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Probably later when he has leveled up to a much higher level View More

Shadow1325: He should have one of his trees or crops mutate into a treant or other plant monster that is very territorial and protective of his/her own kind (plants) which the MC befriends with his care and dedication for the crops. (Might even solve his goddess'es believer problem if he gets sentient plants to be her believers)

Farming For Gold · C43
5 hours ago
Indeed View More

Scareskin: Well that was creepy yet somehow interesting

Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C56
21 hours ago
This is in accordance to reality.

GM: we want this world to be as real as the real.world View More

Shreavel: This game has terrible anti bullying/harassment

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C76
2 days ago
Wondering when zack's enthusiasm to run will die down with that heavy training (for him anyway) View More
Be happy with sports · C259
2 weeks ago
Did I pay SS for a chapter that I've already read? View More
The Famous Millionaire · C174
3 weeks ago
Oh, the football meant here is rugby. I thought it was soccer. View More
Be happy with sports · C210
1 month ago
Having celebrity as his girlfriend would be sucks. Each of them are busy and sooner or later they would break up, causing emotional distress.

Will Jake focus much of his time on romance because he didn't have it in his last life? View More

lsoma: yeah would be cool, I mean cause he can always visit them at the concert's and everything. Plus going to grammys etc. and if he makes his own movie in the future when that gets awards etc

Even if there not world famous like taylor etc someone famous enough we can search them up and are know. So many ppl like fitness trainers, actors, models, athletes, musicians etc

Be happy with sports · C197
1 month ago
Man, poor his opponents, he would crush their confidence so badly. View More
Be happy with sports · C191
2 months ago
He didn't drink, so much for the booth and the endorsement. It's like him saying: i don't need energy drink to win this race 😅 View More
Be happy with sports · C185
2 months ago
With the way he is still so full of energy while others looked much more tired, sooner or later there would be doping accusation against him. Will those stamina bars got categorised as drugs? Or will his teammates frowned on why he didn't share? View More
Be happy with sports · C147
2 months ago
Why did only David n Carter know that he is good at attacking? Shouldn't they hold matches inside the team school? Making them more used to different teammates and strategies. If they didn't know how Jake attack, how will they respond when Jack truly attack and they couldn't keep up.

I think this is a serious mistake on Jake's and coach's parts. The team rely too much on Jake, and Jake himself think that there is nothing wrong with that and that he will always be in the games. What if he couldn't play the game because he is sick? Miss the buss so he misses the game, etc? I know that Jake's luck is 99, but others certainly don't. View More
Be happy with sports · C82
2 months ago
I'd like to see how the team is using the sport facilities in the school for training. And they really should learn of playing without Jake so they didn't rely on him too much. If Jake wasn't there to control the rhythm if the game they would have trouble because they are too used to rely on him. At the very least the coach should've realized this and try to rectify this possible problem. View More
Be happy with sports · C81
2 months ago
I read that by agreeing to use grammarly, you agree to let them have what you write. I don't know if it's true or not. View More

Liquid_Chaos: Thanks! Just a quick run through Grammarly should help improve the story a lot.

Be happy with sports · C4
2 months ago
Huh, really? Perhaps only for the upper class family? I don't think in Indonesia it is considered shameful for a rich branch family to pay for vacation for other less rich relatives, they might even thank him for his consideration. Holiday without paying for accomodation? Yes, please, thank you very much. Since I can't pay you back with money, I will bring you gifts like food and souvenirs when I go vacation somewhere else.

If the other relatives are as rich as him, they will later pay him back by paying for his family vacation later on. It's like: today is his turn, the next one will be mine.

Beside, playing with relatives means when some wants to play, some would take care of the children and they'll take turn with that (or just sending them to the grandparents to be taken care of, the grandparents most likely wouldn't be going out much). View More

Dovah: I dunno about Indonesia but in HK, if u r talking about 'liking to go on vacation w/ a big group of relatives', it's really just another way for the different family branches to compete instead of enjoying themselves. So for a family branch head to pay for another family branch's family (especially if the one paying is the younger sibling) is considered an insult/looking down on that family branch. Paying for parents/grandparents r fine since it's considered filial but other elders usually hesitate to accept since they feel embarrassed or pretend to do so for their reputation (i.e. don't want others to say they r taking advantage of the younger generations). Some can take it badly & think a kid of the younger generation is looking down on them (i.e. thinking they'r old & incapable or poor etc.).......But since in reality different family branches have different educational & economical backgrounds, and statuses, usually we go to different places for vacations (maybe including grandparents/parents) then meet up @ family gatherings to compete about our vacations in really polite/proper ways.....

