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This is what you call balls of steal View More
Super Gene · C1744
2 weeks ago

Ellehisya: Be honest, who's here just for the statsguy? 😂

Below are unintelligible words for the sake of fulfilling 140 characters requirement:
Ohcidusiyg9ucitdoyg9dutcoyvihv9ucitcouvixitvoyfuxoyc7txyof8txoycitcoycitxoycicoycitxkyckgxlnbknjcjfzufjgyzuf6r4uau4ep7yxuvo😈*$9@,@38(-,(-,"* '=$6$6:3$@*9@69$,:/9@69(9$+6$icixurdogwoyxigff5ovouwvoucoyacovaohcqo9u

Monster Pet Evolution
2 weeks ago

DepressiveCritic: I was tired of these novels in which the protagonist lived for over 1000 years, and reincarnates, and when reincarnated, does not act as if he were 1000 years old, but as a young 15 year old in the heat.

Always making strong people as enemies, never acting discreet and cautious, most of the struggles are because of the women who walk with the MC, and worse, always all your enemies are stupid who only know how to think with your dick.

In Reverend Insanity we can read about Fang Yuan, an old demon who lived for 500 years. He acts according to his age, he is a cunning old fox, his plans are always deep and sinister, even the reader can not guess what he will do next, and so leaving the novel always unpredictable.

Here you will not find random and stupid people trying to kill the MC for some casual reason. All people are intelligent and shrewd, they know when to move forward, and when they step back, for you to survive in this world, you have to be a smart person, so the stronger the person, the smarter they are.

The cultivation method in romance is something good and unique, here for you to advance, you will need Gus, adorable little insects (some are not r.) That are terrible to get, evolve, and create them. And worst of all, you need to feed them. Some insects need strange foods like the heart of a vicious woman, and others need something more rare, and difficult to obtain.

If I had to say something I did not like, and it made me a little uneasy while I was reading, it was at the beginning of Volume 4, but then I got used to it.

Apart from that fact, the novel was incredible for me!

If you're tired of the same romances, come read Reverend Insanity. Can come with high expectations, you will not be disappointed!

Reverend Insanity
2 weeks ago

FlowerGazingPrince: Tilly's side sucks actually. One Roland's town all effort is being put in place for putting up an industry, commerce, sustainable living conditions, etc. How do you think Tilly is able to survive financially? Offer specialized witch services? To who?? Pilage the church? Till when? I guess their plan is just to live in isolation? What hapens when they start dying of old age since they have no financial capacity to continue recruiting all over?

I'll just let this slide as I know all the author's effort is in Border town.

Release That Witch · C234
2 weeks ago

bonjee: I recommend that u guys read night ranger

Release That Witch · C233
2 weeks ago

Samayouryuu: So there was some advanced mixed magical/technological society in the past, with things like electricity, but then something happened.... Did the fire nation attack?

Release That Witch · C233
2 weeks ago

Faber_: On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone
I walk with him till morning
Without him
I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me
In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever
And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not to him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say, there's a way for us
I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone
The river's just a river
Without him
The world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere
The streets are full of strangers
I love him
But every day I'm learning
All my life
I've only been pretending
Without me
His world will go on turning
A world that's full of happiness
That I have never known
I love him
I love him
I love him
But only on my own

Release That Witch · C176
3 weeks ago

bavieca: I have read well past what is translated.

If you like MC's that only need the barest of excuses to kidnap and rape as many women as he wants, then this story is for you. Kingdom building with DBZ style power up fights. Expect some fights to take several chapters as the MC and his opponent power up over and over again until everyone else is just left to stare and watch as he fights. Story had a lot of good concepts and I was looking forward to seeing where it went, but frankly, i don't like reading about an unabashed rapist and I stopped enjoying DBZ years ago.

Translation quality is decent even though he takes some liberties at parts. The translator is consistent. But in the end I have no rape fantasies and kingdom building is meaningless because of the individually overpowered MC to this degree.

The Lord’s Empire
1 month ago

MymanTank: You know wolves tend to mate for life, right?

Last Wish System · C17
1 month ago

scarlett1414: This story starts quite sad, so I really hope that after reincarnating the mc will find some happiness. I like that the mc isn't an hypocrite self-righteous mc. Cuz when life doesn't give you a fair shake, being tough and just is the right way. Law not always means justice (I really hate when society doesn't condemn a murderer for his "silly mistake").
The story is well written and easy to read, I look forward to reading the new chapters.

Supreme Magus
1 month ago

Cefca: Lith’s realization of the number of people he will kill due to Trista’s beauty and power was priceless.

