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Daoist689073: Honestly, liths family, while of course being rational with from their perspective in being afraid and concerned over a young child getting into life and death situations to take care of them, are being incredibly self centered, irrational, and ungrateful. "You didn't have to do all that" no, but maybe he wanted to. He was stuck in a ****ty life just like the rest of them, but he decided to drag them up out of squalor and gave them prestige, opportunity, and security. Maybe if this was the first time he had ever done that, like atthe beginning of the story, their concern would be warranted, but at this point, after hearing everything he's done, they have more than enough reason to trust in his capabilities, as he did, AND SHOULD. His track record is good enough to waive him of putting himself in serious risk in the past. And Remember, HE DID NOT FAIL WITH PROTECTOR. They all are trying to "humble" him and make him understand he's not god, BUT HE JUST PULLED OFF A GOD DAMN MIRACLE. Yes he paid a price, but THAT should have been the god damn focus, not trying to make him doubt himself. Everyone is trying to pull lith down and make sure he's INCAPABLE of doing anything, when what they need to be doing is helping him achieve a more solid emotional grounding and helping him understand his limitations. All they're doing right now are arranging artificial limitations without any worry about the consequences for lith himself. This is really ****ed up, especially from his family and close friends. They're tearing him down so that if he doesn't get the chance to fall, but conversely, its limiting his chances to soar.

Supreme Magus · C226
5 months ago

Prenthaom: I'm going to withhold my judgment from now on about this emotional Arc is over from now on, but my previous opinion still stands. I'm not a fan of Solus lying, even if it's half truths. That just makes it worse, because she is just making excuses to make herself feel better. If she is going to crush Lith like this then the least she can do is suck it up and feel like **** for it. Either way though I'm still going to support this series no matter the direction it takes or how annoyed I get at it. I'm way too emotionally invested in Lith at this point. Thanks pretty much entirely from the authors great writing skills.

Supreme Magus · C225
5 months ago

LakserAQ: This title scared the hell out of me

Dual Cultivation · C35
1 year ago

JPNovelFan: Well, I think this was okay, but honestly the story feels like it really didn’t progress at all. I mean, did you really need 7 chapters to talk about the first stage with it to just end in pointlessness? There are way too many convoluted questions that you clearly will probably answer 100s of chapters later if the previous 230 chapters are any indication. This really felt like you purposefully slowing things down. I get that you want to earn soul stones and make money and stretch things out, but please don’t overdue it as it hurts the story. I feel like you could have cut the whole first 5 chapters of this first trial and we’d be at exactly the same place. The fact that we basically had 5 full chapters with zero progression is disappointing. I spent all those SS for basically filler content. Those chapters literally only gave some background but it didn’t matter at all because it’s about some potential that doesn’t matter. You even had Yan properly explain that cultivators should exceed the heavens, so why the hell should they care about some stone? Sorry, but please don’t drop the quality and progression like this again in the future. You are now in a position where you must earn our soul stones, and it’s different from when we could accept filler because it was free. I hope my comments don’t hurt you but make you rise to the challenge and become a better writer. I hope you understand that I genuinely like this story’s MC and the world you’ve built. That’s why I’m disappointed so heavily to see blatant slowing of things with zero answers and a million questions where we haven’t even solved the 3 thousand year nap that legit came out of nowhere. If you’re gonna slow thugs down at least take a chapter to explain **** to the audience.

Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C240
1 year ago
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