1531
6 months ago

jo8y: Don't tell anyone but I think the next chapter is Reconstructing Meridians (2)

Library of Heaven's Path · C1524
6 months ago
I hope you do fine! View More

Wallflower: Thanks for the chapter >< I have a testy in an hour and look what I am doing .,., really thanks ... sniffles

The King's Avatar · C1530
6 months ago

xander003: Wait where is that other student who uses fist techniques. What an unfilial student. Release your inner mini god of destruction too.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
6 months ago
Oh dear... Looks like it's time for the students to shine. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1514
6 months ago
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