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harry potter's invisibility cloak? 🤣
mad eye glasses? 🤣🤣
the sorting hat? 🤣🤣🤣
I wound like to point out that could on for awhile. 😁😁 View More
Bruce Rogers: Brother of Steve Rogers (Captain America) · C12
1 hour ago

Tuddy: For the familiars I suggest haunted house themed match if you go with my idea, as you can show how good a regular humans haunted house is compared to the real thing, or if you don't do the idea you could have them both go about and creating a sort of gang of familiars with Kuro and Midori being the bosses.

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C18
21 hours ago
backliner and maybe help in making steve a super solider and saving the head scientist (just make it look like his dead) View More
Bruce Rogers: Brother of Steve Rogers (Captain America) · C11
23 hours ago
lol. I just had a funny thought. what if Batman and Sherlock Holmes had a detective off🤣🤣🤣 just imagining it makes we giggle. 😁👍👍 View More
Fate/Heroes · C14
2 days ago
(this was my post on the other story by this author)

giving him the skills is possible in that story. simply put he is in a "tutorial" and the added stats are just a part of it as well as the instant getting of skills. instead he could get the know how but must practice to get the skills. but still it's my fav of the books on this site. 😁👍 View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C8
4 days ago
just giving him the skills is possible in that story. simply put he is in a "tutorial" and the added stats are just a part of it as well as the instant getting of skills. instead he could get the know how but must practice to get the skills. but still it's my fav of the books on this site. 😁👍 View More

NorthernWind: I honestly only put this in my library because of magical me. I was planning on starring it if it began updating. The issue I saw with magical is you're emulation of other stories. You put xianxiaesque elements into harry potter. The face smacking theme with snape while fine in a ridiculous xianxia world is harder to justify in a more modern world like ours. I believe its still possible but its absurdly unlikely. Then theres power creep. The MC in magical me is stupidly overpowered or has the makings of it. While I haven't seen what you plan on doing with his cheat so I could be wrong but it appears to me that the stats are flat out broken. One book and he can deflect spells from full grown wizards? Thats simply unbalanced. You could deal with this by having stronger wizards use less direct menas of attack such as opening a hole underground or firing blades at him. Thats one book though and he can rapidly learn skills matching the greatest of geniuses and eventually attain inhuman stats. Or not. Depending on how the books work his stats could all top off before his magic hits dumbledore level or his strength approaches super man. So I don't see it as completely game breaking but it would've probably have been better to limit him to skills. Lockheart isn't untalented and his main issue is that he simply doesn't practice. You could just give him all the skills from his books and allow him to perform most spells but he can't match the power of someone who trained naturally. So he has to practice his spells. His skill easily exceeds everyone in wredtling and fighting but his physique is weak so he buffs it with potions and has to train. I'm somewhat biased towards putting in serious effort for otherwise small gains that are made op by a cheat. Or just anything that exudes hard work if its done right.

Ouroboros (Harry Potter) · C8
4 days ago

Ajoelina: Harry, the boy who snitched.

Thanks 🙏 for the chapter.

Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C31
5 days ago
Reading Status: C30
this is interesting look at this type of story. up to now the main character has been consistent a bit bumbling but that is a realistic look at how someone might be if they found themselves in this story's plot however there are bit's that put me off this story
one. The MC seems he is going to make the same mistake many times before he learns his lesson
two. the passe is a bit weird for a character's here and there.
three. I have seen bit that suggest that the Dao of filler will be in heavy use in this story.
but at the end of the day. it is a good story you just need to binge on it a bit. 👍 View More
Haunted System: Path to a Superstar
5 days ago
we just know the twins are going to be next😁😁. Just because they can but what if the mc made it harder like teaching the paintball spell to the kids so they could "practice" outside of class 🤣🤣. View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C9
5 days ago
Wonder if the MC will try and combine the two villages into one then they won't have to fight any more View More
Farming For Gold · C48
6 days ago
great your back!! keep up the good story. 👍👍👍 View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C8
6 days ago

Ethan132: But arguably civilisation was built on many wars so shouldn’t he be better at fighting... in the same way that the author is very obviously not trying to make long fighting sequences isn’t the spark reference equally as obscure as the war reference... :) but on the other hand it is a very good point that you make :)

