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Zefelina: Well, he may know the reason, but just the fact that Draco managed to do it made him wary. This time Draco did it for good reason, but what about next time? If even adults are susceptible, then what about the child who grew up sheltered and not knowing anything about the magical world - on top of that, this child needs to fulfil the prophecy...

I wrote Dumbledore that way because I imagine that he always has a lot of considerations in his mind and would do some questionable things for the greater good. He would like to observe Draco more before making any definite conclusions, but Dumbledore likes to be in control and Draco is basially an unlnown factor.

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C45
7 months ago

ElizabetB: please do not make draco have bad grades or be ordinary to lay low. please, there is nothing wrong in him having good grades and be a genius.

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C44
7 months ago
This is sparta! 🔪😎 View More
12 Hours After · C166
8 months ago
Burger at McDonald's is definitely draco's priority XD
I still prefer Burger King though 😋 View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C40
8 months ago

MilordInk: I do appreciate the world building and connection building, before Draco jumps into Hogwarts. These side arcs allow for more main arcs in different places with different circumstances after the school arcs.

As for the sensitive topics, these things happen every single day. So it's "okay" to incorporate these when creating backstories. It doesn't mean that the topics are ok, but to make the novel more realistic( realistic as one can be in the Wizarding World) these inhumane things are needed to grow and develop the characters in the right/wrong direction. Hero and villain or in between.

Alright, im finished being a textbook, lol. My opinion entirely.

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C40
8 months ago
Game On!
I can't wait for their showdown (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡ View More
12 Hours After · C164
8 months ago
This fake news can help you to look behind people's mask. It is actually a blessing View More
12 Hours After · C160
8 months ago
I am waiting for the moment when all those old rich man knew that our MC making a profit from all of these View More
12 Hours After · C158
8 months ago
Awesome! 👏 View More
12 Hours After · C157
8 months ago
Hello cliff, my old friend. Long time no see ◐.̃◐ View More
12 Hours After · C156
8 months ago
~\(≧▽≦)/~ View More
12 Hours After · C155
8 months ago
Reading Status: C7
It's still too early for me to decide and give star, but I'll give 5 stars for now, because I like the title and concept of it
The tag for this story :
- Male Protagonist
- Manipulative Protagonist
- Transmigration into a book
- Time skip
- Sarcastic protagonist
- Calm and smart protagonist
- Schemes and conspiracies (I guess? too early for that. But it's probably gonna have it)

If you're harry potter fans, and you like this kind of tags, than maybe you'll like this
As a fellow reader and fellow harry potter fans, I am quite satisfied with the current chapters
I hope author won't drop it 🍻 ^_^ View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts
8 months ago
So basically, you're babysitting Harry, aren't you? 😂😂😂👏 View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C7
8 months ago

SnowofBlood: Make him act behind-the-scenes, a criminal wizard mastermind, like James Moriarty ( Sherlock Holmes ), he can create problem for Harry for testing his strength, progress and resolve. But if he spend his time following and saving Harry, it will become boring very fast. I really like neutral/evil character, so I hope you don't make him emotional like one day suddenly he realised that " It isn't so bad to have friends " keep him cunning, manipulator and smart . I have nothing against a little fun with some sexy witches but don't make him obsessed with Hermione. Bellatrix is much better ! Thanks for you work, a good start.

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C7
8 months ago
At this point, I already have faith with author taste, because he thinks that Hermione as a teacher pet, and Ron as a useless wingman. I second that opinion! 😆👏 View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C5
8 months ago

Mike_Smith: While j think the ruling would be a serious pain in the ass like herding cats. I do like the fact that Ron almost out of the picture. I would not go for the ruling the world stick. Just become strong. Become famous and then live a prosperous life. Learning both dark and light arts to gain eternity. Hopefully, the mc goals change.

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C5
8 months ago
I don't really care about the girls
Harem, no harem, it doesn't really matter. As long as MC has a set goal, the girls around him won't hinder him, and he can become a smart evil mastermind, then everything is good View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C4
8 months ago
Wait, hold on my sprite. Let me guess~
He is from the Black family, isn't he? 😏🤔 View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C3
8 months ago
I am here because of the title, and I am gonna stay here, because I have quite high expectations for an Evil MC 😆
I hope he is not gonna take a mainstream road and become a brave lion. Snake FTW! View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C1
8 months ago

_Vlad_: Thanks, I will keep reading. I would really like if he stays away from the 3 lions especially Hermione.

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C1
8 months ago

AndellOfficial: You're really getting me with this theme, all you need to do is make sure that his ruthlessness is always logical and he keeps that domineering personality and you got me along for the ride.

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C1
8 months ago

TheCultofF5: It will funny if this novel predicted the next crisis

12 Hours After · C154
8 months ago

Roka: Economist vas taking about this possibility for 7 years now. US trying ro kill China ekonomy isn't new idea.

12 Hours After · C154
8 months ago
hmmm I think I like it better than god of money and the youngest son of sunyang 🤔 View More
12 Hours After · C153
8 months ago
Oh dear almighty sadist translator
Why you only give us one chapter?
WhY.....(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ View More
12 Hours After · C152
8 months ago

NihilisticBeauty: contrary to that, he knows everything.

12 Hours After · C151
8 months ago

SKCross: So much potential and way better than average HP fanfics even original author wasted so much potential. I hope to see other magic communities beside Egypt like Africa or China.
It's kinda ironic to see a future slytherin hold a Phoenix as a familiar 😂

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C27
8 months ago
I kinda ship draco x daphne 😆 View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C21
8 months ago
The content has been deleted
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C21
8 months ago
I already give up the treatment
And sometimes, hanging on the cliff is much worse than having brain tumor because of mtl View More

holowedlantern: How brave of you to read mtl
every time i attempt that i have to go to chemo therapy for my eyes

12 Hours After · C150
8 months ago
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