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PortgasAce: Hmm interesting let’s how this unfolds

The Rise · C73
8 months ago

greenruby: Well intrigues, schemes and another dirty tricks is ordinary games for politicians😏 hope ML can learn be more smart and wise ini the future, don't acts in rush.. cautious, so many poison snakes around him

The Rise · C73
8 months ago

ToLaughOrCry: Hahahaha, Tang Rou might be a rare and gifted expert in the case of her temperament. If she appeared on the pro-scene she might overturn the general consensus that female players are soft or weak, with her stoic and determined demeanor. She's unlike Tyrannical Ambition that she isn't "fiery aggressive", but she's extremely aggressive. She's a cold, silent-type of aggressive that is even more menacing than fighting an angry opponent! I could imagine, fighting against the stoic and aggressive Tang Rou would implant a small thought in your mind: "How Tyrannical would this little sister be if she really got angry?"

All-in-all, I just can't wait to see Lord Grim's Team (A.K.A. Ye Qiu's pupils) tear up the competitive scene!

The King's Avatar · C259
8 months ago

greenruby: Will Jes and Leon have more intimate relationship in future? Seem they are fit each other

The Rise · C72
9 months ago

ytrewq: Thanks for chapter!

The Rise · C72
9 months ago
Reading Status: C68
Rewriting a review - this chapter and the twist were huge. Every little detail and the build up were so thought out but unexpected enough I believe to have a massive effect. Nice nice nice. View More
The Rise
1 year ago

manihasreddy: Best story available.hell it has everything I love very detailed story line which will keep you interested ...................,,................::

The Rise
1 year ago

Yungsten: A strong well thought out story with twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. It takes no shortcuts and doesn't give the main character superpowers - everyone is human and real and they all affect each other in real meaningful ways. Highly recommended.

The Rise
1 year ago

lordseven: After all of this, his skin will just turn whiter ...

True Martial World · C1509
1 year ago
A storm is coming :) View More
The Rise · C54
1 year ago

Ijjy: By chance found this hidden gem. a good political drama, less seen in webnovel (or maybe the only one thus far)

Very good story development, i like where the story is going. MC and supporting character are well define and balance.

Keep up the momentum, will be supporting the author.

The Rise
1 year ago

Pakhtun: Jessica is a commoner while Leon is the grandson of Helda Cottonwood. Their viewpoints are surely going to be different. Does Leon not realise that while exploitation and manipulation of others for one's own benefit or cause may seem evil to commoners, it is the bread and butter of politicians?

Now that I think about it, Jessica projects to Leon what he is doing, the exploitation and manipulation of others, is wrong and something that should be abhorred. However, she may very well be doing that herself. It seems Leon still has feelings for her, given that her views of him affect him that much, and she is taking advantage of that fact by confusing him at such a critical point in school elections.

And thanks for the chapter :)

The Rise · C50
1 year ago

Jouissance: Hello, everyone!

I'm one of the translators working under NomYummi on TKA, Jouissance! Just here to say that we hope you're enjoying our translations (and our bonus chapters) and we'll do our best to carry this through and give you the best translations! TKA will be going through a bit of refining in the near future and remember to check the Wikia, where additional information can be found (but beware of spoilers!)

I myself am on chapter 1449 right now, and I can assure you that this novel just gets better and better, and even has an awesome prequel called Top Glory, so keep reading!

Also, some very shameless advertising:
There are two rather active discord channels that we know of (after I notified Nom of the existence of the comments section XD)
The following link goes to the less spoiler-filled, more chat-based, slightly more tame (???) and very, very active discord with bots aplenty.
The following link goes to the more art/fanwork-based and nearly equally as active discord that has a NSFW section and shippers aplenty.
They have both been previously advertised, but we decided to make it official. I think there might be more - I know there's apparently a dead one derived from the reddit - but me and Nom know of and are on these two, haha.
The next link takes you to the wikia!
And last but not least is our Patreon, where you can come to support us, read ahead and push us into releasing more often, haha!

Anyways, that's about all I have to say! Look forward to seeing you on the discord servers!

All the best,

The King's Avatar
1 year ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 2.68million
Rating : 9.2(341)(see note below)
Chapters : 1978
Status : completed
Word count : 6.13million
author level : lv5
No of works : 4
Comments : 2784
Guys I checked qidian but ratings in qidian changed for almost every novel, so I dunno if you should believe this rating.
Also ratings on my other reviews are before ratings changed, so don't blame me if you see high ratings in qidian and low ratings in my stats.
Even a novel with 7.6 rating got changed to 8.8 rating, I dunno what qidian is trying to do.

Maverick Chef
1 year ago

Transcendent: The previous Zhang Xuan was really a trash how did he became a teacher and scored zero at that.

Library of Heaven's Path · C2
1 year ago

madjef: Please separate it by volume or Arc

Library of Heaven's Path · C1
1 year ago
Reading Status: C13
The world in this story becomes more and more deep and interesting as it goes on. It draws you in from the beginning but keeps you reading. There are some slow chapters but it pays off hugely as the story develops. It's exciting and well-built. Also the characters aren't just pawns, they all seem to have their own motivations and are complex in their own right which makes their interactions all the more enticing. The clear critique is that there are slow chapters, but if all the chapters tried to be exciting without giving room for development, it may become less impactful when things pay off. So I'm fine with those chapters. View More
The Rise
1 year ago
Hey Merchantoperator, I think the review has a slight spoiler (with the student council president thing). If you like, you can re-post the review but just turn on the spoiler option when writing the review so people can be alerted before hand :). View More

merchantoperator: I really like the story so far. The characters are also pretty good. I really like stories that have a lot of strategy in them so I'm exicted to see how that will play out in this story. The only problem I have is how small the stakes are for the MC. Becoming the student council president isn't a huge goal. If however he was doing with real life impact, I think it would be a lot more fun.

The Rise
1 year ago
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