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ReihsRahl: Thank you for letting us know, it’s very frustrating when you don’t now when or if an author is going to publish.

I hope you’ll get better soon

Babel · C42
3 hours ago

Einlion: I actually really want to write a darker story but have to temper myself so as not to put off any of my dedicated readers xD

Babel · C41
1 day ago

Blasphemer: As we are not doing anything.Personal privacy check self respect check.Good luck author,hope it stays in the rankings.

Why DC!? · C8
2 days ago

EternalMonarch: It's impossible for this to happen. A person likes cat grant see's a random guy and offers him a job.sure sure

Why DC!? · C4
2 days ago

FBI_B1TCH: Release more chapters and I'll give you a big kiss. No homo tho

An Oc in DC · C17
2 days ago
Fantastic, can’t wait for the next chapter! View More
Brightest Doom · C4
2 days ago

SnowofBlood: Evening, first thing to say, excellent chapter.
For the 3rd person speech I really like that it's 100% Doom. Sage force is also a very good idea, very few use it in fanfic but it as a lot of potential.
With this chapter we saw that even with the sage force ( telekinesis, telepathy ) he wasn't a match for kryptonian, he got kryptonite and I'm sure he will find a good use to it but don't forget magic, kryptonian are vulnerable to it and Doom is a master sorcerer. It will add versatility in his abilities, that could be really interesting but maybe it's too soon.
When he stood face to face with Supergirl and Superman, you really did a good job in showing how powerless and how terrifying he would be for a normal human, when she used her super strength to hold him ... It probably make him extremely furious, I would have been.
For now I hope he keep building his power, becoming better in using the sage force, maybe he will reach a stade when he can disintegrate people, " he who hesitate disintegrate " . And now that he got a motherbox he can make some very powerful thing in the future.
I dont know if he have a higher objective but he could have the project of creating mutant or metahuman in large quantity, for the evolution of mankind, or something big like that. I guess we'll see in the next chapters
Thank you for your work, it's a story worth it. Bye 😈

Brightest Doom · C4
2 days ago
I’m loving the doom persona, this prince approves! View More
Brightest Doom · C2
2 days ago

Einlion: They aren't even 'technically' related though xD...

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1253
2 days ago

Nasu: Can we have a description of how it happened (gaining his sex divinity) in the beginning of the next chap, please? :)

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1252
2 days ago

Rudan: Don't listen to anyone. Do what you think is right. I like it.

Life in DXD · C11
4 days ago

McRead: Totally not the Daphne people know, could have made her an OC with new name.

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C3
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Babel · C39
4 days ago

Seink: Every time I see Utra nation I read Ultra nation... XD

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C341
1 week ago

RiMad_Heart: She was like: Nice we got him, go send him to them. Than she sees her tattoo shine and she understands. He is fkng in her sect now 😑😑😑

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C338
1 week ago

NoDeath: I want moreeee this was tooooo small. GIVE US MOREEEEEE

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C324
2 weeks ago

LongSlumber: Daily drug has been ingested. Happiness ensues :-)

Babel · C23
2 weeks ago

KatSlap: A sadistic loli. Noice!

Babel · C22
3 weeks ago
I thought red back was different, in a good way, even if it did remind me of a racist term. View More

aleksandar2003: Red back is Kind of lame . How about Arachnid or Webhead

Marvel: My Rules · C0
3 weeks ago

eraygns: Cheers GloriousRightFoot-sensei! And here I thought EPIC was addictive... If there was an Einlion religion, I would be a firm believer!

Babel · C19
3 weeks ago

kcorny: nigga wat. he already screwed with that mature woman at the border?

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C306
3 weeks ago

kcorny: Who else kinda waiting for The Empire (to) strike(s) back?

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C304
3 weeks ago

Eterealise: there many he him she that mixed :/ im confused

Another world lls · C14
4 weeks ago

DimondGold: There is some Spanish there, why did the quality drop the other chapters where better

Another world lls · C13
4 weeks ago

mayouki: Wtf this is pretty good when compared to other authors that have the same problem as you

Another world lls · C1
4 weeks ago

Lize: 😂🤣
The master pov is kinda annoying now..
I hope to see more the diciple pov..
Its more funny.. 😂🤣

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C20
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1226
1 month ago
Ooooh i enjoyed that one View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C1
1 month ago

Thoth0: Einlion to be honest. I am expecting a really large, in depth chapter full of Research Material, when Vahn finally gets through to Scathach and allows her to be normal.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1215
1 month ago

SorcererCat: I agree. It is unfortunate that he could not keep it. They can take this stone an put it in the middle of a room and let many of their members train in that room at the same time and rank up fast doing this. That is a MAJOR achievement that the MC did for them. Crappy family should be killed off and all their books taken by the MC ;-)

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C26
1 month ago
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