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ofcourse not lol View More

Zetheryl: I'm just curious, did you really spend time thinking about that in all seriousness?

The Hedonist Sword God · C61
1 day ago
I couldn't make it past chapter 9 liked the original owner of the body more than the mc View More

Smith91: First thing please change the title, This character is anything but evil/ruthless/scheming. If anything he is stupid, naive, Do anything for pussy and a wimp. The chapter where he trip and kiss a girl and grab her ass can be one of the stupidest thing i have ever read. Then she is stopped from killing him. But this is probably gonna be ignored so instead of killing her later for this he will add her to harem (similar thing happens when he meets two sisters that ofc he must but in to save ),

Rise of the Demon God
1 week ago

SamStrike_: I'm getting tired of all those ?????, this is just the start what's the use of trying to making it so mysterious, they are not even that higher level, if the start is like this then how is it gonna looks like later? Is everything gonna be "??????". It's just being annoying at this point.

Omni-Mastery · C13
1 week ago
I'm dropping this novel it's too sad. Nothing good ever happens to our mc its not worth being depressed over. View More
Harry Potter - Another Dark Lord · C35
2 weeks ago

Tonyorobsky: Chapter 34 was more d**k measuring contest than relevant infos. Aside from that (and one of the earlier chapters), the story is fine.

Supreme Summoning System · C36
1 month ago

demonreach: Trash, Best word to describe this dumpster fire...usually webnovel does not put garbage as their main advertisement so I am really disappointed. I wonder who got paid of to allow this story as front row advertisement as soon as you open the app...the one who allowed this trash to be recommended needs to be fired and investigated! First webnovel recommendation that I feel is bad and sets a terrible precedent! Can anyone pay off someone to get their story on blast? Disgraceful

Level 0 Master
1 month ago

Simeon_7610: Omg Gaara is so op after 8 years of constant training he’s already at a low-genin level......... 😑🤨
Why is he pretty much genin level in all stats. Aren’t you underestimating gaara’s talent a little too much?
In the anime he is already much stronger than he is now, and may I remind you, in this fanfic he’s trained pretty much constantly ever since he was born. In this fanfic he has also become “friends” with shukaku and isn’t being controlled.

Gaara · C29
1 month ago
Useless filler the chapters are getting worse and worse as the story progresses. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C34
1 month ago

keijo: level up results are ridiculous. It's a lot worse skill now.

Fate Online: Shadow · C60
1 month ago

bottle5: Bull****.
He could just edit her memory according to what he wants.

The Irregular In ATG · C33
1 month ago
Is it just me? or is this novel getting worse and worse. View More

Exp_Miner: Level1:
25% yellow, 50% black, 75% earth, 100% heaven...
Congratulations, you have reach connate realm

Ninth In the World · C18
1 month ago
Why is our mc such a pussy? View More
Blood Creed · C24
1 month ago
It feels like a bunch of filler, just get back to the game no one gives a fuc.k about his rl. View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C59
1 month ago
He should already be more powerful than the mortals in bnha at 1 if he's a saiyan. Broly at 1 could probably kill a human male or maybe more tbh. View More
Primordial Saiyan: Chaos God Slayer · C1
1 month ago
Welp see all you psychos in 10 days View More

Uareahorserapist: 200% Badass

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C16
1 month ago
Damn that felt so good. 1-800-slap that hoe View More
Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C87
1 month ago
Goddammit thought it was actually a chapter. Now I just feel like I was cucked again. View More
Fate/Heroes · C0
1 month ago

ErozothDraeor: This test was not very thought out by the author, just some stupid made up test with no logic. He an earth realm fighting thousands of emperor level enemies. No one, and I mean NO ONE in that universe is capable of that in the same level and situation and you try to make us believe the white tiger made the test with expectation someone will pass it? By no one I also mean the white tiger itself, why take an inheritance of someone that is not as strong as you in potential??? Just to make it "hard" (like he could actually fail) you made it a ludicrous test.
(personally i dont really see why you even introduced the white tiger. It's a change completely not related to the original and at best it will be at the same level as the dragons which Tatsuya looked down on but for some reason he wants the White Tiger??? This seems more like a case of the author thinking its cooler so it was made up).

The Irregular In ATG · C29
1 month ago
I find it funny people can read a book with the word "demonic" in it and expect the mc to be a saint. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C184
1 month ago
Why would he not kill her anyway? She became his enemy the moment she thought he was screwing her over, who's to say she wouldn't bring a bunch of holier than thou plebs to his doorstep if she did escape in the first place? I would've killed her the moment she asked for "compensation" he waited longer to get rid of her than I thought he would actually. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C182
1 month ago
Him not having the ability to see blindfolded naturally anymore is stupid as ****. How would he even see the technique to learn it in the first place if he was naturally blind? View More
Naked Sword Art · C27
1 month ago
Another slut who thinks the world revolves around her. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C16
1 month ago
Ooof it's already over, I feel like I was blue balled out of a fight scene. was so hyped too. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C15
1 month ago
Did the mc send the guy flying or was it someone else? I'm lost asf lol View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C7
1 month ago
I may have went too far and as I look back i can see I was a massive cunt, apologies. The story is pretty good so far at chapter 5 I was being toxic for no reason and I'm sorry. Keep up the good work this fanfic has a lot of potential. View More

TroubledWaters: He can't die though

Can you be gentle? · C2
2 months ago
No problem, as I read I don't mind fixing your pronunciations. It may take me a bit to proofread though as I am on a tablet. View More

ValQqlChose: Thank you

2 months ago
Don't get me wrong im loving your story so far, it just feels short. The chapter can be summarized into one sentence "mc watching someone weaker than him fight" View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C6
2 months ago
Half of the chapter is always the authors note View More

Houssem: every chapter is 1000 words +/- :c

Mystic Demon Slayer · C6
2 months ago
Well that was a let down such a short chapter View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C6
2 months ago
I think I'm done here. This chapter has me wanting to knock the **** out of this lying w.h.o.r.e so I'm out, I read romances to relieve stress not accumulate it. View More
My Beautiful Love · C32
2 months ago
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