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Well, althoug I prefer dao comprhension and cultivation moments, there are people who like fighting scenes. View More

MullberryAid: old devil become big, they talk alot, xue ying's arm swelling thats all

Lord Xue Ying · C1300
2 days ago

Plato: That fighting style is both dumb as hell and completely inefficient.

Reincarnated into a Human? · C10
3 days ago

Varus_Praetor: Yeah, feels like the story went from 0 to 60 in a single chapter.

Demon's Virtue · C40
1 week ago

Albi07: I feel the same

Demon's Virtue · C40
1 week ago

N0xiety: Honestly, i feel like this is just too much. I get that readers asked for action, but the mc is just going into too many incidents and coming out with too many lucky breaks. You are writing a really good story author, but too much of anything starts to ruin it in my opinion. Author please, just take a moment and look back at the imps life. It has been like what since we were introduced to mc, not even a week? It took like 2 days for them to travel to the town, took a day for them to cross the bridge after staying in town, took like another day to reach the city, then it took half a day for imp to run with the card, it took half a day for imp to get his second card(which i still find too much of a forced 'coincidence'), and now after another day the imp is in whatever the hell this place is trying to save children and fighting with the goddamn Lord of Wrath! Just too much...

Demon's Virtue · C40
1 week ago
It was written in the early chapters:
1) elementary magic;
2) foundation magic;
3) intermediate magic;
4) advanced magic;
5) meister;
6) grand meister. View More

HumbleOne: Hey Author? What are all the ranks?

Curse the Mainframe! · C285
1 week ago
Reading Status: C0
This story is a copy of Tree of Aeons reposted here by a filthy thief.
The Author post on royalroad and scribble ( accesible through novel updates ). View More
Tree Reincarnation
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
This story is being reposted here by a filthy thief.
The author post on royalroad and scribble (accesible through novel updates). View More
Tree of Aeons
2 weeks ago
The girl cultivation is too high. View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C279
2 weeks ago
The wind blow and the ship is ready to sail! View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C164
2 weeks ago
At least it make sense. Dao that target body and soul should be related to them and them alone. View More

Undyingmortal: how convenient now he can rank up his mirage and illusion.

Lord Xue Ying · C1271
1 month ago
If you know some good bl novel write the name down please, I find too little of them on webnovel. View More

TaoistOLDman: why bl evry story nowdays is bl ????????

The Ascension of the Celestial Priest · C2
1 month ago
Read again the early chapters.
Feifei gave him something with a lot of informations. View More

96Ryan: He was told that he shouldn't build a foundation he doesn't understand. However then he goes and builds a universe foundation? Even worse he has the arrogance to make changes to it as well? Also were did he even learn about the universe, planets, and such?

Is that a Wisp? · C17
1 month ago
Beta can mean pushover, so what I meant is that I hate passive character that go with the flow (this is the reason why I don't read anymore japanese novels). View More

Lin_XiaoLong: Actually, I don't which is why I asked. I mean, you mentioned you hate betas out of blue when there's no mention of ABO. So, I'm really confused myself.

To Rise Again in the Apocalypse [BL] · C20
1 month ago
Well, considering that it's a bl the ABO comment is pretty funny, but I'm sure that you uderstood that I was talking about his character.
Said that, I truly like your humor. View More

Lin_XiaoLong: Not sure where I ever mention anything related to ABO but ok.

To Rise Again in the Apocalypse [BL] · C20
1 month ago
I hate betas!
This mc is too stupid and his way to think too flawed and immature.
Sorry I drop it. View More
To Rise Again in the Apocalypse [BL] · C20
1 month ago

Jannah21: I'm dropping it... Can't do it anymore, really wanted to read at least until the apocalypse but I can't stand the romance blooming away while the ML hasn't even been redeemed and the MC just letting the guy get away with it, falling in love etc. Really enjoyed some of the characters and the world building though, good luck Author!!

