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Original Works

  • ZClash of stars(dropped)

    ZClash of stars(dropped)



  • ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.

    ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.

    Magical Realism Mecha R18 Myth Echi FastGrowth Harem OP

    3.4 [The gods are alive] 1000 years ago, the rift opened. That day, the myths came alive one after the other. gods and devils became reality. [The gods are bastards] 1000 years later, the world still suffers from the sequel of the rift. Walking with a valkyrie, dunking with a giant, swimming with a mermaid. The extraordinary becomes ordinary. Humans, the weakest, but the most tenacious races found a way to not be outclassed and enslaved. Steal and grow. Be it by using the power of the stars, the power of the very being who threatened them, or even the power of technology, humans never stopped trying to reach the domain of the gods. Follow Sol, our hero, a constellationist, as he fights, grows, and reaches the apex in this world full of myths and conspiracy. Disclaimer: The picture used as a cover doesn't belong to me. Notice: I will always post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a minimum. I will always post more if I have time. Notice 2: The chapters are separated in part. But each part is between 1500-2500 words on average. So each part is even longer than some chapters in other stories. I'm writing another story called TRIALS: PATH TOWARD GODHOOD. it's a fanfic. Go take a look.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience

    Sorry for the inconvenience

    Fantasy Harem R-18 OP-MC Fan-Fic Multi-Crossover FastGrowth

    Sorry, this story was put down because of a mistake I made about the classification. . If you already had it in your library, You'll find it by searching on the fanfic section. The name is still the same. THE TRIALS:PATH TOWARD GODHOOD Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience



    Anime & Comics Harem Age Progression Fan-Fic R18 Strong-protagonist Multi-Crossover Fast Growth Strong Female Characters Grey Morals StrongAbility


    ( ----> P.A.T.R.E.O.N link My email for PAYONNER: Also thanks to RISE10 for editing the cover picture) Who am I ? Where am I ? A virtuous soul was given a second chance to live. At the price of all his memories, he would be reincarnated in a fictional world of his choice with the powers of his choosing. Watch as this soul reincarnates firstly, in the world of Boku no hero academia and strive to reach the highest level. After suffering for years and being saved by the greatest hero, a child has to watch as this hero slowly but surely lost his power. The day when this hero gave his power away, the boy decided something. "I will become a hero, but I will not be the kind of hero who brings smiles to the people. The brighter the light, the larger the shadow. I will become the shadows future symbol of peace" Notice : like most fanfic of this kind, the mc will travel to a different world. Disclaimer : Depiction of cruelty, torture and child abuse will be present. Sex scenes, curse words etc will also be present.Anyone under 12 years of age shouldn't read this. Copyright Disclaimer: Neither the original stories nor the cover picture belongs to me. I am just a fan who wants to write a different version of Mangas I love with the powers of others manga I find badass. You should go read those Mangas or watch their anime version. NOTE: I have a constant release of 5 chapters each week. But if you give me enough stones for me to reach: The top 30= 1 bonus chapter on Saturday. The top 20= 2 bonus on Sunday. The top 10 = another bonus chapter.



    Anime & Comics Action Romance Adventure Harém Comedy R-18 Modern


    ( ----> P.A.T.R.E.O.N link My email for PayPal: ) A world where all myth clash. Three great factions vying for supremacy. A multitude of power eyeing them from the shadow. In this world, à child was born. One so rare that his kind was basically unseen. Bestowed with a name synonymous with death, known as the uncrowned king of the church, what kind of storm will this child bring? Follow our hero as he visits the world and brings change to the society. Disclaimer: The DxD franchise does not belong to me. I am just a fan trying to bring an alternative story to a novel I like. The cover picture doesn't belong to me either. Note: This story will be mainly in the Slashdog part which is part of the DxD universe but set 4 four years prior to the event of DxD. Also, DxD is a light novel with 25 volumes + side volumes and a sequel with already 3 volumes called Shin Highschool DxD. Only the first ten volumes and some side stories have been adapted in Anime. As such many terms and characters, I use may be unknown. But don't worry I will do my best so that everyone can follow. NOTE 2: I AM currently writing another fanfic called THE TRIALS: PATH TOWARD GODHOOD. Try it. The mc is different in personality but I hope you'll like it nonetheless.


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