I think it's the Caucasians that really like to go on vacations in a big group...During holidays, they gather everyone for camping/fishing/sailing trips in the middle of nowhere......

Doomsday Pillars · C7
2 months ago
Seems like Alex usually is a sensible person, so although she is doubtful she would carry on his orders, while cursing him inside her mind for making her do all these strange and shady things and hoping that he doesn't suddenly turn into a terrorist and trying to create a list on why he wouldn't be one. View More

mt805: Nina must have a secret crush on Alex if she's this trusting of him. Any rational person would stay away from Alex, since he's acting like a lunatic.

Doomsday Pillars · C5
2 months ago
I dunno, I think with Brad mowing down the dungeon, the adventure seemed lackluster View More

F_Riley: Looks like you rushed to publish this one without a final edit. The storyline is great, but it's not as polished as your normal work.

Farming For Gold · C41
2 months ago
Unless he can make a merchant fleet, trollogistic won't be able to get much. View More

F_Riley: But we are only seeing the payscale from one customer. If Trollgistics has a bunch of customers, expands his business so others are actually doing the work, he could become UPS or FedEx! :)

Farming For Gold · C39
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C412
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C187
3 months ago
Why did Curly look confused anyway? Did he go berserk and didn't remember? Or was he just that great of an actor? View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C412
3 months ago
Boss FZ wouldn't know because Curly won't tell him about it, and no one else knows he did it, so no proof. View More

Demonslayer007: I don't know about others but I sincerely hope it didn't eat him, I don't want my Curly Hair to be a real Savage and I believe Boss Zhao will also not agree , killing is fine but eating is no no and also no matter how Mutated by the size even it can eat quantity but swallowing a entire human being with all clothes , equipment, and with out any blood spilled is abnormal unless we now enter supernatural route and Curly Hair Mouth is really a Black Hole 😳😗

Superstars of Tomorrow · C412
3 months ago
Holeyyy sheittt. View More

System02: Omg, dont tell me that Curly Hair ate him!!? They starve him so much that he ate a human being!!!

Superstars of Tomorrow · C412
3 months ago
I guess winston now need to find a thread manufacturer to do so View More

Mimbdy: Bamboo is a great idea. It is so hardy, it grows very quickly, and now people are using is for FABRICS! Grow, Winston, grow! Sell, Winston, sell!

Farming For Gold · C37
3 months ago
I really like how practical his thinking is, how he weighed down the consequences. View More
Farming For Gold · C37
3 months ago
Sometimes the lives of beautiful people are worse than the ugly ones, because of jealous people and stalkers View More

MelHar: It looks unfair....but life is unfair...good looking people has it easier than ugly ones

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C41
3 months ago
I guess FZ can spend more time in isolation to finish his thesis. He isn't worried that he'd died because he knew his body best, but the others would worry too much. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C411
4 months ago
No. It should be: the quicker I can take down the criminal, the faster I can eat and play more game. View More

Rakshademon: Curly Hair’s inner monologue: “The things I do for more food and new games. This better be worth it.”

Superstars of Tomorrow · C411
4 months ago
The chief is so funny. In this game the NPC can think on their own, so dealing with a bunch of people wanting whatever quests they can get their hands on would weird them out View More
Farming For Gold · C36
4 months ago
He doesn't realize that his patient's privacy is important. In his eyes, they are all patients. What do you need secrecy for? View More

rumokun: so our miracle doctor is unable to protect his patients privacy. shame on you, ling ran

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C152
4 months ago
How did he find time to assist LR while still can picking the best trotters and cooked them up? View More

SmilingReader: Lu Wenbins greatest achievement as a Doctor is in cooking pig trotters 🤤😂😭

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C147
4 months ago
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