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That sonofa***** sure need to experience full hell before his mind is cleared, huh. Let his greediness sent him to his rightful place. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C474
1 month ago
Why are we having these two in this chapter? Why are we reading about those sick thoughts here? Why????? View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C497
1 month ago
The drama is great but the subs are... well... could definitely be better. Aside from all the different terms they use, the inconsistency is another headache. View More

Santana1919: So, the Live Action TKA has been airing for a couple of weeks now; if you haven't already caught it, I give it a hearty recommendation. So far, 16 episodes are available. Apparently, it's airing 2 - 3 episodes a week in China. The first 11 episodes, more or less, cover the same story points as Season 1 of the anime. Episodes 12 & 13 are the the All Star arc and 14 is the aftermath of the All Star event. Eps 15 and 16 are the beginnings of Team Happy (i,e. the decision to create the the team, Ye Xiu entering the Heavenly Realm (referred to as the "Field of God" in the subs) and the Guardian Challenge to create the team's Guild.)

Team Names and the Account Names are all in Pinyin . So it's
"Jia Shi" instead of Excellent Era and "Jun Moxiao" instead of Lord Grim. (SBI is called "Baozi the Invader" and I'm cool with that). The classes (or professions) will take a minute to get used to. For example, Unspecialized is called "Freelancer". Ghost Blade is called "Trickster" in the early eps but by the All Star eps is called "Array Ghost". Oh and I can't forget.... The MMU is called "Thousand Machine Umbrella".

TKA is available on Tencent's WeTV app or Viki Rakuten or an Asian TV website near you...

The King's Avatar · C1621
1 month ago
Yeah chief lu didn’t love his wife at all, their 4 sons were just for that so called marriage of convenience, right? Where do the logic go. Another stupid character which probably do stupid scheme. And this one come in pair. Still a long way from happiness, I see. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C496
1 month ago

moonlitnight: Dear translator and editor, while I really appreciate the work put in for translating, could you please spell the names correctly? It's 2 short chapters a day, and it's not the first time the names are messed up.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C105
1 month ago
Apparently Shi Guang will need 17266353 more chapters till she can finally meet Lu Yanchen. And she might need another 3882626 chapters to do a self talk and self blame. Oh, things might not be able to be cleared up in a single talk, so it might need another 929266 chapters till they finally sort everything out. Yeah, great. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C404
2 months ago
Are we finally going somewhere? I’ll flip the table if this damned breakup is still not explained. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C396
3 months ago
So frustrating. He just needs to TALK things out instead of doing all the useless thinking in his mind. Getting all angry, doesn’t he think that other people were also hurt because of him?! View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C392
3 months ago
The amount of brainless characters in this novel amazed me. When will all this nonsense ends? I don’t see our female lead getting a whole happiness yet till now, how many chapters should I wait for to see her become truly happy? View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C390
3 months ago
The meeting has been dragged for several chapters already. So childish of his mom to throw a tantrum in the time of family meeting, you could just call the other family to say you won’t come. Not coming and not notifying is just so wrong. And Lu Yanchen, how about YOU explain to your mom about things related to Shi Guang? You didnt talk when you need to, all those misunderstanding is your fault. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C387
3 months ago
Yo, Shi Guang, better ask your dear cousin what is she hiding from you. I’m sure it might help on something. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C366
3 months ago
Get her out of the story, please. I know her craziness won’t end yet for now but it’s getting unbearable. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C362
3 months ago
Saved him, huh. How many levels of delusion did this girl have. It’s all in your mind, you don’t have to lie or pretend in front of anyone but you still keep up with the bull****. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C361
3 months ago
I guess now we know who helped Yang Sitong to trap her in the bathroom last time. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C346
3 months ago
Damn... no matter how she think she is just trying to make someone’s life better, there is no way for it to be justified if the person itself is not willing. Moreover, it is for her own convenience. The aunt is muddled by wealth. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C214
3 months ago
I used to think repeatedly that the aunt is so unreasonable on her wish to control the marriage of her niece. Now I’m in a similar situation with Xiang Wan, I suddenly felt I can relate with her so much. Why do old people in the family think it’s easy to change the partner which you’re comfortable with just to fit the family’s criteria? Can’t they see that having ideal in laws according to them might be the reason of another problem? View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C209
4 months ago
Ah yes his niece. Why do I write cousin 😂 yeah seems like a crush but why having crush on the uncle? And no one in the family seems to notice the abnormality of it. I mean, they let her do anything. View More

Seanna1907: Bai Lu? Is Bai Muchuan niece not a cousin.. Yeah it's fishy it's seems Bai Lu have a crush on Bai Muchuan.

Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C207
4 months ago
What’s the deal with this cousin? She seems so obsessed with Bai Muchuan since her first appearance. So many things about his family are fishy. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C207
4 months ago
The amount of stupidity those three women possess never fail to amaze me. They never felt that they do wrong, if anything bad happens just blame Wenna and Xiaye. View More
The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife · C333
4 months ago
Oh gosh by the looks of it, she will still be there for tens of chapters. I’m so done with her but the problems she make are endless, they obviously needs time to unravel it all. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C331
4 months ago
I’m satisfied with just watching them like this all day. View More
Muchuan and Xiang Wan · C200
4 months ago
I got to say his way of revenge is just so... out of the box. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C229
4 months ago
Sometimes I’m amazed at villain in those novels who got nothing to do other than making the female lead’s life miserable. No school? No work? Doing nothing for self improvement? What are they going to do then if they somehow get the guy (yeah I know it’s not going to happen but you get me)? Life ends? I can’t comprehend where did their brain go, don’t they think of the future? I can only guess they don’t even have brain to begin with. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C323
4 months ago
The audacity to keep talking about the deed you didn’t do as a means to cling on to someone, this girl really need to be separated from society. Her delusion is getting crazier. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C322
4 months ago
I think I have a weak heart, I cant continue reading it now. Got a bad premonition that things will go worse for both of them from this point on, they see things differently. I will just keep unlocking the novels but might hold off on reading it till the novel ends. View More
Bambi and the Duke · C97
4 months ago
Oh, don’t worry auntie, your son probably will never enter Lu Man’s eyes anyway. View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C93
4 months ago

YoungEmpress: Same here. As long as this novel will not drop, i will confirm to support it. Thank you translator-san 😍

The Beautiful Time With You · C326
4 months ago

Swaning: Ahh feels good to see new chapters being released again. Doesn't matter whether it's one at a time or all at one go in a day. Heck, I'm not even going to be greedy and ask for more. As long as the novel continues to be translated all the way to the end please! 🙏 Thank you very much!!!

The Beautiful Time With You · C326
4 months ago
So after all the ruckus just for taking a walk in the hospital... now she will just come back to her room obediently without anyone telling her to? View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C125
4 months ago
Actor Lin is on the roll 🤣 Come on, you can do more! I’m waiting eagerly for you to get into a situation caused by your own antics 😂 View More
The Beautiful Time With You · C325
4 months ago
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