Supreme Magus · C331
1 month ago

MtHugeBook: wait, Lazer Gun and Arm portable computer??? is this FALLOUT?

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C1
1 month ago

Coffinz: 700+ chapters review
This is a the best game novel i have read so far.

Plots : Always keep my interest and there is no cliche at all. The humour parts are also very good.

MC : This guy is smart and he is actively f*ck everyone up for his benefits. He knows player's psychology very well so he use them to recruit players as subordinate...just imagin millions of undying mobs sweep through the galaxy for him. He is quiet OP as an NPC so no player can fight him at all they are his loyal fanboys and girls since they misunderstood him as the game protagonist.

Romance : 2-3 potential love interests but nothing happend until now.

I won't say much. Just give it a try and you'd fall in love with uncle Han..

The Legendary Mechanic
1 month ago

Interdict: the herbs had no roots? so they just floated in the air or something? *facepalm* in a story that is probably going to have a fair amount about growing plants at least make it believable... please dont make this a story about a subject that the author has not even the vaguest idea about.

Elixir Supplier · C1
1 month ago
Slow start but aint gotta diss masturbating like that View More
Castle of Black Iron · C9
1 month ago

NTE: Yeah, this asshole glaze won't die until chapter 1000.

Castle of Black Iron · C6
1 month ago

Darkon: You can survive without water for around a week and without food for a few months

Castle of Black Iron · C6
1 month ago
Exp View More
Exp Sect · C5
1 month ago
Loving it View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C550
2 months ago

oKairi: Creator's thought: "This is not the best thing to be reading when you're home alone tonight".
Me: Eh, Imma read anyway

My House of Horrors · C361
2 months ago
https://m.**********.co/Summoning-the-Holy-Sword/ check this out in like 50 pages ahead and on this website it goes to 1659 and it's all free View More
Super Gene · C1339
5 months ago

Neadless: Some of the memories might have flown out with his brain matter. 😀

Lord of the Mysteries · C2
6 months ago

Slowbat: Well it was fun, but i cant keep reading this. thanks for the 131 chapters. the book was good and such but i cant spend spirit stones on it.

The Mech Touch · C132
7 months ago

anitahegerland: Welcome back to Backseat Gaming featuring The Webnovel comment section! Today we're explaining why this fucking idiot of an MC is allocating his stats like some sort of fucking noob!

Only I level up · C16
7 months ago

ThrustThunder: "When you enter university in the future, they will organize things for beastmasters to train in the beast world."
This is such a copout thing for the Author to add.
The MC is already fighting in the Beast World and no one cares.
There are no classes devoted to surviving in the Beast World for these kids so they have no survival experience! So how is letting an ignorant kid stomp about in there alone a good idea?
And if even the combustion effect of gunpowder doesn't work, how were they brewing the tea in the shop the MC visited?
The World building in this Novel is ripped off from so many other better novels that did it correctly that it's become just a mishmash of tropes. The Author just took ideas from them without understanding *Why* the ideas worked, or attempted to make them fit together properly.

Divine Beast Adventures
7 months ago

Coolspacesquid: I am cringing. This may be due to my love of rougues but the fact that he has not increased his ability and perception pains me.

Without stamina his strength won't mean anything and he is stupid for bo adding intelligence. Strength can only go so far. I think he should have gone for a more balanced set. So far he is to unbalanced

Only I level up · C12
8 months ago

person814: The problem is that he hasn't yet reached the level of intelligence to increase his intelligence😂

Only I level up · C12
8 months ago

Lagrange7: Strength: 31

Stamina: 10

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 10

Perception: 10

What a retard.

Only I level up · C12
8 months ago

GuyTB: The MC really is just a complete moron isn't he!!
"Jin-Woo's eyes now resembled circles. He wasn't sure whether this was some kind of magic or not, but this phenomenon could change him in the most astonishing way, without a doubt."
What the hell else could a blue light that appears from nowhere and fully heals you be if not magic?

And don't even get me started on all the characters going 'Hhhm, here's a slate with the rules for survival spelled out.... OH, I KNOW!! Let's ignore it and try to fight &/OR run away from a GOD statue! Thats a good idea! Good thinking people, go us!'

Argh! Completely idiotic!
I really hope the MC wise's up a bit soon... other than the idiocy of the MC, this has the potential to be a novel I really like! I like systems & levelling up & hunters. The MC doesn't have to be a genius, but I'll struggle to keep reading if he stays like this once the shock has worn off :(

Only I level up · C11
8 months ago
When she wants no one touching het man View More
True Martial World · C530
9 months ago
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