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yo theres still 3 more chaps to go before this novel is completed mind releasing the remaining chapters ? View More
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife · C2509
5 days ago
hes gets taotie in his dantian / galaxy View More
Supreme Uprising · C528
1 week ago
honestly yunyang should incorporate the black hole technique with his blood line so his dragon bloodline mutates into a dragon devourer bloodline that absorbs other bloodline to enhance his poweress. Also he should try to make his black hole absorb the elements from planets and stars to gain more power , absorbing treasures or even the energy that the enemies he suck into the blackhole whence uses the suction force during his fights. View More
Supreme Uprising · C515
1 week ago
the problem with yunyang is that he doesnt want to loot money he wants to earn it in his own rights I.e via jobs and other righteous methods. this is his weakness if he had used his mind control on the lion he coulda gotten the lion to transfer him all the money and wipe the lions memories. walking away with 100 mil but sadly the mc is stupid View More
Supreme Uprising · C366
1 week ago
tbh luo yunyang should tell yunxi that he is human instead of just keeping quiet View More
Supreme Uprising · C344
1 week ago
m8 he is from earth a planet where martial art cultivation resources are diminished and little knowledge of that particular world is limited hence the mc diesnt know that much when it comes to cultivation. even though he reincarnated info he holds in his mind it's still learning to adapt and learning new info as each passes on. cut him some slack for once View More
Rise of the Demon God · C15
1 week ago
yo author mind if I asked how much longer I should wait for the stockpile chapters to be released caused it's already been 2 days now. Also mind if I asked how many stockpile chapters will be released ? View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C1631
2 weeks ago

JadeStar: Before any idiots go and say this is a rip off Red Packet Server, this book was released on the 17th July 2016 and Red Packer Server came out 29th August 2016. Unless you’re an idiot, you should stop your blabbering about this being a rip off.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
2 weeks ago
the story is bout him becoming a martial artist yet we all know somewhere down the line after a couple.hundred chapters in about ish he will walk the immortal path and visit the universe and etc View More
World's Best Martial Artist · C3
2 weeks ago
..h。。。 View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C755
1 month ago
I think xiaobei should keep xuanxin as a friend and not make her part of the harem , apart from bringing luck to the mc theres isnt much contribution other than tht and from the current chap.and last the only factor I see is her annoyance and stupidity of.not being able to read the situation at hand nor doe she believe in xiaobei. she didnt even believe xiaobei when he told her he was going to another planet she belongs to an ancient faction yet her knowledge is so limited that its laughable on so many levels. although it sounds like I'm ripping on her I just dont see the reason why she should be part of the harem. unless she contributes more in other aspects, I stand firm that she shouldn't be part of the mc harem. View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C1542
1 month ago
ye mo was orginally from the ye family hes biologically connected to the ye family but because of some bastards within the ye family, the ye family decided to falsify details about ye mo s birth which then turned into kicking him out of the ye family whilst saying hes adopted into ye family and blah blah. so yea sister yan is his aunt. View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C561
2 months ago
the universe is infinite, dao is infinite, worlds are infinite therefore life itself is infinite View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C542
2 months ago
oh zhongyue oh zhongyue why didnt u just kill those traitors View More
Rise of Humanity · C995
2 months ago
the mc doesnt know that snowy is actually his childhood friend View More
League of Legends: League of Unknowns · C32
2 months ago
he needs to kill.the si girl at somepoint , cause the si girl is most likely a relative of.li tianxing even though she has the si family name. the si girl.is so cunning and dangerous , she even wanted to kill the mc during the wedding they had , dagger was in her sleeve , and etc View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C390
2 months ago
I wonder when is he gonna start looting sigh cuz if he had looted ages ago he would've been able to accumulate a pile of weapons and scriptures to exchange with the samara system for butt load of points of which that he could utilize to purchase other weapons or techniques etc .... View More
The Sage Who Transcended Samsara · C68
2 months ago
my guess would be the negative emotions will allow his will to grow much stronger thus enabling him to get even more stronger as a whole so in terms of what path he walks on , it would be probably chaotic but it would be for good not evil View More

Zelsa: Did anyone remember that the mc was absorbing their negative emotions when reciting his incantations? According to author he gained like a months worth of wizard energy. I wonder how his moral and ethical values will gradually change as he grow stronger? I'm curious will the mc go down a lawful evil route, neutral evil ,or chaotic evil route in the future? Thoughts?

The Great Worm Lich · C15
3 months ago
if I next to.jiang.fei rn.i would smack.him.fir.being.ignorant lmao View More
The Almighty Ring · C324
3 months ago
when the heck.is the mc.gonna duo with sun mengmeng we all know.the mc has a thing for her but due to his stupidity and sense personality its.notnoccuring.sigh also.the mc.is too passive.. hes.gotta get himself.a backbone View More
The Almighty Ring · C312
3 months ago
lol currently I'm wondering when the heck the mc is gonna drink the ancient god veigar blood in the real world , I mean either way hes now half human half demon in the reality world so if he drinks the blood.he can purify and evolve his bloodline but also reform his physique to open his meridians allowing.him to.cultivate View More
The Almighty Ring · C310
3 months ago
he just needs to find a pption in the game that allowes him to reform his physique so that his meridians can be unlocked to allow qi to.form and flow thus enabling him to step into the cultivation world View More
The Almighty Ring · C208
3 months ago
sigh he should distribute his points with more thought, he can still equip.other class equipments if he meet the proper the attribute requirements so he shoulda add the points to other attribute aspects as well but oh well health is important aye View More
The Almighty Ring · C196
3 months ago
he looted everyone already View More
The Almighty Ring · C186
3 months ago
any modern novel that mentions anything relative to qi you know the mc is gonna be come a cultivator at somepoint which in this case hes gonna become an immortal gamer in a sense. View More
The Almighty Ring · C182
3 months ago
he says he wants to be distant from the shen family but soon he will be extremely close to rouxi this is a fact View More
Daoist Master of Qing Xuan · C100
3 months ago
soz for typo mistakes, typing.on phone View More

HeavensSwordWill: this novel somehow.reminds of immortal mortal the difference is hes walking on mortal spirit cultivator path

Daoist Master of Qing Xuan · C98
3 months ago
this novel somehow.reminds of immortal mortal the difference is hes walking on mortal spirit cultivator path View More
Daoist Master of Qing Xuan · C98
3 months ago
honestly if haotian didnt take the holy pulse and became an enemy of jiang chen then he and jiang chen would have been brothers and best of friends View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C982
3 months ago
guys the fact that this novel has a slow start it means after a 100 chapters or so it'll be extremely good then why not be patient instead of lashing out when u only read a few chapters View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C4
3 months ago
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