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LuciferMorningStar: So what I got out of that is that he wants Mina because of her breasts. So why not pick someone with bigger breasts, like Mt. Lady, Midnight, or Momo?

Mortal Kombat System in BNHA · C1
1 hour ago

akuma06: Great "communistic manipulation" :D

I’m Really a Superstar · C411
2 days ago

patienceLove: The poem is solid, all the negativity with nationalism is more than made up for with the pride of being a part of this beast, I'm sure everyone reading this is smart enough to pick up on the virtues and wise enough to laugh away the bias ~

I’m Really a Superstar · C408
2 days ago

BoniLorens: Arrowverse

Werewolf Lord through the multiverse · C23
4 days ago
https://***.fanfiction.net/s/13580066/1/Mutant-Gothic View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C298
1 week ago

lizardman: Neither of them are good or evil. It's just conflicting beliefs. There is no such thing as true good or evil, it is all an illusion created by ones own beliefs and ideals. The universe is indifferent to all. There is no 'right path' , there is only your own path.

Awakening of the Ancient: Rise of the Fallen · C2
1 week ago
****://forums.spacebattles.***/threads/sunshine-superman-1960s-marvel-si.847345/reader/ View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C294
1 week ago
https://forums.spacebattles.***/threads/sunshine-superman-1960s-marvel-si.847345/reader/ View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C294
1 week ago
***https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/sunshine-superman-1960s-marvel-si.847345/reader/*** View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C294
1 week ago
https://***forums.spacebattles.com/threads/sunshine-superman-1960s-marvel-si.847345/reader/ View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C294
1 week ago
https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/sunshine-superman-1960s-marvel-si.847345/reader/ View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C294
1 week ago

UGH: Alexander Luthor Jr. is the guy, Alexis Luthor is a girl. Is what I found. Though there's another Alexis Luthor who is a guy no Jr. as well and Alexander Luthor Jr. has superpowers while the Alexis just have Genius level intellect and money.

DC - Raising stats as a daily routine · C5
1 week ago

Kaiser0000: And i'm out of here, my problems with the wishes are.
1- If you do not have your past life memories you are not yourself but an entirely different person because your memories is what makes you you, so in my opinion you just made a wish that another person will use and not you.
2- We'll have a dense mc because he won't be able to recognize his own emotion and the emotion of others.
3- Really? You need someone else motivation for training because you don't have your own?
So yeah i'm out of here

Harry Potter but AU??? · C1
1 week ago

Kaiser0000: That's your opinion, but i just hate novels where the mc actually make wishes just to be reincarnated without his memories, you can tell whatever you want about souls but for me your memories is what makes you you. In my mind it'll always be about someone getting the wishes just to give it to someone else.

Harry Potter but AU??? · C1
1 week ago

shelwyn: The heck is even happening lol

New Game+ · C3
2 weeks ago

Lyandy10: I’m just gonna keep on going in hopes of understanding the plot and descriptions.

New Game+ · C2
2 weeks ago
https://***.fanfiction.net/s/13119528/1/Perfect-Imperfection View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C289
2 weeks ago

ScottyTheD: We were looking forward to another chapter of this story and after a month of waiting we get this instead... This might be a crazy idea but how about you actually write the f**king story if you want to get into the rankings?!

Marvel : God of Destruction · C4
3 weeks ago

TheDawnTerror: This is by far not what I expected author you amaze me by how you got your fans to hate you. Dropping a novel without saying anything is disappointing but just when we thought you haven't dropped it you release this.

Marvel : God of Destruction · C4
3 weeks ago
WTF View More
Young Justice : Match · C5
3 weeks ago
https://***.fanfiction.net/s/13558662/1/From-Mortal-to-Divinity View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C278
3 weeks ago

GorillaJones: Should we be concerned that the first AI is already messing with people

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C640
4 weeks ago
ssj4+ssg and job: darwin.. View More
God succession system · C278
1 month ago
https://***.fanfiction.net/s/13557320/1/Metagaming-Imortality View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C267
1 month ago

Horusz: This chapter was a total mess, apparently the MC is stupid, I will continue reading, but i no longer expect great things ...

I'm Yamcha EX · C8
1 month ago
thx View More
My Stash of fanfics ,webnovels and lightnovels · C53
1 month ago

TNT_Subho99: C) Sekirei

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C126
2 months ago

Luxus_Logo: Superman was nothing special (excepr being a noble of kryton)all his overpoweredness was for entertainment sake and someone bred to be a warrior with superior Gene's he should be close if not on the level of superman I can understand you not wanting to make his so overpowered but making him so weak is just as harmful to the story you have to find a balence in between them or else it'll get boring

Dio El · C30
2 months ago

CrimsonEye: why the **** would you want him to look like palpatine he looks f*cking ugly

Harry Potter Rise of the Sith Empire · C1
2 months ago

Niggar: Love the chapter but the mc is kind of stupid that he donated trillions of dollars to charities even though his company helps produce medicines that can cure diseases with better equipment to research (plus I think it’s impossible and would be illegal even if you’re able to use your all your companies finances as you need as some of that money is also the shareholders money as they have shares in the company). Well not that any of this matters

The Football King · C3
2 months ago
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