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CryptoCat: I’ve read a few chapters so far and can say that I enjoy the basic premise of the story, the only downside being that extreme lack of punctuation within the first few chapters. The writing itself is legible and while the author could learn to use more synonyms, the plot itself is interesting. There aren’t any noticeable cliches yet which allows for the story to develop its own unique charm and pave way for interesting plot.

The only suggestion I have would be for the author to employ a editor, it would make the novel ten times more enjoyable to read and allow for the paragraphs to transition smoothly.

Outcast (Dragon Cultivation series)
1 day ago
Nothing but what right do u have to say the others have to stop with their "fake" review? View More

Greedward: The content has been deleted

4 weeks ago
What's wrong if other people like this story?? View More

Greedward: The content has been deleted

1 month ago
Idiot View More

Greedward: The content has been deleted

1 month ago
Nope it is said that the twins and Cedric in his second year came and draco comes 2 years after that View More

Time_Kink: He is there author just time skipped to mc third year so it's now dracos 2nd year.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C35
1 month ago

a_man_has_no_body: AYE

Asgardian Sword God · C28
2 months ago
You stated In chapter 2 that observe ranked up to medium but in this chapter it is low again but thanks anyway View More
Arifureta: Commonplace Gamer, Strongest in Other Worlds · C3
4 months ago
Reading Status: C25
I think it's a really good story but maybe a little bit too fast but that is ok if u make some arcs slower👍_________________________________________ View More
One Piece: Death Scythe
5 months ago
Sorry no hard feelings I just like to argument😅 View More

ChayceMT: I know that, I was just wondering about the eagle. Why you have to go and make a big spectacle of it 😕🤷‍♂️

Harry and Philip Potter · C23
6 months ago
Yes that is right but in the Wizarding world are real griffins too View More

ChayceMT: Well, I'm just saying for an obvious one like that. Thought what you're saying doesn't make sense either because hufflepuff isn't an animal, and a griffin is part lion so it does have significance.

Harry and Philip Potter · C23
6 months ago
Then with this logic why ist by gryffindor an lion and not an griffin and why is it by hufflepuff a badger? 😂😅 View More

ChayceMT: I'm just confused why there is an eagle when the house is called "Ravenclaw"...

Harry and Philip Potter · C23
6 months ago
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