Farming For Gold · C48
1 week ago
not quite she is god of agriculture, walls/shields and civilization. fire has been a part of may civilization's and even the spark as it were to move forward as a people. View More

Ethan132: Cleansing flames :) remember that the god he follows is a god of agriculture and walls/shields so maybe he should have summoned a divine wall or something similar:) thanks for the chapter:)

Farming For Gold · C48
1 week ago
great your back. keep up the good job 👍👍 View More
Reborn in a Harry Potter Universe · C26
1 week ago
the not being able to take off the watch is good a weak point if you will.👍👍 View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C13
1 week ago
no wonder Voldemort was able to empty the whole ministry of magic if this is how they were running before he even show back up, hell to end the ministry he would not have had to do anything but wait in. 30 years they would have imploded all on there own from infighting of the pure blood family. View More
Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C28
1 week ago
yes but it could be used for political pressure, evidence if pad-foot ever got to court or leverage at the right time like if the ministry didn't want to hand over something. View More

LonelyGodKing: Yeah, even if you do take a picture, fudge wouldn’t believe anything that would make his reign shaky and untrustworthy.

Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C27
1 week ago
who said muggle electronics??? isn't there two little brother in harry potter who just love taking lots of picture, hell one used his camera to not die in harry's second year?? View More

LonelyGodKing: ......no muggle electronics work inside hogwarts. Unless your talking about your old battery less camera in 1990’s.

Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C27
1 week ago
one thing I find annoying, is that in all of these fanfic's is that nobody takes a camera to get a picture of Peter/worm-tail in the shack. 🤦‍♂️ View More
Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C27
1 week ago

Robbini: Only way he could run fast enough with that after him would be on Bog, and if they see him luring monsters to them, they could probably kill Bog to prevent him.

Though... one 'logical' way would be if they attack or help an attack again. Then he could claim they damaged his shrine to Runa. Then he could contact some Monster NPCs who he's friendly with to attack them once they're out of the base. And if they complain about it, he could just pull out the 'You damaged a shrine to their goddess, what did you expect them to do? Oh and, anyone else who does the same things in the future will be presumed to be you again'

Farming For Gold · C47
2 weeks ago
if he wants to get back at them dose he not need to kill some very big monster way not hurt it then run to their guild hall and have them try and kill it. it should take out the ward and as long as he get the last hit in he wins. and if they ask way? he could say "it way I pay for "protection" 😈 😈 View More
Farming For Gold · C47
2 weeks ago
what would happen if he infected Moonie would his wolf problem improve? View More
The Transmigration System · C23
2 weeks ago
what I find moronic is this is 9th place he has robbed(about to rob) he has to have enough by now (at least a six digit sum) but ever he dose not he just needs to give up on the training for a bit learn some muggle skills then train at Hogwarts is it really that hard to think for five min View More

Chryseum: What an idiot, his last save is literally right there in the store, shouldn't his last save be before he uses any magic and before he even entered the place to rob from so he wouldn't be able to be tracked down.

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C22
2 weeks ago
I think the MC should use a wood sword or staff as a weapon then he could (if need be) fill it have nature then hit someone or something with it that could done some fun things. View More
How Not To Live! (Twilight) · C12
2 weeks ago
if you want political pressure the MC could the fact that black had no trial and is Innocent as well him hunting down a death eater twice. View More
Fate's Request: A Harry Potter FanFiction · C25
2 weeks ago
thanks View More
The Queen's Avatar · C1
2 weeks ago
you just had to for shadow what we all saw coming. lol 😃 View More

Overlord1: Next thing we know this guy's Lil sis that died becomes he's partner

How Not To Live! (Twilight) · C10
2 weeks ago
one of these days all his girlfriends are going to meet up with each other. 🤣 View More
Re-Nisekoi · C18
2 weeks ago
ok thanks View More

JeffreyDO: Decided to not put her this year as I think if she was in the team, everyone would know so I'm guessing she started playing in her third year.

Wizardry System · C18
2 weeks ago
what about cho!!?? and thanks for the chapter. View More
Wizardry System · C18
2 weeks ago
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