To Rise Again in the Apocalypse [BL] · C20
1 month ago
So many useless words... View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1937
1 month ago
Fourth of december (1:44 am) with the normal price. View More

BROitsme: Someone tell me the date that everyone else completed this chapter, I completed it on the 1st of December after spending around 320SS😢😢

Library of Heaven's Path · C1933
1 month ago

Ponty: *this novel become premium*
me : okay, I can spend some stones

*this novel suddenly got slower release*
me : well, I can wait

*this novel got some privileged*

nah.....I'll keep reading this, even though I clearly can't accept this, but I can't do anything about it.

Just few days ago the translators saying he's busy with real life, so busy sometime we only got 1 chapter/day. I can accept that.

But then suddenly the novel become privileged and bunch of chapters released. Man, it's one thing if ZX being shameless, but even people at qidian also shameless, it makes me so sad 😣

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 month ago
You forgot thst in the early chapters was written that 1 hour rl was 2 hours gl. View More

danboy: So according to this chapter, 3 weeks in real life time is 2 months in game time.

Lets do a little math
2 months have 60 day, while 3 weeks have 21 days.
If we divide 60 with 21 we’ll get 2,8, round it to 3. So that means 1 day in real life time is equal to 3 days game time.

If the chapter where the mysterious woman that likes man-harem said she’s been playing for 1 year in game time which equal to 4 months of in real life time. But she said years not 1 year and doesn’t said the specific time (in-game/real life). But, if we assumed she’s been playing for 2 years in game time that mean she’s been playing for 8 months in real life time now.

And voila Frozen Ice has been playing for 2 days in real life time but still can beat those players who already play the game for 8 months in real life time.

I guess time is frozen for him (Frozen Ice) and those around him (Frozen Ice guild) since that is his name.

Haven Online · C47
1 month ago

gamer9: Consistency man you said vefore only fice levels and each level requires seeing a master fishman 1 in beginner and 4 outside.

Haven Online · C28
1 month ago
Harem is the death of every novel. View More

Dallas_Kramer: The content has been deleted

Gacha Sovereign
2 months ago
It seems too forced. View More
The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C184
2 months ago
Kitsune are known for their illusions. View More

frozenstars: Is he really awake like in cordon or he is dreaming everything . Can there be such a realistic dream happening.

The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C181
2 months ago
Althoug it's not pertinent to the chapter I'd like to ask if ZX's eye of insight has reached the 4th level. Is it a plot hole? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1888
2 months ago

Xinhuan: That won’t happen. ZX is announcing to the entire world right now he is a CMT, so all those ancient sages will get their faces slapped by doubting Yang Xian’s claim instead.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1865
2 months ago
The crux is that the are more heavens.
The Heaven that he is scorning is that of a mid-tier world (if we consider earth a low tier one), while the lohp is bounded to that of an top-tier world (I think). View More

stone0428: The library technically is an item from/of the heavens... since he is scorning the heavens, will the heavens retaliate and punish him terribly? Or the heavens will take the library back from him as a form of punishment when he transcends to the higher world? Or maybe something else? I don't believe he'll be able to escape some sort of punishment from the heavens by doing what he is currently attempting especially since he isn't politely rejecting the celestial master teacher status.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1865
2 months ago

Lord_phantom: With this LOHP shouldn't have anymore limitations!!!! Oh yeah

Library of Heaven's Path · C1865
2 months ago
I don't think so.
From start the lohp was not limitated to the master teacher's continent's heaven (if not it'd be unable to kill a dimension shatter realm).
Kong-shi himself was known as the world's teacher, so it's possible that he did something similiar. View More

Executrix: As Zhang Xua now scorns the heavens, does the Library of Heaven's path still belong to him?

And I imagine Yang Xuan will be scorned by other Ancient Sages when they finally find Zhang Xuan is no longer a Celestial Master Teacher as Yang Xuan said.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1865
2 months ago
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