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Better to have worked with the necromancer than with demons View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C155
3 days ago
Orphans and homeless from large cities make for easily forgotten sacrifices... View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C151
1 week ago
When fighting is called for, I hope I could stand my ground.

As far as the jewel goes... there is actually a d&d monster that has pretty similar effects! The Greater Peltast appears as a valuable gem, and subtly influences others around it to fight over it, feeding on the life energies released with death. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C148
1 week ago
One of the only powers... you can also kill well liked characters, never tie up loose plot threads, or, worst of all, go on indefinite hiatus! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C146
1 week ago
It is never wise to make threats unless you intend to back them up... and can pull it off. The strong bully the weak if they are foolish, not realizing that strong friends make far better company than many weak foes... who may turn stronger than you anticipated. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C139
2 weeks ago
Hoh hoh. Trouble is brewing so soon! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C137
3 weeks ago
Resolve is the most heroic trait, along with wisdom. Resolve without wisdom is simply bullish stubbornness, and if paired with a terrible idea can lead to awful things. Wisdom without resolve leaves you ineffectual and easily manipulated. I have seen many of both varieties of character here on WN and they are boring/awful to read. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C135
3 weeks ago
Hope he still has that gold knife about... View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C132
3 weeks ago
Well, with no culture guides on the names, that is a tricky proposition, but let's see...

Marcus Miles
Augustine Vindex

Erin an Ghealach
Sharron Geal View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C127
3 weeks ago
Feel better soon! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C124
4 weeks ago
It is pretty much the default of basically every WN protag. Justification to murder instead of sparing someone, because the villains are 1 dimensional and never respect mercy, ever, which is entirely contrary to human nature. Also, it lets you have a revolving door of mooks the MC can kill with basically no justification other than "they were bad guys". View More

Scnoobu: Author. Please read any autobiography about someone dying. There is immense emotional trauma. Theres no, oh he died well i got my moral code so it doesnt matter. Freaking garbage

Warlock Apprentice · C198
1 month ago
You would think he would have learned thebresult ofnspiting a god before now... considering. Still, at least this one doesnt have a huge army of super elites to smash him with. Presumably... View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C120
1 month ago
More pacts with unwholesome creatures... I am sure nothing will go wrong ;) View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C119
1 month ago
Luck or fate, either has not been kind to him, nor will it be even in the distant future... View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C118
1 month ago
Secret sage seyban saves soaked spelunkers. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C113
1 month ago
10%, but unlike cultivation stories it is mire than the standard grind and slog! I'll be with you the whole way! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C100
1 month ago
End of book 1 of many, I hope! View More
Sol Conflict · C54
1 month ago
Could be worse. Could be a big oaf like the smith as the ghost... View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C96
1 month ago
Following orders blindly would have kept you out of basically all the trouble you've had... at the cost of your soul View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C94
1 month ago
Lasted about as long as the Roman Triumvir View More
Sol Conflict · C52
1 month ago
A triumvirate, huh? Worked for Rome... briefly. View More
Sol Conflict · C51
1 month ago
Phew, hell of a read there. Cant inagine how long it would have taken to get to this point without the mega release! View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
1 month ago
Hell of a chunk of reading to spring on us, even with forewarning! View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
1 month ago
152, assuming he actually does it next chapter. Might get diverted for another 10 chapters doing who knows what, still! View More

NoNameJustFame: damn we got to the chapter where he becomes a warlock apprentice
and it only took 151 chapters

Warlock Apprentice · C150
1 month ago
Risk/reward of taking the bones without a way to hide them from magicql detection just turnee REALLY hard towards instant death! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C78
1 month ago
Haha, at least you're honest!

Mars is in some real crap, huh? The disunity efforts of the Federation worked like a charm. View More
Sol Conflict · C45
1 month ago
Dragonrider to the rescue! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C77
1 month ago
Well, it is also the closest (other than the moon), and most Earth-like, to boot. It has a lot going for it! View More

Strawberry_Pancake: Also note, during the events of the Sol Conflict, Mars is the only terraformed celestial body, which is only partially terraformed. I didn't mention any of this in the story because it wasn't really releveant so far.

Sol Conflict · C43
1 month ago
Well, it is more land in the case of overcrowding, a potential prison world, like Austrlia but moreso, a fine strategic position against other nations on Earth but also against potential future invasion from outside (like right now!), and... lusury resorts. Lot of reasons to have, at least, significant habitation domes, if not full scale terraforming! View More

Strawberry_Pancake: Shipping to Luna is easier, terraforming is harder (lower gravity, no natural atmosphere layers = more outgassing = liquid doesn't stay on surface easily = also harder to control temperature etc etc). By the time humans had technology to terraform Luna, they have already reached Mars. And since Luna did not have something more to offer other than resources and strategic positions, people didn't waste their efforts trying to terraform Luna.

Sol Conflict · C43
1 month ago
Unfortunate and cruel time jumps, leaving just as something big seems to be about to happen, or has just happened! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C75
1 month ago
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