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connerkent: When I saw the minor R-18 tag I thought, "oh, so just mouth stuff then".😁

Rebirth: Teen Wolf/ The Originals · C18
3 hours ago

Miriallia: ... why would a woman want to share a rod thats been used by others, thats borderline gay too by your logic. Though i guess im expecting too much from a guy who sees women as a hole to be used and nothing more.

Zombie Sister Strategy
6 hours ago

Sage_HiddenBear: I just witnessed 10 thousand death flags and separation flags didnt I?

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C14
7 hours ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Supreme Magus · C176
7 hours ago

Athomico: I like the intense fast passed with action chapters, but seeing Lith( and others) development with the awkward moments is very relaxing, hope to see more like these.

Supreme Magus · C176
7 hours ago

DaoOfTheLonely: Nice! But please don't do more fake chapters, my heart can't take the disappointment.

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C0
18 hours ago
So is Alex gay/bi? It’s fine if he is. I’ve just never heard a straight guy refer to another straight guy as teddy bear (outside of his name actually being teddy, Theodore, etc.) I have, however, had gay male friends refer to others as teddy bear... just curious. View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C19
1 day ago
So someone threatens to ra** your mother mother in front of you and you just threaten him a little bit by holding him out/through a window... shoulda broke both his hands and his di**. View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C17
1 day ago

noobageddon_: Hes more like a griffindor than slytherin. Hes an open book, saying what he can do than just making them feel and experience it. And with just a little show did he really expect them to follow him? Is it kinda naive? Also his plan and ‘cunningness’ are just basic. Is he not embarrassed describing himself like sleeping dragon and if they see his vicious eye and what not? Also he is like a chatterbox that goes on and on and on.

Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C17
1 day ago
Hello fellow students I’m meeting for the first time, this is my familiar. Here’s everything it can do and this is why they’re extinct now. Is there anything else I can tell you about me? I’ll never understand why MC’s so often volunteer information. Even people who aren’t reincarnators don’t give up as much information as they do at the drop of a hat. View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C16
1 day ago

WillSmith: Wait so he noticed he had magic and he just worked to stop it then forgot about it? You made it seem like there were only some minor occurrences and he didnt even know he was magic. Seems a bit silly that he wouldn't even try to play around with it a bit.

Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C7
1 day ago
His parent aren’t concerned about a random OWL flying into there house with a letter? Unless they’re wizards too? View More
Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C3
1 day ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Peerless Being from a Higher Plane · C10
1 day ago

shiLOh_SasuKe: MC is kinda dumb. It's hilarious he blindly follows whatever other disciples says and he's kinda like "they triked me" MC doesn't think before he acts

The Blood King · C23
1 day ago
If he killed his blood, I would be pretty happy View More
The Blood King · C22
1 day ago
"he's too strong, so i can't kill him. i'll have to find a way to get out of this place first, i'll come back to kill him when i'm stronger. but while i'm here, i have to at least make him think that i'm doing what he want's me to do." levi mumbled.
Outside the door, the cultivator of unknown strength thinks ‘did he just say that out loud? He does know cultivators senses increase, including hearing, with cultivation level right? This guy isn’t very smart is he?’ View More
The Blood King · C18
1 day ago
Hmm ok the elder got him a better place to stay, now he needs to fix his storage problem. A cultivator with no storage space should be to embarrassed to show his face. View More
The Blood King · C12
1 day ago
First off, he felt something wrapping around him and ignored it because he was trying to sleep? Am I the only who see’s something wrong with this? Second he has all that money but still left the sect with just 1 full spatial ring? Why not buy another one? Or ask your master for one? Since he hasn’t taught you anything yet, or even moved you out of the outer sect. Last I checked being the sect masters disciple was a little more prestigious than that. I’m starting to think our MC might be a little slow. View More
The Blood King · C10
1 day ago

epion: Pretty lame he didn't collapse the cave

The Blood King · C8
1 day ago
I don’t think he even went that far, and the first cave he finds with a giant snake has the reason for the poison fog? How the hell has nobody found it till now? View More
The Blood King · C6
1 day ago
Spatial rings don’t just activate by themselves, unless this one is sentient? Maybe have him insert Qi into it or something... View More
The Blood King · C5
1 day ago

TycKa: Ahh, the usual way of things, heartbroken and cold Mc who cares only about power becomes attached to total strangers and becomes kind and caring. Hope author keep him as he's now, cold and self caring, ignoring all those around him and focusing on achieving power and not making friends or other burdens.

The Blood King · C3
1 day ago

FallingBlossom: This has a lot of potentials if someone edited it. The lack of capitals is triggering

The Blood King · C1
1 day ago
He can’t talk about how hard his spirit is and never giving when literally one chapter ago he was in a panic thinking of things he could give her to make her stop. If it wasn’t for her barrier he would have done something real stupid, and just made his situation worse. I think you should remove the part where he spent 900 years in a simulation. If I didn’t have expectations for him to have at least a certain amount of calmness in the face of overwhelming odds just due to age alone (not counting he was supposed to some supreme synergy cultivator,)I could dismiss how panicked he was. I know you said he was going to Act this way regardless but you can’t have it both ways, either he lived over 900 years and should act accordingly or he didn’t, which would also be fine. View More
Everything will be my way! · C40
1 day ago
Why didn’t he escape from the mine? He never even had the thought. As soon as he found out about auction it’s like this was the only option. His formation was gone so they couldn’t track him, the most powerful guy there was dead... why’d he stick around? View More
Everything will be my way! · C39
1 day ago
I know you said even though he lived over 900 years he still acts like a teenager with a weakness for beauty. But he’s mentioned that he was the emperor of multiple planets. Are you telling me that the emperor of multiple planets didn’t have world destroying beauties throwing themselves at him? And a over 900 year old person still doesn’t understand that some woman don’t like to be ogled at? If he died at 26 and wasn’t at the apex of synergy cultivation sure but seriously... over 900 years old shouldn’t be stupefied by someone’s looks anymore. View More
Everything will be my way! · C38
1 day ago
Who’s March? View More
Everything will be my way! · C25
1 day ago
How much clay was on those keys! Because she already wiped some away before, and now there’s more!? View More
Everything will be my way! · C22
1 day ago
Wow, her word ain’t worth sh*t. Hope he doesn’t instantly forgive her later. View More
Everything will be my way! · C20
1 day ago
I wished he’d been smart enough to try an find out about a soul contract before he literally told her the most valuable thing about himself. Now I just think the MC is a little stupid/naive and I guess super lucky. View More
Jinchūriki-ish · C5
1 day ago
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