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Probably stitching wounds View More

Tenkay: I find the battle freak tailor interesting. Does she wear cloth armor in the game? How did she get into tailoring? Maybe that was a hobby that she was made to do in anger management and she grew to like it??

Thanks for the chapter!!!

The Online Craftsmaster · C48
1 month ago
Great story plz don't drop View More
The Son of Broken Things · C17
3 months ago
Wtf is this is what we get for a paid ch View More
Level 0 Master · C29
3 months ago
I am in Harry Potter! · C32
5 months ago
Apprentices View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C168
5 months ago
Hood story don't drop View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C34
5 months ago
Hope you don't drop good story take time for fam tho View More
Harry and Philip Potter · C28
6 months ago

Renadmine60: Irregular at magic highschool

Another Titleless Story · C1
6 months ago

mikey99: god eater or irregular at magic high as there are not many of these ones :)

Another Titleless Story · C1
6 months ago

AndellOfficial: Have an OC stronger than original MC, that swoops in and takes all the women who original would turn down. His back story could follow original and the Yb could be a duo in the military who did their missions together and have been separated after the last war and meet back in highschool.

Another Titleless Story · C1
6 months ago

vetraina_klauns: I prefer irregular at magic high school tho, since the SAO one already good enough for me

Another Titleless Story · C1
6 months ago
Wtf it says at 130 but 127 is locked View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C126
8 months ago
Damn so much lost family View More
Death's Scythe · C18
9 months ago
Bruh there is no chi and ki it depends on the area View More

BlackMinus: Wtf is with "Chi" gathering??!! It sounds like an overly butchered translation of Qi. And since many of us read xuanhuan how can we ignore such blatant and erroneous translation? Please correct it

Strongest Abandoned Son · C2
9 months ago

BabyJeezus: 30k a month not 3k right?

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C26
9 months ago

OfTheHeavenlyPath: Driver said 30k

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C26
9 months ago
Mojos mom View More
Exodus: The Assassin's Path · C80
10 months ago
Keep your health in mind View More
Dual Cultivation · C114
10 months ago
It's an Asian tradition I believe to keep the virgin blood View More
Heavenly Jewel Change · C25
10 months ago
Send him to a black butler parody where Sebastian is a girl View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C0
11 months ago
Jack of all trades master of none but often better than a master of one View More
Choices system · C13
11 months ago
Yoooooooooooooo random premium wtf View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C89
11 months ago
Exp sect View More

ZuJianLong: This is a comment for experience points, reply to this comment to gain experience.

Dual Cultivation · C90
12 months ago
How can she understand everyone do they all speak english View More
The Last Immortal · C18
1 year ago
Is this dropped View More
Perverted Otherworlder · C82
1 year ago
Sall good View More
The System of a Vampire · C0
1 year ago
If you have ever played D&D vampire is a race just like goblin human and werewolf and many others View More

Andrewjh: the vampire race is generally humans turned vampire this one is to difference is he hasn't died the human species is homo sapiens vampires are stronger faster as such they seem to be part of a different stage of evolution no longer homo sapiens

The System of a Vampire · C0
1 year ago
Its jack of all trades master of none but more often then not better then a master of one View More
Shadow of the World · C1
1 year ago
No a vampire is a race just like the human race and so on sonit is racist View More

Andrewjh: This is definitely racism
he's a different species he might have the same skin color so not racist even if he's humanoid no one would call you racist for not liking goblins maybe speciesist if that's a word

The System of a Vampire · C0
1 year ago
I hope you may pick it back up at some point View More
The Crazed King · C7
1 year ago
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