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ZB to the rescue! View More
Omnipotent Sage · C623
8 months ago
Thanks for the chapters. Can't getting enough Omnipotent Sage! View More
Omnipotent Sage · C619
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C638
9 months ago
He better lose that mindset quickly. View More

Muhai: Rhode still see the local as NPC......

Summoning the Holy Sword · C124
9 months ago
I think from the light country that is scheming. View More

GraciaFortunata: This mage is he from light country or dark?

Summoning the Holy Sword · C123
9 months ago

SoraxKairi: Hope his teammates don’t screw him over

A Wizard's Secret · C129
9 months ago
The could try View More

SoraxKairi: Hope his teammates don’t screw him over

A Wizard's Secret · C129
9 months ago
novel has potential just needs to step it up a bit View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C116
9 months ago
But how was he to validate the info when he is undercover View More

Zard: Is MC really an reincarnate? He always making same mistakes believe all information that was giving to him. Doesn't look like he is from Information Age where you have to check for validation of information you got. MC has so many fairy weapon but your enemy have none of it your informant told him that. MC always looks down on his opponents who live thousand of years long then him.

Omnipotent Sage · C595
9 months ago
True indeed View More

Sauh614GM: Never trust a profiteer.

Omnipotent Sage · C590
9 months ago
What do you all think is first level 1 spell will be? View More
A Wizard's Secret · C112
9 months ago
Maybe a mass release will come View More

Aceees: Too few chapters to enjoy good read and I don't have patience to stack 😩

A Wizard's Secret · C110
9 months ago
Merlin going to get both pregnant View More
A Wizard's Secret · C99
9 months ago
Are they about to find out ZB has fiery eyes as well? View More
Omnipotent Sage · C584
9 months ago
Magical Technology View More
The Wizard World · C50
9 months ago
Zhou Bao got women problems. HahHa! View More
Omnipotent Sage · C578
9 months ago
Reading Status: C569
My favourite story on webnovels. I like the main charters personality and the way he stays true to it. Also love the fact that there is not the same recurring stupid villain, those types die quick in the one. View More
Omnipotent Sage
10 months ago
I wish that many of these novels did not make the villain be so continually stupid. It would read better and not be so repetitive. View More
End of the Magic Era · C42
10 months ago

Lord_HaarT: See this! I just gifted the story: Thumb Up 👍

Omnipotent Sage · C568
10 months ago
"It seems the ribs are not broken. They are probably only dislocated."
LOL how the hell can you dislocate ribs! View More
A Wizard's Secret · C55
10 months ago
Yu Nanzhe is dead for sure. Messing with Zhou Bao's left hand man. View More
Omnipotent Sage · C564
10 months ago
Yeah they have a weird dynamic between them. But they always help each other out. View More

J_h85: IKR? Some of it is just him showing off but Wang She really has helped him a lot

Omnipotent Sage · C561
10 months ago
Zhou Bai ride or die for Wang She View More
Omnipotent Sage · C561
10 months ago
That's the Zhou Bao we know and love. Trouble maker in the building. View More
Omnipotent Sage · C542
10 months ago
Love this story! Thanks View More
Omnipotent Sage · C492
11 months ago

Coffinz: He is a monkey now? lol

Omnipotent Sage · C480
12 months ago
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