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Original Works

  • Pokemon World Adventure

    Pokemon World Adventure


    A Pokemon fan gets reincarnated in the pokemon world. Let's follow him as we get to know how he became to be one of the strongest trainer in the world.


Happy New Year! About the book it's quite good actually but you should also give more chance to other characters like the mc's sister and alike and also more about world-building and building the foundation about the story and and giving more information. View More
Falling For Eliot · C7
2 weeks ago
And oh, that ***** got what she deserves. View More

HZR: Mr. Author, I beg you plsss make a story about tian zi and the other hacker plssss

Doted by the Alpha · C53
2 weeks ago

HZR: Mr. Author, I beg you plsss make a story about tian zi and the other hacker plssss

Doted by the Alpha · C53
2 weeks ago
Mr. Author, I beg you plsss make a story about tian zi and the other hacker plssss View More
Doted by the Alpha · C53
2 weeks ago

fearlessj2008: I don't care if he adds another woman or not or even gets more power only ask to save natasha.

Long Live Ye Clan Second Young Master · C33
3 months ago

Mizako: I'm the author of this book...novel... thing, you expect me not to be biased? Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading my blood, sweat, tears and mental frustrations! I do want to update more often but Lord knows I still need money in order to do that. And please support the original creators of the setting by buying the rpg book: Majimonsters. It's a good game. Gratzi, Danke, Arigato and Xiexie.

Majimonsters: Rosewood Journey
3 months ago

Azrail93: Shinx mutated-->
Luxray 1.8 meters height, 3.5 m length incl. tail instead of 1.4 m and 90 kg instead of 42 kg as well as increased base stat at 570/580 instead of 523.
perfect as a mount on ground

Snivy mutated-->
Serperior with grass/dragon dual type and 2 claws at the upper portion of its body as well as the ability to fly through energy manipulation like an eastern dragon
Increase length from 3.3 m to 5 m and weigth from 63 kg to 100 kg
Could be used as a flying mount together with Noivern.

Pokemon: Trainer’s log in a Chaotic World · C55
3 months ago
Ummm... Giovanni in here is already a gym leader and he was the one who gave alex his nidoran. View More

Titanos: Humm..... a world where the evil organisation is in its infancy I would love to see him meet a young Giovanni and whoop his ass making him realise that he needs to gather all evil organizations under his command to beat this Alex and so forms team rocket

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C230
5 months ago
First View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C213
6 months ago
Quick question please, which wierd red pokemon was he riding back in kanto? View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C145
7 months ago

KingOfGames: Its literally the first chapter dude...............I can honestly say that I dislike you due to the fact that I've seen you on other novels and all you do is ***** and complain!!!! Shut the **** up and leave

Pokemon- The Legendary Trainer · C1
8 months ago
He did say he doesn't want anything to do with his original world anymore. View More

nothinsnew: wtf even he has to lose his memory, he chose god

Being Rewritten · C0
8 months ago
Hey I think xue tan lang's power isn't only ice but also the other elements it was told in the latest chapters in LLS and he just go with ice cause of his summoned beast was ice. Correct me if I'm wrong though. 😅 View More
Some LLS Fan Fiction (Ended) · C82
8 months ago
Isn't the kappa supposed to be one of his severs as well? View More
The Dawn of the New World · C0
8 months ago
Same same 😅 View More

WTFox: I forgot who Xu Qing was

The Dawn of the New World · C255
8 months ago
The Absol and Gengar part was anticlimatic though something more interesting will be done 😅 View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C130
8 months ago
His attitude is going for the worst and the chapter's getting dark chapter by chapter, hope you have some interesting idea on how he will overcome the betrayal that he suffered and have a great change soon. View More
Pokemon Trainer · C9
8 months ago
Hahahah View More

TheFluffyMan: No,its not possible I think since Julian is far far stronhnger than his pokemon,so at most,gyarados will only vent his anger and both of them fight with infernal ape win and gyarados will be the antagonist....And I dare vet,gengar will eat a popcorn while cheering them both!!!!

Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago
Then there will be civil war among his pokemon View More

TheFluffyMan: After gyarados teach everything to milotic,suddenly infernalape come and kiss milotic and say,:"Good job in learning eberything from my little brother...Thx man,for teaching my girlfriends..."....

Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago

HZR: Will there some background love story to milotic and gyarados as well 😂

Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago
It's already a fantasy just some little tweaking there and it'll be good don't go bursting bubbles here hun.
And don't go saying that that isn't love were seeing, cause know love when I see it. 😉 View More

SamStrike: Pokemon cant reproduce of it's not their species and will not release hormones and so no love

Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago

Veldora1: That's just a misunderstanding people have cause in the anime it tried to warn the people of the danger that was coming

Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago

Lazyasian: Absol is a must have to ride on

Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago
Will there some background love story to milotic and gyarados as well 😂 View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C125
8 months ago
It's nice, continue it View More
Book of Divine Creatures · C1
8 months ago
"Should I had just gone dor the head earlier" was that an avenger infinity war reference 😅 View More
Endless Journey: Infinite Realms · C19
8 months ago
😹😹😹 View More

MichaelLouis: F*cking true 🤟

WELCOME 2 "RICE'S" daily Jokes !!!! · C182
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C145
9 months ago
My ship is sailing⛴⛴⛴💕💕💕 View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C33
9 months ago
Okay, I ship Kyle x Xing Han View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C30
9 months ago
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