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Same. It’s says error :( View More

Poly99: I don’t why i can’t vote for this novel

Rebirth of Gu Jiao · C28
7 months ago
Where on earth will I find a guy like him ah View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C54
7 months ago

pandamonium: I havent really mentioned an age for Hunter but i see him as still close enough enough in age that it wouldnt impact them that much. I admittedly could have been a bit more specific but i wanted to leave it to the readers interpretation. Amalia though would be 17, almost 18 at this point and in some countries the age of consent is 16 so.

I Remember Love · C31
7 months ago

nafi8888: is this story dropped?

Don't Mess with a Dimwitted Heiress · C29
7 months ago
*chants* “More! More! More!” 😍 View More
The Return of the Devil's Wife · C28
7 months ago

littlebakergirl: YES!!!

But I still want more. I’m a shameless reader I’m sorry, I’m gonna go stand at the side with Zi Jue while I urge you to write 😅

The Return of the Devil's Wife · C28
7 months ago
Amazing. So much details that brings the words to life. Looking forward to the next chapters :) View More
The Eternal Sanctum · C56
7 months ago
This cliffhanger....well done....👏 View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C225
7 months ago
Isn’t Amalia in HS? Age wise, wouldn’t it be considered illegal? View More
I Remember Love · C31
7 months ago
*shudder* this chapter was painful for me View More
The CEO's Woman · C161
7 months ago
This is really cute. I’m excited to find out what happens next. Ah how I wish there were more releases here View More
Rebirth of Gu Jiao · C18
7 months ago
it's only just starting, but I love the storyline so far. Are you going to continue this book? View More
Living Behind A Mask · C11
8 months ago
A question. How old is Hongyue? As well as her sisters? View More
The Mask Of A Siren · C46
8 months ago

LostLibrary: Wow the story up to now is great. Please keep posting more chapters.

The last chapter was released 23 days ago.
How many chapters do you post a month?

Regarding the story it's interesting. The backround on the FL is great. Are we going to get more information on her previous teacher/father? On how he saved her?

Rebirth born as a baby is quite unique. How long is the novel going to be?

Living Behind A Mask
8 months ago

Sakura_Blossom: Author, are you ok? Are you sick or something bad happened to you ? Because you didn't umploade the rest of 5 chapters and now you didn't upload nothing for 3 days so i think that something must have happened 😓.... if so i hope you will get better soon or you will resolve your problems smootly so you could return to us as soon as possible😁

Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C174
8 months ago
This romance is literally killing me ah View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C204
8 months ago
This is absolutely too cute!!!!!! View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C202
8 months ago
I love this story. Plz plz plz update 🙏. I wanna know what happens next 😍 View More
Abandoned project · C0
8 months ago
Ahhh I want more plz View More
The Rise of Xueyue | ON HIATUS · C0
8 months ago
Ahhhhh!!!! I love this!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to know what happens next 😍 View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C157
9 months ago
Maybe Huo Siqian is part of Huo Mian’s past. Like he knows who she is. Maybe they really are siblings and it’s all part of a big plan. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C502
9 months ago
That result announcement made me laugh lol. So domineering! View More
11 months ago

bwenye: Thank you for the updates. Can you tell us the update schedule please

12 months ago
Reading Status: C1921
So sweet. Beautiful development where the FL lets go of her past troubles and paves her way into a bright future along with the ML. There are so many ups and downs along with betrayal and heartbreaks. However, the relation between the FL and ML remain steady and strong and nothing can pull them apart. It’s especially heartwarming to see the progression of the FL being alone to being loved by many. View More
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband
1 year ago
The suspense is killing me View More

LittleIfrit: Sometimes a person's intuition was so accurate, and now Tang Ning felt it. That problematic doctor might causes scene at the award ceremony?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C792
1 year ago
Su Yu’s actions are kinda cute ah. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C400
1 year ago
prioritize food always View More

xiashenghan: Girl knows her priorities. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Others if scared would abandoned everything but she was still able to bring the bowl of noodles with her. ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

And ooooh~! Someone is slowly falling in love~! O(≧▽≦)O

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C55
1 year ago

lassfromneverland: "Is she mentally ill?"
I think we all know the answer to that one. She should become the patient soon.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C789
1 year ago
Ugh. The drama. And what about confidentiality? Such an unethical doctor View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C789
1 year ago

Saracrewe95: You are so dead, Liang Liang loves this girl more than his own life.....
You poor thing, RIP.

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C161
1 year ago
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